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After a month of waiting, we finally have a winner for the Katamari Damacy giveaway! Congratulations to pheonix561 in winning April’s Giveaway of Katamari Damacy!

Didn’t enter the giveaway this month? Don’t worry as we have another giveaway for May coming right up! Stay tuned for May’s Giveaway, surely something everyone will want!

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Today we feature our first Zelda Fan Creation Roundup, a weekly article featuring everything Zelda, created by fans! This week we have a handful of submitted creations including some drawings and shoes!

Let us know in the comments which ones you liked the most!

Hand Painted Skyward Shoes

Our first submission is a pair of hand painted Skyward Sword themed shoes made by ~iamJLA on deviantART. If you are wondering if you can get a pair of these bad boys, then you are in luck! If you are looking to get similar painted shoes you can request more details by messaing ~iamJLA on deviantART!

Skyward Sword Shoes

Source: ~iamJLA on deviantART

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Michael Apr 5 Community, Giveaway, Hyrule.net


For the month of April, Hyrule.net will be giving away 1 copy of Katamari Damacy for PS2! Entering the contest is easy and free! If you are already a member headover to the shop and buy your free complimentary contest ticket if you are not a current member, do not worry all you will have to do is register a Hyrule.net account and then buy your free contest ticket.

Additional contest entries can be purchased for 100 rupees each, which can be received for posting.

At the end of the month all of your contest tickets will be taken and you will be entered once for each ticket. Should you be selected you will be contacted with the next steps to receiving your prize!

We will be holding a contest every month with a prize for a lucky winner so make sure to register and follow us on our social network pages: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube.

Click here to register a new account

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Are you a creative artist and a fan of zelda? Starting today, Hyrule.net will be accepting your zelda creations to feature! Simply fill out our online form and those that are accepted will be featured.

You are welcome to submit anything fan-made as long as it is related to The Legend of Zelda!

All submitted creations will be featured at the end of the week from when they were submitted.


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3 years later after Hyrule.net 3.0 was released, when Hyrule.net turned 10, Hyrule.net is now 13 and with it comes a new facelift!  You’ll find that we have returned to a green theme, that a lot of veteran members had once loved.

If you’ve never seen the 3.0 theme you can check it out after the jump along with reading some more info about what’s new.

Also to a reminder to those who might have missed out, December 30th was our birthday! Hyrule.net is now 13 years old and going on 14!

If you aren’t already like us/follow us/+ us/subscribe to us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube

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Hyrule.net tries to keep in touch with it’s readers away from the site through  social media sites life Facebook and Twitter. A couple months ago Google brought us Google+ but not away for brands to communicate with their users, until today. So if you’re one of the few that is using Google+ then this is for you!

Hyrule.net is now on Google+

If you don’t have Google+ we can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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