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Doubtful Love-A Continutation

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Oddly enough, this pairing doesn't bother me at all....Great chapter, though. And the writing is so...detailed. It really gives the characters a huge sense of personality. Good job.

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Hey guys~ <33 Another chapter 'cos I'm in an extreme writing mood today!

Kafei finally makes an appearence.

'cos he's awesome.


"What are we supposed to do now?"

Link was beginning to settle in for the night; he hid himself under the covers of his bed to get into his pajamas. He didn't want to risk SkullKid getting that flesh question again, especially if he saw more under his shirt. Tatl reluctantly held the covers up to a point so he had enough room, but kept dropping them to the point of Link batting her away and doing it himself. She flew away with a most unconvincing apology; it was obvious she did it on purpose...

However, once he was in his blue pants and maroon baggy shirt, SkullKid walked in with a somewhat somber look on his face. He closed the door behind him, and leaned his back against it with a sigh.

"What's eatin' you?" Tatl chirped, warming her wings by the fire. The thin walls answered; next door, the Rosa Sisters were spending their last night here. It seemed they shared their room with a mouth organ player who didn't like their style of music, and they'd gotten into arguements over it constantly.

So said Kafei, at least.

"N-nothing!" SkullKid yelped, straightening up at once. Tatl and Link froze for a second, turning their heads again to look at him. He blushed lightly, slowly inching to his bed, and jumped in, hiding under the covers. Tatl and Link exchanged glances, and shrugged. He'd been acting strange ever since they had gotten back from the field, and only seemed to be getting stranger. Tael was downstairs, talking to the innkeeper's husband, Kafei. Link had the fleeting feeling that the imp had joined him, for whatever reason...

He had a lot of reason to believe it was about himself, though.

It was silent for a few moments, as Link sat there reading one of the borrowed books from Anju. There may be horror stories from her cooking, but she certainly had good taste in books...

"You're reading... a romance novel?"

Link shut the book quickly, faking surprise. "Oh! I am?! I thought I was reading a warrior story judging by the swords on the front!"

If he could see behind the glow, he'd see Tatl smirking at him.

"... Fine; I find it... very interesting."

Taking the book from him, she opened it to the summary on the flap...

"..VERY interesting. Especially since YOU chose it."

The Hylian snatched it from her, as she giggled provokingly at the stricken look on his face.

As he cracked open the book again, he couldn't help but wonder WHY he had chosen it. Sure, it was interesting, a warrior trying to choose between keeping the peace and his love, but...


It sounded so familiar to him...

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and Link scrambled to hide the book under his covers. SkullKid seemed to curl up even more under his blankets, making an unconvincing snore sound.

"Come in."

And unexpectedly, there was Kafei, all grown up, with Tael in tow. To Link, he barely seemed to have changed except in height.

"Nice to see you, green hat kid," he said with a smile. Looking at the lump that was the imp under the blankets, he frowned ever so slightly. Tael flew into the room, fluttering down beside Tatl. She cuddled up to him with a barely heard yawn; it was cute to Link, how close the two actually were...

"Hey, can I talk to you in the hall?" Kafei asked, looking at Link with his inviting red eyes. He's only seen too many pairs of red eyes to judge that these were different from others. Smoothing out his shirt, Link strode out, Kafei closing the door behind him.

"I don't mean to bother you... but y'know that family that was behind you, while you were checking in?" he asked, leaning against the wood. Next door, the Rosa Sisters had finally made peace; the mouth organ man was making pleasant, lulling music... Link would have fallen asleep, were he not so alert. He nodded, shrugging. Kafei looked close to seriousness, but didn't let the friendly smile fall.

"They sort of questioned why you and that kid were sharing a room; you two look older than you really are, so I'm not thinking along their lines, but I'm... curious."

Link felt his heart pound furiously, a blush taking over his face. Oh, so now people think...?

"H-he's not my boyfriend!!" he yelped indignantly, attracting a strange glance from Anju as she passed, giving Kafei a light peck on the cheek.

Pssh. Though... After two kisses, what does that make him?

"I didn't say he was. I'm just letting you know; people might wonder... unless you're fine with it."

The Hylian shook his head. He wasn't about to let this get to him; he'd faced worse rumors before... and worse enemies.

Kafei and him exchanged a small silence. It felt awfully strange, talking about... suspected love. Especially between two males.

"Y'know, your friend in there was especially upset," he continued, "He saw the glares they were giving you... it seems you were holding his hand?"

Indeed, he had; but it wasn't often Link had a hand to hold. Or...

"...I.. It.. just comes to me naturally. It's a hand?" Link mock-asked, grabbing Kafei's larger hand, "Oh, lemme hold it."

Kafei chuckled a little, and batted his hand away.

"Alright, alright..."

After a few moments of catching up, Kafei ushered Link back into the room. The clock tower from the North district rang loudly; midnight.

"Ah.. well, you better all get to sleep."

He disappeared behind the door, the wood creaking noisily. Reaching over, Link turned out the light, leaving Tatl and Tael as their only nightlights, floating about lazily. The SkullKid made an odd noise over in his bed; he sounded like he was shivering...

After a few moments of trying to ignore it, Link sighed huffily. The noise was stuck inside his pointy ears now; he had to do SOMETHING.

Crawling out of his bed, he stood beside SkullKid's, clearing his throat loudly. The imp rolled over to face him; strangely, he hadn't taken off his hat.

"Move over."

His eyes widened.


"You heard me."

Soon enough, Link was snuggled beside the SkullKid, who was still shivering, but only just. It felt like he was sleeping with a doll... like the wooden doll he'd had when he was growing up in the Kokiri Forest, that Saria had made him. Only this was was breathing and giggled every now and again.

No, that wasn't HIM giggling...

It was much too feminine.

"Go away, Tatl!" he hissed angrily. The fairy blew a raspberry at him before flying back over to the free bed, scooting under the covers, ruffled by Link leaving it.

"Well, sorry if I think you two are CUTE!"

"W-we're not cute! We're friends!"

SkullKid almost seemed to freeze up at these words, but said nothing. Instead, he rolled over again, so that he was nuzzling his face in Link's chest. The Hylian felt his face go red, even if no one could see it.

"..whatareyoudoing?" he muttered in one breath. He felt him shrug; Link desperately hoped he couldn't hear his hammering heart.

"This... isn't so bad..."

The imp finally fell asleep, with those final words. Link wanted to perhaps kick Tatl out of HIS bed, and go back to sleep over there, but he was practically pinned to the bed. He squirmed slightly, but then thought to himself...

'It really... isn't too bad.'

But then he thought of what SkullKid had said to him in the fields...

"What do you mean 'I like you'?" he said aloud.

"I hate you, Link."

"The feeling's mutual, Tatl; I wasn't asking you."

She giggled happily to herself, Tael growling... obviously, he hadn't fallen asleep either.


Look, a whole chapter without section cutters! XD; What. Anyway, I JUST needed to have them get even more fluffy. They may only be 13 (actually, SkullKid's 13; Link could be 14.. I'm not sure. He always seemed like he was twelve in OoT to me, in MM he was 13, and after a year, he returns here at 14. Got it memorized? -killed-)... But who said cuddling wasn't allowed?

And of course, the homophobia is starting to set in. Usually, young teens of the same gender don't hold hands...

But SkullKid and Link?

Sure. XD; They've done it before. (refer to the several times in the first story.)


Edit: Omg; I just realized. Link spoke more than SK did in this chapter... XD; Is that a first? He only had two lines!

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Now it's really starting to show. Link is questioning if being with Skull Kid like this is really that bad. He seems to even like it a little. I'm probably going to say this again and again, but GREAT character development. Great job.

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Posted (edited)

Oh wow... Your ability amazes me. I never thought I'd like this pairing, but this is so cute! I love fluff. Da*n Homophobia...

Edited by Cat Girl (see edit history)

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Chapter 3: I absolutely fell in love with the way you portrayed the beautiful scenery of a sunset, and how long it had been to Link, SkullKid, and the fairies since they just stopped to watch one. So many battles, so little time, right? XD

Also, fluff, yay. ^_^

Chapter 4: CUDDLING! xD Lol I like how Link summed up the courage to ask him to move over. Wonderful chapter!

Can't wait for Chapter 5. ^_^

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Once again, awesome job Viv~ The Kafei interrogating Link part definitely made me lulz xD (But you already knew that XP)

-cheers- CHAPTER 5, CHAPTER 5!~

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Hey, Guys, would you like me to message you if I update on the story? Just a thought. -writes down a list of regulars-

Linox, Cirt, UZF, Saria, Cat Girl... Merchant, to a point; where's HE been? And Ah-kun.


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That was nice, I laughed when Link told Skullkid to move over.

"Move over."


"You heard me." lol

:applause: Good job.:applause:

Im in on the message's.

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<33 Glad you liked it. I'm actually writing the next chapter right now, so... don't go for too long.

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Omg. >w< I can't believe this story is racking in so many nice reviews~ You guys are too nice.


I'm on a roll today, so this story shall be updated once again! Tell me, you guys; do you want me to message you if I update? -shrugs-


Enjoy. We hit a bit of a rough spot in this chapter...


It's been such a long night... the longest I ever had... It was so uncomfortable, holding a guy younger by a year against my chest...

A guy... Who's not even technically human. I mean, that's fine... but... a guy...

I dunno. Maybe Kafei had a point... Maybe I am...

... It couldn't be so bad, could it? Besides, he's... not too bad-looking either. A little scrawny.

But I have enough to go around--

Wait-- what time is it?

"This is way too close for comfort..." SkullKid merely groaned into his chest, and held on tighter to Link. "...notgoingyet..." he mumbled, muffled by the maroon-colored shirt... true; it felt much too warm and comfortable to get up... but if they stayed here, together... "Please? I mean, can we PLEASE get up?" Link begged. The imp grumbled something like 'five more minutes', and true to his word, kept Link there for another full five minutes. The Hylian literally had to pry himself out of SkullKid's arms, who began shivering immedietlly.

"Okay, it's not THAT cold out..."

Link reached over to touch his face; but he pulled away. What if the symptoms of a sickness for a SkullKid is different compared to a human's?

"Are you alright?" he asked gently, feeling worry bubble in the pit of his heart. The imp shook his head, throwing in a pathetic little 'uh-uh'. He looked at Tatl and Tael; both were still asleep, their wings touching... how sweet.

But he had to do this himself.

After a few moments of trying to get the imp up (and failing), Link ended up having to pick up his friend (?), resting his head on one arm and holding up his legs with the other (which was somewhat awkward, seeing as the SkullKid wasn't as small as he once was). SkullKid reached up, wrapping his arms around his neck for support, though Link felt a tiny tingle down his back from his cold fingers brushing against the back of his neck.

He ignored the strange looks he recieved in the hall as he made his way to the front desk, listening to the imp emit tiny noises of pain. It truly made his heart sink to hear him like this... he was usually so perky...


At the front door was the woman who ran the inn herself. She was unlocking the door so that people could come in; 8:00...

She turned, and ended up dropping her key. Link smiled sadly; if his hands weren't so full, he'd have picked it up for her.

"Oh!... Is your friend alright?" she asked, concerned, as SkullKid sneezed rather intrusively. Link had to bite back a giggle; he sounded like a cat when he sneezed... Anju's question was answered on the spot.

"I guess you've never really been sick before if you can't move, have you?" Link asked, setting him down gently on the waiting bench leaning against the wall. The imp shook his head.


He closed his eyes, as Anju checked his forehead (though Link looked at her doubtfully), pulling away with a jump.

"Why, he's icy cold!" she declared, rubbing her hand.

"Well, yeah; it's how SkullKids get when they get colds. That's why they're 'colds'."

Tatl's sarcastic voice echoed down the stairwell. She fluttered down, and landed on the SkullKid's head. Her light increased about ten-fold; the imp groaned and closed his eyes, probably blinded.

"How do you know, though?" Anju asked curiously. Tatl was probably smiling underneath all that glow, as she answered.

"He's actually been sick before; he'll be fine... last time, he passed out, so that's why he doesn't remember."

Link hadn't taken his eyes off of the one space of his wooden face that wasn't covered by the fairy. Snapped out of his thoughts about how different he looked without his eyes open, he looked up at Anju.

"I... I think I'll be staying a bit longer than planned."

Anju smiled warmly at him, and held out her hand. "Then you know the process."

Link sighed.

"It's upstairs; can I pay you later?"

Her smile faltered a bit, but she nodded.

On his way up with the SkullKid, he heard Anju asking Tatl a question that appealed to him.

"Is it catchable? We may have to clean the sheets afterwards if it is..."

Tatl answered that it wasn't.

Link thought it was a good thing it wasn't... gently edging the door open with his foot, he placed the imp on the bed...

Was he awake?

Wait-- no...

Dear God, the guy fell asleep on the way upstairs... Link couldn't help but laugh to himself. He was pathetic when he wanted to be, couldn't he?

He leaned over, and gently pecked him on the cheek...

Just to test if he liked it.

He couldn't lie; it felt good to kiss someone and know they wouldn't hurt you for it...

Even if it was on the cheek... he gathered up a bit of the courage he was famous for... and kissed the imp's lips for one second. Quickly, he stumbled back, blushing deeply. Something didn't feel right...

"Tael, why are you watching?!"

The purple fairy's normally violet glow seemed to have grown somewhat green. He hid under the other bed's covers, prompting Link to leap over SkullKid's bed, and rip off the covers of his-- well, more the fairy's now, but, PREVIOUSLY his bed.

"T-Tatl said to keep a watch, just in case!"

Link stared.

What was it with Tatl and he and SkullKid...?

"Don't worry, little bro; I saw the WHOLE thing..." Her little voice was giggling victoriously; Link almost felt like running over and batting her.

Could today get anymore embarrassing?


SkullKid had finally found time to wander about the room. Link left a while ago, saying he needed to go check some things (though he suspected Link needed rupees to pay Anju; good thing he'd left his money with the freaky banker), the fairies going with him. Truthfully, he wanted to be alone for a bit as it was... this cold had left him with nothing but his worst memories and thoughts to think about, and he didn't want to dump his bad mood on his friends.

He set a foot down on the floor-- only to slip, and fall into a most awkward position; he was still technically sitting on his own bed, but his head was on the other bed, just barely; but it had saved him for a major headache. On the floor, was a book with a rather impressive picture of a sword on the front.

"What's this...?"

He picked it up, and stared, interested. Pulling himself up into a sitting position, he crossed his legs indian style and opened it to the first page...

He was already starting to fall out of his bad memories, and into the ones of the book.

The second page... a warrior, loved by many, who makes peace with an enemy who didn't make any of the trouble on the third page... the world can't seem to accept him as much as the hero can, on page nine... chapter 3, the hero had to keep track of the enemy, now a friend...

Chapter 5, they'd grown quite close... people were starting to suspect the hero wasn't the one they thought he was, the way they both held hands...

Chapter 7--

"A-are you sure...? You could get in trouble with the town..."

He held him closer, eyes burning with determination. "Let them believe what they like." He pushed the strangely colored hair of his secret lover aside, to look into those deep red eyes... So unique, unlike any other pair of eyes he'd ever seen.


He leaned in close... The former villan's heart hammered with passion; what if he heard it? It wouldn't matter; he knew now, he had a heart...

"I know the truth."

"And that's good enough for me."

Wrapping his arms around the other, he brought the taller one down into a kiss unlike--

"SkullKid, unlock the door; don't make us get Kafei!'

Always during the worst part! Marking the page, SkullKid slid the book under Link's bed, and ran over to open it.

"You guys were out for a LONG time..."

Tatl flew in, immedietlly settling by the fire. She was shuddering; even Link looked a little cold and he rubbed himself warm again.

"Oh, we were? Didn't notice... how long?"

"Two hours."

His eyebrows shot straight up. "Holy crap."

SkullKid couldn't help but giggle at his tone. He was definetly feeling much better...

But as he cuddled back under the covers, Link running downstairs to get some lunch for everyone, he couldn't help but wonder...

Those people in the book...

They sounded a bit like...

SkullKid felt himself blushing deeply. Memories of the kiss rushed back to him... it was his first... but why did he do it?

He just thought to himself, "I really like him... I just really like him."

And there's nothing wrong with that.


Oooo, SkullKid found Link's dirty little secret... >3

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Great. Just awesome. I have nothing more to say than that.

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Its getting pretty awsome, I liked how you put togther Skullkids scene.

... It couldn't be so bad, could it? Besides, he's... not too bad-looking either. A little scrawny.

But I have enough to go around--

Is Link saying that he's too sexy for his cap? :tongue:

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And my response to that is:

Link: I'm too sexy for my cap. >;3

Skullkid: :love: -takes his cap off, throwing it aside, and tackles him down-

Link: !!! O////O;;


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X3 I'd so steal that book. THIS ISH SO CUTE! You gotta love Tatl... *rolls eyes*

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Wow; this is going along rather quickly, isn't it? I'm gonna be sad when I complete this (YES, there will be an ending; I just... gotta figure out how to accomplish the end), it gave me something to do when you guys are all asleep... I tend to start work in the early morning, poke all the other early-risers into reading it, do another chapter at noon, and come back in the eve to see you guys have commented. XD; It's a regular process.

So, kudos for your reviews, everyone; you probably came here 'cos I PMed you; sorry to bother you, but it's the next chapter!

UZF and I had a tiny chat; I think this story will probably end up being 10 or 12 chapters long... maybe, more, if I keep getting ideas.

Anywho, enjoy the chapter. >3 I think you guys may like this one. I know I did.


3:01... 3:02...

You look around; the fairies are both off doing their own thing. Link is downstairs, probably washing his tunic... you wonder how he's had it for so long, but then remember why you wanted them out of the room.

Diving under his bed, you find the book where you last left it in an attempt to hide it, and open it to the page you were so eager to finish.

--kiss unlike any the hero had before. He'd been kissed by princesses, damsels in distress, but this one wasn't warm and intrusive... shy, and even cold to a point. He could have remained there forever; if it weren't for--

"How could you?!" a feminine voice cried. The hero and his secret lover parted, but remained in each other's arms. The red-eyed man was frightened; it was the queen...

"Easy. I'd do it again, if you just left..."

"What're you giggling at?"

SkullKid didn't bother to put the book away this time; he hid the cover by putting it down flat. He smiled at Link; he'd changed into a raggedy white shirt and baggy pants, but it didn't matter. He hadn't brought that many clothes on his journey back.

"Nothin'... just thinking."

Yeah, thinking. About how happy he would be just to have a second chance at another kiss...

SkullKid ignored the Hylian suddenly worrying over at the other bed, muttering something to Tatl.

"I didn't take your stupid book!" she hissed. The imp felt a slight burn of anger towards her sleight towards the book, but continued reading, finding it would make a rather awkward situation if they found out it was him that had taken it.

He HAD to continue; how this story end...?

He flipped to the last page, his heart beating harder than he would have rather liked it to...

'Why did you have to go...? What have I done wrong, that you chose everything else above me?'

That was the last time they saw each other, as the hero sped off towards the next town to hunt down the new evil.

No one knows what happened to the villan in the end. Some say he died of a broken heart, though many others say that he couldn't have, seeing as they think he lured the hero into a false sense of intimacy...

The hero still says to this day that those people are wrong.

SkullKid dropped the book on the floor with a loud thump. How could the author...

How could she? How could she end it like that when the characters were so in love with each other?! It wasn't right...

And the hero...

He felt a new hatred bubble up for him...

But a new thought occured to him... Looking over, he saw Link's legs poking out from under the fairies' bed, still looking for the book.

...would he leave him?

He refused to let anyone see the tears he knew were coming at the mere thought.

"I.. I have to go out for a bit."

Before Link could say anything (other than 'ow!!', he'd bumped his head on the way out from under the bed), SkullKid jumped out of bed, running out into the hall, and--

"I didn't know imps could fly these days..."

The imp had ran into Kafei on the way outside, and both were currently on the floor. A few books had gone flying out of his hands, and Anju looked close to giggles at the state of her husband and their guest.


The imp was shaking again, looking anywhere but Kafei. The man gazed at him, confused... but realized he was just a step from tears.

"It's about him again, isn't it?"

He closed his eyes, standing there silently. Anju didn't seem as giggly as before... Kafei looked around, taking a double-check just in case the family was here as well, and gently pushed him onto the waiting bench.

"He's.. he's a hero.." SkullKid was staring at the floor, watching a small ant try to crawl away, but having trouble with the wood; it seems Anju just cleaned, "Heroes can't stay in one place... can they? What if he... leaves?"

Kafei felt a heart-broken aura emitting from the teen, and smiled sadly. Young love...

"There's always others."

The imp suddenly shook his head furiously, his hat whipping around and nearly hitting him in the face.

"No! He's one of the few people who accepted me, no!"

It took a few moments of letting the imp sob a bit into his shoulder, though he was mostly quiet... he wasn't much of a crier.

"What makes you think he'll leave...?"

SkullKid shook his head, suddenly feeling ridiculous. It was just a story... but it could happen, couldn't it?

"..He might.. go back. This isn't his home..."

The imp never had a dad or a mom... or did he..? He wasn't even sure anymore. He'd heard fathers could be strict about this sort of thing, especially if it was a man... the hero's father disapproved greatly...

If Kafei was EVER a father figure to anyone, it was then.

"Hey, SkullKid!"

Link's voice echoed down the staircase. Kafei let the teen rip himself from his hug, and couldn't help but smile a little at how he rubbed his face dry from the tears.

"I'm right here!"

He had a feeling if things weren't let out soon...

There would be a rather explosive ka-boom coming up.


"Why'd you run out like that?" Link asked. He was still rubbing the back of his head on the way up; it seemed he hit it pretty hard when SkullKid ran out. The imp was thinking; he didn't hear him. When Link asked again, he muttered, cutting him off in mid-sentence: "Link, do you enjoy being here? With me?"

The Hylian looked startled, but replied quickly, a smile on his face.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

He looked at him, expressionless.

Somehow, he'd had to tell him...

Just not right now...


-shrugs- I'm not as impressed by this chapter as the others; but it needs to be told: Link CAN leave. He doesn't live in Terminia; he could just as easily leave as he came. What if something happened that made him leave?

Such as, hmm, I don't know...

:3 Being caught WITH the villan as more than friends, even if they are young for their age?

OH THE SUSPENSE. -heartattack-

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