Today we feature our first Zelda Fan Creation Roundup, a weekly article featuring everything Zelda, created by fans! This week we have a handful of submitted creations including some drawings and shoes!

Let us know in the comments which ones you liked the most!

Hand Painted Skyward Shoes

Our first submission is a pair of hand painted Skyward Sword themed shoes made by ~iamJLA on deviantART. If you are wondering if you can get a pair of these bad boys, then you are in luck! If you are looking to get similar painted shoes you can request more details by messaing ~iamJLA on deviantART!

Skyward Sword Shoes

Source: ~iamJLA on deviantART

Ocarina of Time

Our next submission is from another deviantARTist named ~masterank. It features both Link and Shiek playing the Ocarina and Harp.


Source: ~masterank on deviantART

Link and Forest Minish Painted

This next one comes ~SavantiRomero a deviantARTist. In this drawing he features The Minish Cap Link and Forest Picori.


Source: ~SavantiRomero on deviantART

The Legend of Adventure

If you are an Adventure Time fan, then this next one is for you. This next one is a crossover between The Legend of Zelda and Adventure time, to create “The Legend of Adventure.” Created by ~Bobbykamikaze on deviantART.


Source: ~Bobbykamikaze on deviantART

Song of Healing Piano Cover

Forum user and YouTuber TwilitHuman posted some of his piano covers to the forums including a piano cover of  the Song of  Healing.

Source: Twili13 on YouTube


That concludes this weeks Zelda Fan Creation Roundup, if you missed out on submitting your artwork, videos or fan fiction, you can head over to our Submit Form to send us your creations for next week’s roundup!



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