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  1. Young Link Addict » Specever

    Happy Birthday, Specever.
  2. Road » Specever

    Specever. I am your new friend.
  3. Specever » Otis McNutt

    We would be if you didn't like Star Wars
  4. Specever » Otis McNutt

    We are almost opposites.
  5. Specever » Michael

    Wook at awl dese fwiendz!
  6. Specever » Fierce Muffin

    I will ban hammer you all.
  7. Specever » Kimmy

    Joo make meh laugh.
  8. Specever » Sahaqiel

    Saha. I... I... I... I like you as a friend ololol pwned.
  9. Specever

    Teh pwnzorz.
  10. Teto » Specever

    I was a horrible person, don't ever leave again. :>
  11. Padraig! » Specever

    What a puppying idiot.
  12. Young Link Addict » Specever

    Dang it, Bathy. Why did you go, and do that? I know you didn't like him, but jeze dude. It's two members. You don't have to leave on account of them. If I left for reasons like that, I would have been gone months ago.
  13. Teto » Specever

    Why did you leave? You were the best guy EVER.
  14. millerick101 » Specever

    Hey man. I just bought Twilight Princess!
  15. Padraig! » Specever

    Come into chat.
    We won't troll.
    I would like to apologise (spelling).
  16. Specever » Adr990

  17. Specever » Diagera

    Hey! How are you?
  18. XxSasukexX » Specever

    I thought you were leaving.
  19. Specever » Michael

    Happy b-day!
  20. Specever » Arctic Fire

    We have the same b-day :D