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  1. I want to see this movie so badly.

    heh, this looks amusing.

    now we only need an ace attorney movie. ;)

  2. it's awful on the roads though, we nearly crashed the car at one point.

  3. well these starters are the worst as when they evolve into their final forms they all still have only one type. >_>

    we need the starters to be psychic, dark and fighting types, it'd still work and it'd be the 3 coolest types ^_^

  4. I love rain, like absolutely. The best!


    you would not hear anyone ever say that if you lived in Lancashire.

    we're almost flooded we get so much. >_>

  5. LDGM Does Gay Men

    :huhwhat: you're not doing yourself any favours my friend.

    Anyway, great thanks to arcanelord for making this awesome topic, some of these ideas have made my day. ;)

  6. I wish I got paid for that.

    well i took an extra lesson after school, critical thinking it was, and now I'm starting to want my 1.125 hours each week back, particularly since the lesson was optional >_>

    though i do wish i got paid for it :darkrain:

  7. so just as you go to bed i wake up :P....

    seriously, there's only a 5 minute interval...

    anyway that's what i did last night, lay on the bed and read watership down....

    poor bigwig, he almost died.

  8. I've got good stuff planned. I'll tell later. :)


    we can't wait, today's been too dissapointing.

    well I'll see you all around.. prehaps


    - that lightly dark chap himself

  9. It seems to be the time when everyone has their releases. Thousand Foot Krutch, Pillar, BarlowGirl, Casting Crowns...

    exactly, everyone has releases, and i haven't heard of any of those artists...

    but then again i'm english >_>

  10. You play way too much Zelda :P Don't go breaking pots in there!

    with all these references to zelda, i'm surprised he didn't hookshot in. ;)