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  1. Thanks for the response, Bro. I'm glad that someone else found the game as enjoyable as I did.


    To add what you said about the Hub world, I understand what you're saying. I'm a very explorative person, as well as a huge plot lover, so the whole idea of a large Hub along with a cute -unlockable!- story about Rosalina really catered to what I like. So I enjoyed the pointless wandering around of the observatory, but it's true that the meat of the game really lies within the Galaxies. 


    I guess I was waiting for the game to reward me for how many stars I'd gotten. In SMG2, it felt like my only reward were the silly trophies and characters that came to hang out on the ship. Great. What can I do with them? Nothing. And if it wasn't that, then it was new galaxies that I already knew about that I would have to complete anyways. I don't know. When I got to the end of World 6 and realized that it was the level to complete the game, I was shocked. Like, what was it? It took me less than 80 stars to get there? I guess that's consistent with the other games, but I was still surprised.

  2. Followed! My channel is but I haven't been able to stream for a while now.


    I take it it's your first time playing Skyward Sword? I thought it seemed a little slow in the beginning but I thought it was overall fun and enjoyed it.

    Actually, 3rd time. But it's been a while since I played, so it feels new enough still. I don't have it perfectly backed to memory like I do with, Ocarina of Time, per se, so there's a lot of "oh yeah, I have to do this part" moments.


    And I will follow you back :>