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    thanks for the birthday message!
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    I added you as a friend and rated you five star, can you reply please?
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    Hey, I have returned
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    I think he MADE his personal pic.
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    thanks i found it on deviantart.com and i typed in twilight realm
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    Your personal picture is awesome!! :D
    Where did you find it?
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    oh yeah happy birthday
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    thanks for visiting my page^^
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    hey happy birthday and happy thanksgiving
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    happy birthday!!!!!
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    hey i uploaded some videos on youtube of legend of zelda ocarina of time and majora's mask one of them has saria in it
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    heres 4 stars
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    hi welcome to hyrule.net just thought id leave a comment
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    ahhh that sucks that you quite i might quite too it just seems like hyrule.net is getting to be boring
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    thanks glad you liked the video but im not the one who made it
  20. Cindy » zeldamaster5

    Hello!!! I just wanted to tell you that your video "A heart for our hero" was AMAZING!!! I liked the ending. Very clever. :)