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  1. Treemotan added a post in a topic Talk   

    Oh yeah. I definitely plan on doing that. I am a social beast and it would not do for me to shut myself away from all communication other than Shrubs, my buddy I tend to run ideas by, and the people I talk to at my full-time job.
    that and I admittedly have a few attention-whoring tendencies because I really like attention
    Plus it's good to have milestones. But yeah, as is, I'm not starting until after the Thanksgiving holiday. And by "Thanksgiving holiday", I mean going out and drinking with family and hoping to every conceivable deity that potentially is and ever once was that I work the evening shift the next day.
  2. Treemotan added a post in a topic Talk   

    Just so y'all know, you're all probably going to see a lot less of me in the coming months due to me finally deciding to tackle a personal project I've been sitting on for 6 years. 
    Which basically involves me creating an entire animated (short??? IDK how long it's gonna be) film all by myself.
    My days of free time and sleep are over.
  3. Treemotan added a post in a topic Discuss Anime and Mang   

    Well, see, if we're dead from liver failure, I don't think consent is an issue. So really, no one agrees to this.
    Corpses can't consent.
  4. Treemotan added a post in a topic Discuss Anime and Mang   

    Like, maybe you can like sit outside the door while me and Shrubs are at it. And then, like, maybe if we're both drunk enough. But like by that point we'd both probably be dead from liver failure so like if you're okay with corpses then.
  5. Treemotan added a post in a topic You know what I hate the most?   

    So I'm on day 4 of being plagued by this horrible migraine.
    Which is made even more infuriating by the fact sleep hasn't helped and that I don't usually get migraines or headaches. And that it's lasted 4 days straight.
    So either something in the environment is bugging me, I got something going on there, or the zombie apocalypse starts with me. 
  6. Treemotan added a post in a topic What games are you playing currently?   

    Gonna be playing Sims 3 again for the first time in ages after all my EPs finish reinstalling.
    Everyone, be afraid.
  7. Treemotan added a post in a topic Talk   

    UNRELATED TO EVERYTHING, I have finally obtained and am currently typing from a new computer. I can now play games on PC again.
  8. Treemotan added a post in a topic Talk   

    People do a lot of stupid shit that can get themselves killed regardless whether or not they're doing weed or alcohol or drugs or anything of the sort. Personally, I hope it DOES get legalized at some point (not necessarily issue 3) because then that'd be one less thing the state's wasting money on trying to enforce. And, also, my aunt has horrible grand mal seizures multiple times a day and marijuana is literally the only thing that has helped prevent them. So if a law's passed that makes it easier for her to get what she needs to be actually able to get through the day without having to deal with that and without risking getting arrested for taking the only drug that can actually help her, all the better. 
    It's not just about the college frat assholes that want to get stoned out of their mind for fun every night or dumb high schoolers that are going to be stupid because teenagers are stupid. Marijuana, much like opium in small doses can be extremely beneficial to people with seizures and other neurological or psychological disorders. And even though most people getting in on that weed action are going to be using for recreational purposes, it IS the same as alcohol in that- YEAH. THEY ARE BOTH ACTUALLY FINE IN MODERATION. Because both only cause actual long-term problems when you're overdosing, and overdosing frequently. For every car accident or overdose resulting from weed or alcohol, there are thousands of people that are still perfectly fine. Because they aren't being stupid about consumption. Weed and alcohol are like guns and knives, really. Do they have the potential to do some harm? Yes. But whether they actually do or not depends completely on the person currently possessing them and their self-control.
    And really, weed won't kill you. It can screw you up pretty badly if you take too much. Case in point, aforementioned Metal Tony. His brain's pretty fried, though that could also be the myriad of other narcotics he's taken over the course of his life. But weed in and of itself doesn't really kill. You are more likely to be killed by falling coconuts, choking, swingsets, tripping (as in clumsiness), cows, freezing to death, being left-handed, deer, pen caps, champagne corks, hot dogs, water that's too hot, jellyfish, autoerotic asphyxiation, vending machines, bath tubs, ants, and BEDS than you are by weed. And there's actual statistics to back all of those, so yah. Mind you, that's only weed itself, not what you do while higher than the stratosphere. Because that's all attributed to stupidity, which is the number one killer out there. 
    EDIT: As it turns out, one man in Brazil was killed by weed... when 1,500 pounds of freshly-dried and packed marijuana leaves fell on top of his head from the 7th floor of a building.
  9. Treemotan added a post in a topic Talk   

    To be fair, he THOUGHT he was just being invited over to play video games and maybe smoke a couple blunts. 
    He was wrong. 
  10. Treemotan added a post in a topic Talk   

    So my younger brother had a rather wild night Friday evening. A wild night involving being forced to help a "friend" smuggle about $4,500 worth of stolen liquor around northern Ohio in the trunk of my mother's car while there were two other guys in the back seat of the car with guns. Possibly making sure he wasn't going to go to the police or anything. 
    All the while, he's trying to keep anyone, gun guys included, from smoking weed or drinking alcohol in my mother's car, because years of hanging out with Metal Tony have made these scents very familiar to her. Who's Metal Tony? Not important. All you need to know is he's a family friend who has done about every drug there is  and won't ever shut up about his band.
    And the night ended with him being high out of his mind and frantically trying to think of an excuse as to why he was out past the curfew our mom had set the next morning. And hoping that he didn't smell like weed or booze.
    Needless to say, he isn't hanging out with this particular friend again any time soon.
    He wants to tell Shrubs the whole story later though, so I'm omitting most of the details.
  11. Treemotan added a post in a topic Happy Birthday! (Birthday announcements)   

    Shrubs is actually 10. I lied. I'm a sinning liar. And also a sex offender. 
  12. Treemotan added a post in a topic Talk   

    If you're wanting to change things up a little bit with your diet, Budget Bytes is a good website for finding cheap recipes that are usually going to be healthier eating than just grabbing premade stuff at the store. I mean, there are desserts and stuff like pizza in there, but there's also a lot of good vegetable dishes and the like. 
    Which if I'm recommending it, that says something, considering that with my health issues I've got to be kind of careful about sugar intake.
  13. Treemotan added a post in a topic Happy Birthday! (Birthday announcements)   

    Glad to see I've caused Pheo to have a crisis by mentioning Shrub's age.
  14. Treemotan added a post in a topic Happy Birthday! (Birthday announcements)   

    Just so y'all know, Shrubs' birthday was yesterday.
    He is officially legally allowed to have alcohol now.
    Not that that has ever stopped him.
  15. Treemotan added a post in a topic What Metal Gear Character do you Most Identify With?   

    Or as close as reasonably possible with my budget and body type. And I'd be much less creepy, as long as it's not Halloween.
    TBH if I had the money and body type I would honestly wear lolita fashion near-constantly, Or just anything super-frilly, flowery, and feminine.
    But yeah. I'd be Ocelot, dressed as a princess, with zero hand-eye coordination.