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  1. And you're banned for being unable to comprehend my simple vocabulary; I say old chap. |D

    (Kidding - you're actually banned for not realising it was a Death Note reference. :] )

    I don`t read "Death note" :P


    You`re banned for uncreative baning!

  2. I watched a serial killer painter kill some cops. He had a pet bird. I enjoyed it.

    There is a button where you can send the story, please give me the link! :D

  3. When I think about it humanity has ruined the world.

    Before there was only trees, rivers, rocks....... but now we have buildings, plastic, trash and a whole lot of stuff who may ruin the planet "Earth"

    in any time because of the reaction of chemical trash.

    My opinion not yours! :P

  4. Here is some "easy" way`s to get credits.

    1) Flawless cowboy and demon commendations is easy so do this:

    Set the difficulty to heroic or legendary, play through the second mission (try not to die)

    then when you activate the swith at the end 2 seconds after save and quit then start again a black screen appears (don`t press Y) and you get credits, do this again and

    again until you are done with it. you don`t get credit at the first one if you died.


    2) Walking tank and others:

    Set the difficulty to normal free for all on and start the third mission, run up the stairs go pass the elite and run on the right side until you get to the base.

    Pick up the target locator and wait for the checkpoint, when you get the checkpoint aim at the bunch of enemies outside when they ar dead revert to last save and redo it.

    3) Hard to explain so here is a video:

  5. "Postman owns!"

    ...56 translations later we get:

    "You want people to have?"

  6. I love Barack Obama, Barack Obama, not because hes the black guy.....

  7. My friend Eirik, said that the game was hard then I said "Let me try!", and I kicked ass in his opinion.

    And when I gived the controller back to him he sucked!