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  1. Ops

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    2. PrimaGaga

      I hope mila shows up too. :>

    3. PrimaGaga

      And that karate kid. He was funny.

    4. Chef Nonsense

      Nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Time for the yearly existence of two idiots who left a long time ago, as per schedule. I do hope all is going well for you all.

  2. Ops

    Considering doing a few game reviews, specifically La-Mulana and the Iconoclasts. Maybe Legend of Princess too?
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    2. pheonix561

      Just go tell Nabe

    3. pheonix561

      So did you tell Nabe

    4. Cascade

      yeah give us the gossip CO!!! :o

  3. Ops

    wow puppy i'm hyper
  4. Ops

    Just looked through the old Hyrule Game Idea thread... Now I'm sad.
  5. Ops

    You should all go play La-Mulana.
    1. SilverAlchemic


    2. Ops


  6. Ops

    And slowly the puns get worse.
    1. SilverAlchemic

      How true.

    2. pheonix561

      My pun was the best get out

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    2. Ops

      Yeah Okay.

    3. pheonix561

      post in actual threads more

    4. SilverAlchemic

      2up 2triider human'2 older brother/paradox clone

      or ii2 that ju2t your avatar

  7. Ops

    Hey guys come play minecraft with me and CN.
    1. Cirt

      chef nonsense you ignant tard

  8. Chef Nonsense » Ops

    1. Chef Nonsense

      Lol CO's right behind me. With a lead pipe. In the library. Help!

  9. Ops

    Eh, sent it anyway.
  10. Cat Girl » Ops

    Eh, this and that. Drama llamas, and lots of 'em, but it's a bit of a long story. But I have a girlfriend, so she's certainly a comfort. :>
    What've I missed with you?
  11. Ops » Cat Girl

    So what's been going on with yoouuu? (PM? Or on OV?)
  12. Cat Girl » Ops

    ... Hey. XD Dude, that was some damn optical illusion.
  13. Ops » Cat Girl

  14. Ops » Eka

    Happy birthday! :)
  15. Linkprow » Ops

    I guess you are gone so you probably won't see this, but if for some reason you do just know that you'll be missed.
  16. Mila » Ops

    Hey, why isn't you on Skype? I need a huggle :3
  17. PrimaGaga » Ops

    Ummmmm, Skype works when I call and IM other people. Just not to you. :X
  18. Ops » Mila

    Whoops, read that wrong.
  19. Mila » Ops

    Mk, I'll tell my friends
  20. Ops » Mila

    You'd better have a happy birthday, gosh darnit.
  21. Zelda Drottningu » Ops

    I've been playing fora total of 4 or 5 years, but I had a long break somewhere between.
  22. Ops » Zelda Drottningu

    Only 3 years, methinks.
  23. Zelda Drottningu » Ops

    :) I pursosely set my age 1 year younger than the maximum so I can turn 99 in May :)How long have you been playing the Clarinet for?
  24. Ops » Zelda Drottningu

    High-Five in return.
    Also, I like how we both did the "SET AGE TO MAXIMUM" thing.