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  1. Iargely Iegendry

    Would it be better to switch the Zelda stuff and the casual discussion spots back? So Zelda stuff is on top
    1. pheonix561

      Yeah casual discussion stuff should be at the bottom of the forum

  2. Iargely Iegendry

    You know what other thing has a terrible and notoriously stupid fandom?
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    2. pheonix561


    3. Sahaqiel

      nearly... every... fanbase...

    4. Sayubie

      What about 10 comments ago?

  3. Iargely Iegendry

    You know what other thing had a terrible and notoriously stupid fandom?
    1. Iargely Iegendry

      It's Zelda

  4. Iargely Iegendry

    Harvard was going to host a Satanic Mass for some religious study group/class. The Harvard president recently condemned it as "flagrantly disrespectful and inflammatory". The president's name is Drew Faust.
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    2. Iargely Iegendry

      The point is that the president's name is Faust.

    3. pheonix561

      its okay bb i got the joke

    4. Chase

      That really is hilarious, when you think about it.

    1. pheonix561

      that link goes to nothing

    2. Iargely Iegendry

      Maybe because it's the mobile only link. Idk.

  5. Iargely Iegendry

    I'd like to wish t1g's and Pheo's mom a Happy Mother's Day
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    2. Knuckle

      Oh yeah I second this :)

    3. Sahaqiel

      sho thang happy mother's day tracy

    4. Teto


  6. Iargely Iegendry

    Something I'm self-conscious about: if I write long-winded, opinionated posts, it's not to overpower yours, or disregard it, or to fight it. Whenever I feel like I'm domineering, it makes me feel really lame. So sorry if I'm too eager to rant.
    1. Iargely Iegendry

      I want to get conversations going, for you to disagree with me, etc. I think I can get over zealous some times.

    2. Teto

      Naw I guess you just have stuff you feel you need to express and that's okay. Speak however much you like.

    3. Iargely Iegendry

      Nooo, I don't need to express it.

  7. Iargely Iegendry

    Happy birthday, Chase
  8. Iargely Iegendry

    Happy Walpurgisnacht
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    2. pheonix561

      oh my GOD EDA

    3. Iargely Iegendry

      "Oh my goddess"

      -actual ugly Wiccan girl from my high school

    4. PrimaGaga


  9. Iargely Iegendry

    Teto, St. Vincent is on the new Swans album for some reason. You like both of them, so yaa
    1. Teto

      I mind seeing that, now you mention it. I've not listened to a lot of Swans really but I'll be checking that out.