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So I have been thinking forever.

"Hyrule.net has a pretty interesting user history, and someone should be writing it all down in chronological order."

Then all this craziness happens (Hnet Drama Week), and it's just going to be forgotten by the newer generation!


I know I made a post about user drama history awhile back, but I don't know if I can find it anymore.

The latest I know about is Migaru, and she is before my time.

So yeah, we're going to keep track of Hnet history in real time starting at the latest piece of info you goiz contribute.

Chase in Debate Mode

Hyrule.net user zeldafancs/Lionheart/Chase/Clark Kent up and decided for about a month to debate everywhere, mostly in religion-related threads, before deciding to each his own and letting it go.

Lethe Albion

A user by the name of Lethe Albion comes in and starts arguing against homosexuality immediately. His famous entrance line, "You pit of vipers. You white-washed tombs", caused pheonix561 to constantly create phrases in the similar "You a of b, you x of y" format. He was severely religious, and obeyed his church over his religious doctrines. He also owned a logic book, and didn't hesitate to call out some logical fallacy in Latin, even if it wasn't a serious statement. Near the end of the argument, he up and disappeared.


A user by the name of narutogirl joins #zelda. Sahaqiel starts trolling her for liking Naruto, and a whole web of lies was made, complete with chat logs, a fan fiction based on it, plus

fan fictions of the original fan fiction. Made by Sahaqiel, of course.

So a brave user named narutogirl in the chat recently joined. She says that Naruto is awesome, but we tell her to watch better anime. She says she can't, because of child abuse, since she is adobted. She is forced to watch Naruto, or she'll be beaten. She already watches porn on the internet, but she can't watch better anime on the internet because her parents won't allow her. She also hates Naruto because of it. This is her story.

[18:53] <&Sahaqiel> NARUTOGIRL

[18:53] <&Sahaqiel> MAKE SMARTER CHOICES

[18:53] <+narutogirl> hmm?

[18:53] <+narutogirl> like wut?

[18:54] <&Sahaqiel> Like watch something better than Naruto.

[18:54] <+narutogirl> y?

[18:54] <+narutogirl> its awesome~

[18:54] <&Sahaqiel> There are much better things, narutogirl

I PM her my whole anime list.

[18:54] <+narutogirl> no ty

[18:55] <+narutogirl> i'll stick wif naruto

[18:55] <+shinohobo> but

[18:55] <+shinohobo> IT NEVER ENDS

[18:55] <+narutogirl> yesh?

[18:55] <&Sahaqiel> narutogirl

[18:55] <+narutogirl> who r u 2 say i should quit Naruto?

[18:56] <+narutogirl> its the only show i can reely watch

[18:56] <&Sahaqiel> narutogirl

[18:56] <&Sahaqiel> You have the INTERNET.

[18:56] <&Sahaqiel> You can watch ANYTHING.

[18:56] <+shinohobo> I'll stick with my boner

[18:56] <&Sahaqiel> Even PORNOGRAPHY

[18:56] <&Sahaqiel> Though I know you already do that.

[18:56] <+narutogirl> yesh

[18:57] <+narutogirl> i can only watch Naruto

[18:57] <&Sahaqiel> You can watch anything on the internet, Narutogirl.

[18:57] <&Sahaqiel> Anything.

[18:57] <+narutogirl> cant

[18:57] <+narutogirl> i can barely chat on this site

[19:00] <+narutogirl> look i cant watch any other show then naruto

[19:00] <@Kimmy> naruto, why can't you?

[19:00] <+narutogirl> ....

[19:00] <@Kimmy> do you hate all the other shows? are you not allowed to?

[19:00] <+narutogirl> ch-ild abuse

[19:00] <+shinohobo> ...

[19:00] <@Kimmy> why can't you watch any other show

[19:00] <+shinohobo> what?

[19:00] <+narutogirl> child abuse

[19:00] <&Sahaqiel> Um.


[19:00] <+narutogirl> yehs

[19:00] <+narutogirl> yesh

[19:00] <&Sahaqiel> I doubt you are abused.

[19:00] <@Kimmy> I hope you're not serious because I am laughing pretty hard.


[19:01] <+narutogirl> ]=

[19:01] <&Sahaqiel> Yeah even if she is serious kimz.

[19:01] <&Sahaqiel> I would find this humorous.

[19:01] <&Sahaqiel> If a bit unusual.

[19:01] <+shinohobo> Double. DBZ was like all of my childhood.

[19:01] <+narutogirl> im child abused

[19:01] <+shinohobo> I hate you.

[19:01] <+Double45> i love DBZ

[19:01] <&Sahaqiel> I am somewhat ashamed of watching DBZ.

[19:01] <+shinohobo> ng how are you abused for not watching naruto?

[19:01] <+narutogirl> i am child abused

[19:02] <&Sahaqiel> I think she just doesn't want to watch better things because she's too much of a fangirl.

[19:02] <+shinohobo> <shinohobo>: ng how are you abused for not watching naruto?

[19:02] <+narutogirl> i am adobted

[19:02] <@Kimmy> ...

[19:02] <&Sahaqiel> If you are a child, I don't think you would need to put "child" in front of "abused".

[19:02] <+shinohobo> rofl

[19:02] <+narutogirl> and wen i first got adobted

[19:02] <@Kimmy> I am also adopted, but I don't have to watch Naruto for fear of being abused.

[19:02] <+narutogirl> they asked wut show i hate the most

[19:02] <@Kimmy> naruto, do not fake being abused.

[19:02] <+Double45> <+narutogirl> i am adobted

[19:02] <+narutogirl> and i said naruto

[19:02] <+Double45> <+narutogirl> and wen i first got adobted

[19:03] <+Double45> so i is adobted, but im NOT adopted

[19:03] <+narutogirl> so they force me to watch naruto

[19:03] <&Sahaqiel> I just facepalmed IRL.

[19:03] <&Sahaqiel> Like for serious.

[19:03] <+Double45> lol

[19:03] <+narutogirl> and the abuse me

[19:03] <+narutogirl> they hit me pretty hard

[19:03] <+shinohobo> I'm lolling

[19:03] <+Figurehead> narutogirl

[19:03] <+Figurehead> did they ever like

[19:03] <+Figurehead> touch you

[19:03] <+narutogirl> nods

[19:03] <+shinohobo> in your vagina

[19:03] <+Figurehead> or put peanut butter on you and have a dog lick it off

[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> Why would you name yuorself over something that you've been abused over?

[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> OH HEY

[19:04] <+Double45> because she is LYING

[19:04] <+narutogirl> forced


[19:04] <+narutogirl> FORCED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[19:04] * Sahaqiel sets mode: -v narutogirl

[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> I'm sorry

[19:04] <+Figurehead> Have you ever seen an erect cock

[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> You're hilarious, really

[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> But :|

[19:04] <+Double45> lol

[19:04] <narutogirl> ]+

[19:04] <narutogirl> ]=


[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> I'mma get you b&

[19:04] <narutogirl> ITS NOT FUNNY

[19:05] <narutogirl> ive been aused sence i was 4

[19:05] <+Double45> lLOLOLOLOL

[19:05] <&Sahaqiel> SIT DOWN AND WATCH NARUTO


[19:05] <+shinohobo> narutogirl you haven't defined 'abuse'

[19:05] <narutogirl> i have to cover up my bruises so i dont get caught

[19:05] <narutogirl> me?

[19:05] <narutogirl> y me?

[19:05] <&Sahaqiel> No, I am making fun of you.


[19:06] <+shinohobo> narutogirl you are a comedian.

[19:06] <narutogirl> TEEN ABUSED?

[19:06] <+Double45> i just found it funny

[19:06] <&Sahaqiel> NO

[19:06] <&Sahaqiel> YOU SAY

[19:06] <&Sahaqiel> I'M ABUSED

[19:06] <narutogirl> y is it funny?

[19:06] <&Sahaqiel> Because you're a dirty liar.

[19:06] <+shinohobo> ^

[19:06] <&Sahaqiel> And you suck at lying.

[19:06] <+Double45> she is abused by here adobtive parents

[19:06] <narutogirl> some one to whip u each day

[19:06] <+Double45> but her adoptive parents let her watch anything

[19:06] <narutogirl> have to beg and be nice so u dont get one whipping 2night?

[19:06] <+Double45> but adobtive ones dont

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> A BEATING OR NARUTO

[19:07] <+shinohobo> My father beat me until he moved out on us but it wasn't because he wanted me to watch dragon ball z.

[19:07] <@Kimmy> But you know, I have never been abused with anime.

[19:07] <+Double45> lol

[19:07] <@Kimmy> So I mean, I have it pretty easy.

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> Obviously you watch Naruto.

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> So you aren't being beaten.

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> Because they force you to watch Naruto.

[19:07] <+Figurehead> I consider that abuse

[19:07] <+Figurehead> Teehee

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> I do too

[19:07] <narutogirl> yesh and i hate every second of it

[19:07] <+Figurehead> lame

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> wtf

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> Why name yourself narutogirl.

[19:07] <+Double45> lol

[19:07] <@Kimmy> what do you consider abuse figurehead

[19:07] <narutogirl> HERES THE STORY LINE

[19:08] <+Double45> BECAUSE SHE IS FORCED TOO

[19:08] <+shinohobo> oh fucking god my laughter I cannot contain it

[19:08] <&Sahaqiel> Naruto.

[19:08] <narutogirl> yesh?

[19:08] <+Double45> do they ever touch you

[19:08] <+Double45> ohmy.gif

[19:08] <narutogirl> yesh

[19:08] <&Sahaqiel> I'm going to make fan fiction of you, narutogirl.

[19:08] <+shinohobo> YES

[19:08] <narutogirl> its scaring for life

[19:08] <&Sahaqiel> About a girl who is abused if she doesn't watch Naruto.

[19:09] <+shinohobo> narutogirl, I'm actually your dad, and I'm going to beat you right now for telling these people that I beat you.

[19:09] <+shinohobo> I'm coming up to your room right now.

[19:10] <+Figurehead> wait

[19:10] <+Figurehead> put the extension cord in the oven first

[19:10] <+Figurehead> then go up to her room

[19:10] <+Figurehead> and apply

[19:10] <narutogirl> -locks door-

[19:10] <+Figurehead> Do you think roleplay can stop him?

[19:10] <+Double45> hey

[19:10] <+Figurehead> He's fucking drunk

[19:10] <+Double45> your parents have to have a key

[19:10] <+Double45> THEY HAVE TOO

[19:10] <narutogirl> =.=


[19:10] <narutogirl> EH EH

[19:10] <+Figurehead> His cock is nearly bursting from his underwear

[19:11] <narutogirl> i ran away last night


[19:11] <&Sahaqiel> "I woke up on the floor again. There was blood on the ground and I couldn't see out of my left eye. I smelled alcohol. Sitting in a recliner a few feet away from me was my foster father, who adobted me when I was four. In his left hand was liquor. In his right, a belt and a television remote."

[19:11] <+shinohobo> UNLOCK THE DOOR RIGHT NOW OR I'LL GIVE YOU 10 extra seconds of BELT

[19:11] <+Double45> lol

[19:11] <narutogirl> no~

[19:11] <+Figurehead> is anyone else turned on

[19:11] <&Sahaqiel> lol

[19:12] <narutogirl> i aint opening up

[19:12] <+Figurehead> teehee

[19:12] <+Double45> lol

[19:12] <+Figurehead> double entendre

[19:12] <@Kimmy> I am so turned on

[19:12] <+Figurehead> maybe?

[19:12] <+shinohobo> I'm going to burn all your CDs...

[19:12] <+Double45> ha

[19:12] <@Kimmy> i'm sporting quite the boner

[19:12] <+Figurehead> lol

[19:12] <narutogirl> i dun HAVE ANY

[19:12] <+shinohobo> take your computer away...

[19:12] <narutogirl> SHIT

[19:12] <+shinohobo> and rape you...

[19:12] <narutogirl> =.=.

[19:12] <&Sahaqiel> ""Worthless *****. Get up." he said with a slur.

[19:12] <&Sahaqiel> I tried to lift myself up off the ground, but my legs failed me. They were bruised and sore from my father's persistent kicking. I couldn't refuse him anymore, but his terms were so cruel..."

[19:12] <narutogirl> GREAT WUT I NEED


[19:13] <+shinohobo> PLEASE

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> ROFL

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> ROFL

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> ROFL

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> Sahaqiel

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> I

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> FUCKIN

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> G

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> LOVE

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> YOU

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> ROFL

[19:13] <&Sahaqiel> biggrin.gif

[19:13] <narutogirl> I AINT OPENIGN UP

[19:13] <+Double45> GHAHAAHAHAHA

[19:13] <narutogirl> i will run away

[19:13] <narutogirl> AGAIN

[19:13] <+shinohobo> you can't run away if you're dead.

[19:14] <narutogirl> im not DEAD

[19:14] <narutogirl> ]=

[19:14] <narutogirl> u guysdont no

[19:14] <+shinohobo> not yet, but when I knock down the door I will kill you and fuck your corpse.

[19:14] <&Sahaqiel> :(

[19:14] <+Double45> necrophilia

[19:14] <narutogirl> quit messing wif me

[19:14] <+Double45> HEY

[19:14] <@Kimmy> quit messing "wif" us

[19:15] <+Double45> WHAT ABOUT YOUR SISTER


[19:15] <narutogirl> leave me ALONE

[19:15] <narutogirl> yesh yesh she does

[19:15] <+Double45> lol

[19:15] <+Double45> omg no way

[19:15] <narutogirl> we hate it

[19:17] <narutogirl> dad's coming O MG

[19:17] <+shinohobo> continue

[19:17] <narutogirl> GTG

[19:17] * narutogirl ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

I woke up on the floor again. There was blood on the ground and I couldn't see out of my left eye. I smelled alcohol. Sitting in a recliner a few feet away from me was my foster father, who adobted me when I was four. In his left hand was liquor. In his right, a belt and a television remote.

"Worthless bitch. Get up." he said with a slur.

I tried to lift myself up off the ground, but my legs failed me. They were bruised and sore from my father's persistent kicking. I couldn't refuse him anymore, but his terms were so cruel.

Getting impatient, Father stood up, wearing a wifebeater with jeans that were sagging low to the ground, since he was holding his belt. He walked over to where I was on the floor and picked me up by the hair.

"Do you understand? I'm going to beat the hell out of you if you don't listen to me."

I squirmed, thinking I should resist, but I thought twice and decided it wasn't a good idea. Father threw me down on the sofa and looked at me with an animal expression. Without turning around, he pointed his remote at the TV and turned it on. Sounds of physical exertion met her ears. There was a lot of groaning and yelling.

"You're going to watch, and you're going to hate it. But if you stop, I'll beat you silly again."

I wanted to avert my eyes so badly, but I just couldn't. The bruises reminded me of what happens when I do that. I turned to face the screen, and almost threw up. There was a blond boy on the screen clothed in an orange jumpsuit. As if the Gods of Bad Timing knew this would happen, this was the precise moment the boy aimed his thumb at me, viewing from the sofa, and said in a boyish voice of self confidence, "Believe it!"

A squeak of pain leaked from between my teeth. No. I couldn't believe it. How could anyone believe it? I couldn't take it anymore, and made a run for the door.

"Hey, you whore, get back here and watch Naruto!"

As I reached the kitchen, I bumped into someone standing in the doorway. It was my foster mother. She looked at me with disgust and slapped me across the face, then kneed me in the chest.

I lie on the ground, crying. They took me to my room, and locked the door. Inside was a television playing all of Naruto Shippuden and the fillers of Naruto. All its control buttons had been completely removed and destroyed. The socket the TV was plugged into was in a lockbox. I couldn't get to it. I couldn't stop it. I lie trembling on my bed, crying softly into my pillow. Yelling from outside my door made me wince.

"Now stay in your room! And you better be watching Naruto!" my father's voice threatened.

He punched the door and I winced again. Why did this have to happen to me?

I boarded the computer in my room that my parents foolishly provided to me. I go by narutogirl on the internet. Naruto and pain are all I know. I don't even have a name.


I cried onto my keyboard. I couldn't watch any other anime because I'm forced to watch Naruto. I have internet access but an unknown force keeps me from better anime. All I can do is watch porn or Naruto.

This is my everyday life.

Believe it.

peacexlovexbieber's Appearance & Disappearance

Goddess of Creativity's little sister joins under the name peacexlovexbieber, and attempts to troll the whole forum by posting misleading threads, typically titled like a request for help about Zelda games, but turning out to be about Justin Bieber, or how much she thinks we're losers for liking video games. She is incredibly sexist and a bit homophobic, and is a cheerleader. She conducted a few trolling attempts that happened sporadically over the course of a few months. She was considerably weakened when the forum all simultaneously decided she was hideous, and began to tell her en masse. It started out something like this.

<pheonix561> just

<pheonix561> ban her

<Sahaqiel> Eh. Nah. ;o

<pheonix561> come on

<pheonix561> seriously

<Sahaqiel> What if

<Sahaqiel> Everyone on the forum simultaneously decided she was ugly?

<pheonix561> YES

Her terrorism ended shortly after this happened, because she was disallowed from visiting the forum again by her mother.

The End of Hyrule

Dustin forgot to renew the site, and the forum temporarily went offline. With the help of a few members, Dustin was contacted while playing Team Fortress 2, and the site was restored. Everyone thought he was actually going to just abandon all of us, and we were all huddled together thinking up other places we could meet each other.

Hyrule.net's Drama Week 2010

Let's recap:

Monday, June 14, 2010.

1) I (Sahaqiel) organize a prank on YLA. (Tappy participated, or at least, gave the go-ahead) Not to get him to leave, just to get some laughs. Rumor starts, internet believes it and uproars. Hyrule.net becomes internet famous temporarily, even though ZeldaAC stole our spotlight. GMP flips out. lols were had.

2) YLA threatens to leave, not because of the prank, but because the game is cel shaded and he fears being bullied about it, which no one really did. In other words, he'd've threatened to leave even if we didn't pull the prank.

3) I post an apology thread and admit the purpose of the prank, but then, the game turns out cel shaded. Sahaqiel is a prophet, rumor mostly confirmed.

4) YLA threatens to leave a second time.

5) CO follows suit, apparently leaves.

6) YLA decides not to leave.

7) Cirt rants about a few members (mostly pheonix and I) in chat during discussion of SS for some reason

8) Cirt posts the thread "Disappointment", her feelings on the artistic style of Skyward Sword, confesses she doesn't feel like she fits in due to feelings on the game.

9) I make a long post that is a bit stern, but perfectly reasonable.

10) Kimmy brings up previous rant Cirt made in the thread.

11) Cirt threatens to leave.

12) Tappy demods me thinking this whole thing was a plot to get rid of YLA completely. Which it wasn't. I post retaliation thread. He logs in the following morning and I explain why this was a terrible idea that wasn't warranted. Tappy concedes and returns status. I delete retaliation post to get the whole ugly mess behind us, but fail because ugly messes are totally Hnet's thing this week.

13) Cirt decides not to leave, but asks to have her moderatorship taken away.

14) Nixtrix, through some source, misinterprets my posts in Cirt's thread as an attack, and demods Kimmy and I. Kimmy because she was a jerk to Cirt (even though she apologized) though the jerk part of it was literally just quoting what Cirt said word for word, and me because idk I was disagreeing with her. Neither of us were directly told why we were deopped.

15) Tappy covers it up with a decree like topic in the moderator forum stating that any mod who doesn't "contribute anything", like guides or art or anything, despite how little or how much the person moderates, will have their access taken away. Such an obvious cover up, because I got my access taken away shortly afterwards, and mods who are vastly more inactive than Kimmy or I kept their statuses, like Chef Nonsense.

Do something. Contribute, create content. Something if you don't I'm removing your access.

That is all.

16) I get pissed and say so to Tappy's face in chat, then leave to watch anime for a few hours because that's what I was doing during 11-14. Tappy left right after I came in and insulted him, probably a ragequit because he kept talking in Skype to other users.

17) Nixtrix and Cirt think I'm butthurt, and Nixtrix hates me now or something for the Cirt incident, despite me just being really aggravated at how much of a dick Tappy is being. I feel quite unscathed about not being a moderator.

[20:04] <Nixtrix> Someone

[20:04] <Nixtrix> tell that emo cunt

[20:04] <Nixtrix> I deleted his access

[20:04] <Nixtrix> and if he has a problem

[20:04] <Nixtrix> come see me

[20:04] <Nixtrix> kthnx

[20:04] <Samus> The fuck

[20:05] <kaffles> wait for real?

[20:05] <Legendary> you sound like my friend tell off a teacher

[20:05] <Samus> Nixtrix: you mean Sahaqiel?

[20:05] <Nixtrix> yes.

[20:05] <Whorey> no, but it does make me horny

[20:05] <Cascade> omg...

[20:05] <Samus> He is just butthurt because he lost his mod powers

[20:05] <Samus> LL, I'm Cirt, btw.

[20:05] <Nixtrix> He can be butthurt all he wants.

[20:06] <Nixtrix> Idont give a shit.

Which I don't get because my access was already removed at the time, and he definitely left before I could see him about it.

18) Tappy threatens to leave.

19) I can't quite remember what happened here, but anyway, turns out Hyrule.net's chat network is splitting from NixtrixIRC now, which is like the fiftieth network we've split from.

20) Tappy officially states he's going to leave, and since Nixtrix is gone and Tappy hasn't reinstated any moderator positions, there is almost no one active in the hierarchy, and there are literally no admins left.

21) Figurehead/Largely Legendary takes advantage of the situation, declares himself king, and posts a thread with only one image and no text, the image being a dead baby thrown in the trash.

22) Nixtrix logs on, clears up misunderstandings.

23) We all realize that there are literally only four mods, no administrators. All four mods are inactive members.

24) Dustin logs on with Padraig's help and Tappy grants mod status back to folks, Figurehead's topic is erased.

25) Hyrule.net's IRC is not splitting from Nixtrix's now, apparently.

26) Corrupt One announces he isn't leaving.

27) Tappy decides not to leave.

I think I covered everything.

This largely sprouted from communication, its errors, or lack thereof.

So yeah, first the Modocaust, then the Fiftieth Split, then the dark Wild-Westlike period, where there is no authority, that lasted a few hours, then fixed. :>

Hyrule.net's Temporary Erasure

For a couple days, various users were having problems with getting onto Hyrule.net. Eventually, Hyrule.net was up again, but all the forum's users were erased. Users eventually were brought back, but the guest usernames were still displayed and mass confusion was still lingering. Simultaneously, pheonix561 was dethroned from his previously self declared czarship.

Minor Hyrule.net Chat Failure & Compromise

HyBot is introduced and generally disliked as #Zelda's official enforcement supplement bot. It turns out to be the strictest thing ever, kicking people for behaviors practiced by many of the veteran users casually. Discussions are had, and AHylianHuman agrees to ask the chat how to improve it. As-we-go improvements were made, and the bot's name was changed to Zelda, which was the original enforcement and help bot of the channel. Meanwhile, Malicious apparently took down the whole chat server on accident while messing with servers.

Minor Spambot Mass E-Mails Hnet Members

A user under the name of amy and amynater mass e-mails everyone on the site the following message:

Sender: [email protected]

Message: How are you doing today hope fine.My name is amynater.I just came accross your profile here (hyrule.net) and after going through it l found you intresting hope you don't mind.If you feel like knowing more about me and for me to send you my picture,you can send me mail at ([email protected])

Hope to hear from you soon,have a nice day.


She is not banned at all, and is actually loved by select users like Cascade and Double45, despite saying nothing further.

Grandmaster Phoenix's Nuclear Thanksgiving

North Korea bombed South Korea and killed two civilians close to the (USA) Thanksgiving season. GMP suggests we nuke North Korea into "nuclear glass", which sparks uproars over how Grandmaster Phoenix is so nonchalant about nuclear genocide.

The whole thread after page two becomes a debate with GMP over how genocide is a stupid solution. Sahaqiel creates a thread calling him out. GMP admits that having a Nazi keyboard is fitting for himself.

Phanta x HarajukuVampire

The two members made a

baby hoax, which was the joke, because Phantasmagoric Hero/Lark/Vintage Rainbow Surprise is an openly gay member.

More Spambots

A large amount of spambots enter Hyrule and create many pornographic advertisements, causing Kimmy to create a

topic encouraging moderator contact in case this happens in the absence of authority.

Nabeshin x Kimmy

Nabeshin visits Kimmy from Canada from the fourth of February, 2011, to the sixth for a local anime convention.

They proceed to have physical and emotional relationships.

The User Awards That Never Happened

Folks voted for users of the year. The awards were never handed out.

Let it be known that Figurehead won Most Likable, however.

Tappy and AHH, and Gabs' Pussy Parade

Stemming from a

conversation in IRC that bled into Talk, Tappy, AHH, and Gabs start replacing just about every other word with "vagina". Gabs posted a supposedly anti-troll thread with the same mannerisms, and later on, another thread. Feeling a newfound sense of self cool, Tappy, AHH, and Gabs act upon Tappy's emotions and start spamming a short story thread Sahaqiel posted. After Sahaqiel makes a sarcastic comment and deletes the offending posts, Tappy removes Sahaqiel's moderator status and continues posting vagina-related in other forums.

Kaffles posts a thread in Wild West satiring the exploits going on, coining "Pussy Parade".

Massive drama occurs, mostly on Sahaqiel's enraged part. LL changes his name back to Largely Legendary from Young Boy Addict, and starts a poll campaign to usher him and Vintage Rainbow Surprise into moderacy.

Cirt becomes moderator before most of this apparently upon suggestion, Clark Kent becomes moderator, Kimmy becomes admin, and Sahaqiel is later readded as moderator, before posting a finality thread. In addition, the inactive moderators' statuses were taken.

Tappy and Gabs announced they will leave.

Other related threads:

I predict another Wild West like period

Final post.

I'm a drama whore

The good thing about this forum compared to other ones

In Honor of Tappy

Meanwhile, Marquis spends the whole time trying to be cool.


YLA, after his quite long record of illogically putting things down, comes clean.

Ok I know I said a lot, but I didn't mean it. I am sorry for being a hypocrite and a close minded idiot.

I will in fact buy Skyward Sword to test it out. I was planning to buy it since I first saw it. I'm just skeptical of change and all. I mean I still don't like the graphics, but it's ok I'll get over it.

I also want to say I love every Zelda game. Including Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks.

I love in Wind Waker how Link has many emotions that he shows. I love in PH how you can get different fairies for power ups like a fire sword. I love in ST how the train went fast and the fighting scenes were enjoyable.

So I will replay Wind Waker and admit that my copy was never glitched.

I'm sorry for being a hypocritical, closed minded, jerky, stupid, idiotic asshole.

Whole forum rejoices. pheo casts much suspicion.

Largely Legendary lol

Coming soon, maybe.


User Cascade

decides to change her nick to Srebra. This whipped up an uproar, which was then aided by Ganondorf333's decision to name himself Zebra. Many users were confused as to whether or not Cascade (Srebra) and Ganondorf333 (Zebra) were the same person. Even more chaos was whipped up, and by this point, the forum was in turmoil. Luckily, something in Cascade's brain told her that she should be Cascade, so she requested a name change.

And then the peace was restored. Ganondorf333 and Cascade made it through one of the most horrific events in Hyrule.net history.

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oh my

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This is bizarre.

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The search thing won't let me find my big post in chronological order about various Hnet user dramas. :<

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Where did my thread about martial law go? As Czar of Hyrule, I demand answers!

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I prefer "tsar" to "czar". It looks nicer and prettier :>

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It does. Quite so.

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I suppose i will have to revert to my old title of "Most exalted Potentate of love."

Pheoday is still annually september thirtieth. I demand that you report that Pheo, for one day, was the grand Czar of the forum, and Hyrule.net knew peace.

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I type this as witness to Pheonix being tsar of Hyrule.net for that day, and forever in my heart <3

I type this as witness to Pheonix being tsar of Hyrule.net for that day, and forever in my heart <3

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The only monarch that was truly established was Figurehead, because of the anarchy.

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My thread was deleted by a mod, probably Ahylianhuman. I also still have witnesses that I was emperor. It must be written!

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I wrote it in.

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My thread was deleted by a mod, probably Ahylianhuman. I also still have witnesses that I was emperor. It must be written!

1. Don't start shit please.

2. I don't have moderator privileges on the forums.

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You forgot the part where i ascended to the throne at the same time.

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I can think of some moments to add, but the details are extremely fuzzy.

Maybe you should talk to Dustin and see want he can add?

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