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    testingly test tester
  3. Cascade » Rika Code

    test to see if profile posting works
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  5. Rika Code » gallowsCalibrator

    I hope you have fun here and are a frequent poster
  6. Rika Code » Kaffles

    There is a gift for you in the I'm impatient topic
  7. Rika Code » Cascade

    It was acyually meant for drama week but it was over before I found imageshack
  8. Cascade » Rika Code

    btw I really love your signature, Persona 4 fan comic ftw!!! <3
  9. Rika Code » T1g

    Oops never mind it just needed to be refreshed
  10. Rika Code » T1g

    What the *BEEP*
    Why is your profile glitching so bad
  11. Rika Code » Otis McNutt

    Check the "I'm impatient" topic if you have the time
  12. Skyrider » Rika Code

    Be sure to rase "Zora Love" with lots of...well... love of course! Also take it through league!
  13. Rika Code » Skyrider

    Yep, and I am going to keep making Zorua eggs until I get a shiny (they are blue!!) and nickname it "Zora Love"
  14. Skyrider » Rika Code

    SO if you take ZORA and add a U you get ZORUA. If you add a O and RK you get ZOROARK!
  15. Cascade » Rika Code

    ...lolwut it's so addictive yet makes no senseeeeeee :S
  16. Rika Code » Cascade

    I for some reason cannot stop laughing after watching this
  17. Rika Code » Neku

    Were are youuuu :<
  18. Rika Code » Cascade

    Hahahaha so hilarous I can totally imagine that happening I <3 it!!
  19. Cascade » Rika Code

    lol more persona pics that are <3
  20. Cascade » Rika Code

    <333333 it
    omigosh, put "ALL YO YENS YIP YIP YAP" on it!!! Like from the Persona 4 Comic Fandub <3
  21. Rika Code » Cascade

    I absolutely,100%,<3 it
    I've been working on this but I guess I'll show you it now
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    I found this and knew you would appreciate it <3
  23. Knuckle » Rika Code

    youvve got alot of moxie to be postin that kinda image in yer avvatar lady