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The Ultimate RP: The End

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"We shouldn't question too much..." Sigilant advised."She's bringing them back,and that's our goal.It's wonderful."

Sigilant left the room and the house before they could even begin to answer.

Sigilant sat on the grass,the wind blowing lightly.He watched the sunset and thought.He could feel those visions and dreams returning to assault him again...How often would this happen?

He saw a girl-different from the vampire girl-mutilated and rotting among trash.It looked like someone had murdered her and discarded her like trash.He felt a sudden pang of pain and sorrow.

"Make sure you don't do that to Linl...He'll literally bite your head off.He sees you as a simple pet...",Sigilant warned Lilly,who had just stopped him from feeding on a human.

"That's odd...," Lilly remarked."At least I'm not feeding off of humans like a crazed dog." They both laughed.

"Yeah," Sigil agreed."At least you're applying civility to vamparism.That seems to be a goal that we share.Sorry.I just got thirsty...You know how it is."

"Don't worry,Sigil,I'll save you!I'LL F***ING SAVE YOU!!!" the man who looked similar to Sigilant yelled.He shoved around vials and banged on his desk in frustration.Breaking glass could be heard."HRYAAAAAA!!!" he yelled stressfully."I NEED MORE TIME!!!NO!!" the banging on the desk continued.Sigilant felt the cold spreading...Felt cold liquid replacing his warm blood.It was too late.

Sigilant covered his eyes and fell back on his back.Sick of the visions,he lie there in the grass.The wind picked up it's speed.It started getting faster,and felt as though it were swirling around him...Carrying him away...

And Sigilant fell asleep.

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Epic :o


After Validus warped back into the castle, he immediatley went to fetch Velna, who was alone in her room, concentrating. Well, that's what she was doing when he left. He was going to knock, but decided against it and warped onto the other side with a green flash.

Velna, who had been practicing with her sword, had suddenly turned and Validus and was holding it's blade millimeters from his throat. Validus smiled.

"Never let your guard down, do you?" He asked, inching away from the blade point and sitting in a red cushioned chair.

"HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO DO THAT!?" Velna shouted, grabbing the swordsheath from a nearby table and shoving her sword into it.

"Arcaniss is going to attempt to bring back the dead. The dead heroes, I think." Validus said calmly.

"That many? How? Only..." Velna's voice faltered.

"Hrrm?" Validus raised his eyebrows slightly.

"There were rumors of a book that could do that a few years ago..." Velna muttered. "Does Arcaniss have the book?"

"Not very likely. The guards searched her pretty thoroughly before we arrived." Validus said with a slight smile. "Thinking it was law for travelers to be searched upon entry..."

"She can use magic, it could easily have been transported somewhere nearby and she retrieved it afterwards."

"With us guiding her?" Not likely."

"Maybe there's another way?" Velna suggested.

"She seemed pretty doubtful about it when I was there. Invisible of course. Like she didn't know what she was doing."

Velna had no reply to this. she sunk onto her massive bed and rested her chin on her fist, deep in thought.

"Future gazing again?" Validus asked quietly.

"How could that tell us how she plans on doing it?" Velna snapped.

"How should I know? You do weird stuff all the ti- ow!" Velna silenced him with a look of hate. "Where'd you hear about this book anyways?"

"I didn't hear about it. I saw it."

"Where? The library?"

"IN THE FUTURE YOU IDIOT!" Velna shouted.

"Where was it?" Validus asked.

"Someone was holding it..." Velna closed her eyes, trying hard to remember. "Page seventy-three... And there were... words..."

"It was a book."



"To enter the Shadow Lands..."

"You can do it then. Sigilant asked if she could just transport him there and then back."

Velna didn't answer, she had teleported. Validus sighed and vanished in a blast of green light.

Ness nearly fainted as Velna and Validus appeared out of thin air in the middle of the room. Lucas screamed, and Arcaniss jumped.

"We know a better way to get to the Shadow Lands." Velna said hatsily. "Where's Sigilant?"

"O-outside..." Ness said quietly, trying not to fall over as he tripped on Lucas' shoes.

Velna and Validus vanished in a blast of green again.

Sigilant awoke with a start as something heavy landed on him, muttering "Sorry."

"Time to go to the Shadow Lands." Velna said, helping him up.

Validus stood beside her, muttering sorry again.

"Wha-how?" Sigilant asked sleepily, rubbing his right eye.

"Just get what you need." Velna snapped.

"I have everything." Sigilant snapped back.

"Good. Validus, you go with him."

"Why me?!" He asked, shocked.

"Because you can get him and whoever else back." Velna shot him another look.

"Now sit down and don't talk." Velna closed her eyes and immediatley started chanting the words she remembered from the book. She shouted the last word, and stumbled backwards. When she opened her eyes, they were both gone.

"Wake up!" Validus shouted, smacing Sigilant on the cheek. "Time to go all hero!" He shouted agin, slapping him harder.

Sigilant eventually woke up when Validus kicked him in the ribs.

"What happened?" Sigilant asked lazily, rubbing his eyes again.

"You're the heaviest sleeper, I swear! It can't be easy, all these damn ROCK!" He kicked a rock as hard as he possibly could, suddenly regretting it as pain swept up his leg.

"C'mon." Validus started walking off into the fog. Sigilant stumbled after him, fumbling with his clawed gloves.

"Know where you're going?" Sigilant asked him, tightening the knot that held his gloves on.

"'Course not. We're just looking for some sort of tower."

"How do you know?" Sigilant pressed him, tripping over a rock.

"I don't. Just hurry up."

Sigilant continued pressing questions on Validus, which he slipped around and told Sigilant to hurry up in some sort of way. Eventually Validus got fed up enough to tell him to shut p already, which lead to a small fight. Unfortunately for Sigilant, Validus had a hand-and-a-half sword which he wielded with deadly accuracy and skill.

"Is that it?" Sigilant asked after about an hour.

"Yup. Move along."

They found the door to a giant, black tower, which was destroyed, and entered. They ignored most of the dead, quickly scanning a room and hurrying up the stairs to the next.

"Who are we looking for?" Validus asked after about the fourth floor.

There you go HF.

Don't go too far though, I have a plan.

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"I'll know them when I see them," Sigilant replied.Validus just shook his head.

"They let your kind up here now?Back where you belong,parasite!" a dead hero shouted at Sigilant."What do you mean 'up here'," Sigilant questioned."What,you don't know?Ah,hell.You must be one of those live ones.Like these heroes that came a while back to bust out a few other heroes...Blew a hole in the wall.Don't know if they killed the guardian or not,though.You bloody parasites are supposed to suffer below this tower.May you rot in eternal thirst,you demons!" "Who are you,exactly?" Sigilant asked."Willin.Been dead and stuck in here for 57 years..." "I thought that heroes were released after 10 years."

Willin raised one eyebrow."Not all of us use our powers for the good of our world," Willin answered."Why do you think that no one else tried to escape after that breakout?We can't!We're bound to this place." "I'm sorry...Thanks for the information," Sigilant closed.

Sigilant looked at Validus."What?" Validus asked.

"Go around asking for Anna,the Queen of Denelm.I have to go take care of something," Sigilant ordered."Wait,where are you-" Sigilant disappeared.

He pushed back through the dead-throwing some aside even-to reach the bottom floor.He asked around and was pointed in the direction of a hatch.The hatch looked ominous...yet empy at the same time.It gave the promise of unfullfillment,desire,and most of all,thirst.Sigilant shook his head and pulled it open.

He half-expected the vampires down here that endured eternal thirst to rip him apart,but instead they lay miserably on the floor.He pushed through and eventually found her.Lilly...Dead,miserable,thirsty,depressed,alone.He knew that she wouldn't be able to control herself when he got her out if he couldn't feed her.

"I need you to follow me,Lilly..." he said as he knelt beside her.

"You seem to be one of us,yet you're different...Lively," She answered him. "Lilly,it's me.Sigilant."

She looked up,shook her head,and looked back down.

"Sounds familiar..."

He knelt to her ear,careful so that no one else could hear him.

"I'm going to feed you...Then I'm busting you out of her."

She immediately jumped.

"I'll follow."

He led her to the entrance and instructed her to wait.He climbed back up through the hatch and prayed that Validus would be willing to donate.

"You need what?" Validus asked,already irritated from searching for Anna.

"You're blood...Just a bit.I'll keep it in my palm...Look,I really need it."

"Fine...This is just plain weird..." Validus took one of Sigil's claws,cut his wrist,and holstered the claws back on Sigil's hip.Sigilant let it pour into his palm.

"Thanks!" Sigil called,almost running away.

Sigilant yanked open the hatch and reached out with his clean hand to pull Lilly up.He could see that she smelled it-along with some of the other vamps.She had to hurry.He could see it in her eyes...Her fighting the thirst.He knew that if any vampire could resist,it was her.She eargerly grabbed his wrist,allowing him to pull her up and slam the hatch shut behind her.He fed her,and she drank it like he had spent a year in a desert.He saw some color return to her,and saw her personality flood back into her eyes.He had awoken her.Lilly,his best friend,was back.

"Sigilant?" she asked,suprised."How did you-"

"I can explain later.Let's go!We don't want to piss off Validus even more than he already is.You'll meet him.Don't worry.I'll clear up the confusion later,just come on!" Sigilant grabbed her hand and pulled her up to meet Validus-and possibly the heroes.

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Finally, I have an opportunity to post!

Also, lol KILL.

Velna sighed. She hoped she did it right. When she saw her cousin do it in the past, Anna had vanished with them.

"I had better go explain what's going on..." Velna sighed as she felt her feet lift off the ground as she teleported, then quickly her senses coming back to her as she landed and the green light faded. She felt herself smirk at the startled faces.

"I'm here to tell you what's going on."

"G-good. You could've told us more before you and what's-his-face zipped off like th-"

"Shut up." Velna barked with such an edge that it was able to shut Ness up.Velna was quite irritable at the moment. She hated being pulled out of her concentration.

"Where to start...? First off, I'm Anna's cousin-"

"Really?" Ness seemed utterly shocked at this fact. "But you're so much... meaner than Anna." Lucas softly elbowed him in the ribs.

Velna kept the pain from that comment off of her face. I'm... mean... Velna gave him a sour smile before continuing, "Yes, well, that said, I'm also clairvoyant. Ahp- Before you interrupt again, pretty boy, I'll tell you what it means. It means I can see the past and future. I saw the book my cousin read the spell out of, and I was able to cast it."

"You know magic, too?" Lucas asked, choking back tears from the memories of Anna.

"Of course. You couldn't honestly think that Anna got her magic from my Uncle's side of the family." She looked at their blank faces and sighed. "Right, you aren't Hylian..."

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Posted (edited)

OOC: Quick post so Arcaniss can get in on some fun. Meet #2 of 5 of Arcaniss's minions, Pippit the murderous imp! Glee. Kat may reply as she wishes, if only because I still don't like controlling other characters all too much. XP


One room away from Velna, there was a loud cracking sound, followed by a furious yell.

"DAMN IT TO THE NETHER, I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO SUMMON YOURSELF!" It was unmistakably Arcaniss who was yelling, but the retort came from something unknown.

"Oooh...stupid Master thinks she can CONTROL me...Pippit will NOT be controlled, oh no. Pippit came to see why Master was on different planet. Pippit wanted to see if anything could be used here to kill Master and free Pippit..."

"You stupid imp. You can't kill me. No controlled demon kills their warlock."

"Oh, but Pippit can be first! Pippit will show Master how Pippit can kill!" There was a loud crackling and popping sound, very similar to the sound of flames burning intensely. But in two seconds flat the crackling was cut off by a disturbing sucking sound, and the demon apparently named Pippit squealed in pain.

"Stand down or the next hit will be worse than that!"

"Grr! Stupid Master, stupid spells! Fine, Pippit will be good for now. But Master should sleep with one eye open, Pippit thinks..."

Finally, the door opened, and there stood a very furious-looking elf. Next to her and standing at only a foot tall was her antagonizer. It was indeed an imp; its gray skin was stretched thin over its skinny, bony frame, and two horns jutted out of its skull. Its ears were long, though not as big as its master's, and were pierced multiple times. Oddly enough, Pippit seemed to be engulfed in yellow flames, but they burned on its skin completely silently, and it seemed to be in no pain because of them. Its thin tail thrashed at the air as its huge yellow eyes surveyed the room.

"Oh, so Master has friends? Heheh..." It was obvious from the gleam in its eyes that it was already scheming.

"I prefer to call them 'mutual allies'," Arcaniss snapped back. "Touch them and I'll put you in more misery than any torment of the Nether, Pippit..."

"As Master wishes...hehehe..."

Edited by Larvinator (see edit history)

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"How many of these things do you have?" Ness asked the reappeared elf with a slightly disgusted look.

"Is that really for you to know?" was Arcaniss's blank reply. Ness squared his jaw and decided not to press further, the elf unsettling him a bit.

"Pippit is an imp. Pippit shall not be referred to as 'thing' by this boy."

"Quiet, Pippit."

Pippit shot a disdainful glance up at Arcaniss before complying with a "As Master wishes..." and nothing more.

Lucas was looking worriedly at the imp, not liking the gleam in its eyes. He subconsciously moved so Ness was blocking it from view, and he felt a bit better about the situation. He turned back to Velna.

"So... Right now... Sigilant and..."


Lucas nodded. "They're in the Shadow Lands...? Trying to bring everyone back?"

Velna nodded. "That's right."

"WAIT." Everyone's gaze automatically locked on Ness. "They left... without ME?!" Everyone left Ness to his frustration, muttering profanities under his breath.

"So... Velna. I have another question for you..." Lucas started nervously. This made Velna curious.

"Yes? Ask away..."

"... How long ago... did everyone die?" Lucas was lightly blushing; he had assumed it was a silly question, and the silence afterwords has assured him of that.

A small, sad smile formed on Velna's lip. "I'm actually glad you asked that. Things are a bit.... different. The Heroes of Denelm died five years ago. There was word of three survivors, but people lost hope when you didn't return."

"People... were waiting for us?" Lucas asked, feeling guilty, like he had committed a great crime.

"And... No one knows we're alive?" Ness asked. "Even after today?"

Velna shook her head. "No. I saw you three appearing again when I was 10, after the word of the death of the heroes reached Hyrule. I told everyone... but people stopped believing me. Now no one even believes in my clairvoyance. Except Validus... and hopefully you three." She raised her arm up in a small gesture to the three in the room before letting it glide back down to its place by her side.

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OOC: Dammit, I tried to send my reply and it didn't go through, AND I lost my post. Retyping...


Arcaniss paused for a second at Velna's last statement, in deep thought. "...Well, as to your so-called can't prove it, but neither can I disprove it. I'll leave it up in the air for now."

Her imp had a very different reaction to a very different part of Velna's words. "'You three,' elf-woman says," he muttered, sounding furious. "Again Pippit is absent in the mortal race's discussions! But Pippit cares not; in fact, Pippit is getting rather bored by conversation. Pippit will take leave for now and return when fighting happens!" The imp looked gleeful and abruptly hopped a few steps to the left so he was in full view of Lucas. He grinned wickedly at the boy, revealing rows of crooked, yellow, sharp teeth. "Pippit sees little boy is afraid. Pippit is delighted! Pippit say boy have reason to be afraid, and Pippit will keep special eye on you. Hehehe..."

With another loud crack, the fiery demon vanished, replaced by a very confused shadow demon.

"...Did Pippit force me back, Mistress...?"

"Yes, he did, the damned creature," Arcaniss hissed in reply.

"Did the imp again try to attack you, Mistress?..." Zag'gak's voice was as monotone as ever, but his words seemed to betray worry, and for some reason, black smoke was starting to seep out of the ground he stood on.

"He did. He failed quite miserably." Arcaniss looked like she was about to add more, but she stopped short as she noticed Lucas. His expression showed he was extremely creeped out and more than a little afraid, and he was staring at the spot the imp had been standing. She sighed irritatedly, but not at Lucas so much as her ill-mannered minion.

"Don't worry about that Fel-brain. He enjoys making threats, but he rarely carries them out."

Lucas nodded vaguely and his gaze slid over to Zag'gak instead, still looking unnerved, now by him rather than Pippit. Zag'gak returned the stare with a calm, almost bored look. Ness was also staring at the demon and his master, but instead of the mixture of curiosity and fear seen on Lucas's face, his was merely hostile.

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Sigilant and Lilly made their way back to Validus, who was still alone. Validus was looking extremly confused, looking around the room he was in and sighing.

"What's the matter?" Sigilant asked as he approached him.

"The're ignoring me now. First they just seemed reluctant to listen, but they answered me, and now they pretend I don't exist." Validus answered, sounding irritated.

"LISTEN UP!" Sigilant roared, causing Validus's hand to itch in the direction of his sword hilt. "WE'RE LOOKING FOR QUEEN ANNABELLE OF DENELM! DO ANY OF YOU KNOW HER!"

A few past heroes looked over, but said nothing. They returned to their gloomy floor staring, acting as if nothing happened.

"Sigilant?!" A voice echoed.

"ZELDA!" Sigilant roared again, and soon the familiar princess was racing towards them, a large gash across her chest where Kira attacked her.

"What are you doing here?!" she panted, leaning on her knees

"Here to rescue you. All of you." Validus said.

"Well... Im afraid you've come looking for nothing... Anna said... well... It's better if you talk to her yourself. Come on."

Zelda lead them several floors up, where the entire room was filled with the heroes killed in Ithwithi. Vir sat alone in the corner, smiling as Darunia told him a joke.

Anna rushed over and stopped infront of Sigilant.

"I know why you're here, I know how you got here, and no. We're not leaving. We had our chance, and we failed. It's time for new heroes to take our places..."

Sigilant nodded very slowly, "I understand..." He sighed. "How did we get here?"

"Velna." Anna replied immedietely. "Now go, the others will be hard to handle once they see you're taking more out. Especially another-"

"Vampire." Lillly answered for her.

"Yes. The dead can only leave when accompanied by the living. And only if the living so wish it. As the book says, anyways. Oh, here." Anna held the book out to Validus, who tucked it into his shirt.

"For Velna, I presume?"

Anna just smiled.

"Now go. You don't have much time before they find out, it'll be a riot."

Sigilant nodded again and turned on his heel to leave, feeling ripped off that he couldn't bring anymore heroes.

They hurried down and out of the tower, shouts and screams following them the whole way. When they finally made it a good mile or so from the tower, Validus stopped them.

"Time to get back, hold onto me." Validus waited until they both had a good grip, and they all three vanished in green light.

There was a scream of pure terror, a gasp, and a crash that greeted them when they appeared back in the house. Ness was laying on the floor where a table once was, now shattered and all over the place. Lucas was shaking, a look of horror frozen into his features. And Velna was sitting next to them on a chair.

"We were starting to get worried. How'd it go?" Velna asked, helping Validus off the floor.

"Fine, fine... the other heroes wouldn't come." He muttered something about failing as he helped Sigilant and Lilly off the floor. Three holes where where they were laying.

"I think you held on too tightly." Validus chuckled.

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"This SUCKS!!" Sigilant yelled."What are we going to do now?"

"Don't worry about it," Lilly assured him."I don't really know what's going on,but whatever you're trying to accomplish,I'm sure you can pull it off either way."

"Come to think of it,I didn't die with the rest of them,did I?"

Lucas flinched at Sigilant's casual talk of their deaths.

"Come on,Lilly.It's good to have you back.Let's just go outside and enjoy it."

Ness nudged Lucas after they left."Looks like someone's got a girlfriend," he snickered.

"Heroes?" Lilly asked Sigilant.

"Yeah,we're kinda like gifted fighters.We all have our special abilities,and are supposed to protect the world that we're on.Apparently,if we abuse the power,we end up locked in that tower forever," Sigilant replied.

"Sounds like fun if you don't abuse it," Lilly mused."But...What makes you so different from other vampires?"

"I honestly have no clue yet."

Sigilant went on to explain their journey,along with detailed descriptions of the heroes and even his dreams.She now understood what was going on,and would strive to help in the best of her ability.

Sigilant walked back into the house with Lilly.

"So,no one knows that we're alive,huh?" he mused."Let's rectify that.Since all of you are traveling with Ness,Lucas and I,I'll just treat you all like fellow heroes.Ness,Lucas,how does a trip to that Hyrule Castle Town that I've heard about sound?Let's find out what all of the little mice have been up to while the cats were gone."

"WE ARE YOUR JUDGMENT!" a man yelled,throwing a knife into another man's throat.The heroes had traveled to a local tavern to gather information,but they got quite the intel here.

"And you have been judged!This is what happens when you defy Twilin," the man continued."When we come to you,you will OBEY!"

Sigilant got up from the bar and walked slowly over to the man,trying not to draw attention.He suddenly grabbed the man by the collar and hoisted him up to a wall.Everyone gasped.No one had seen such an act against Twilin,the apparent king of Hyrule's underground,in years.The man reached for knives,but Velna appeared next to Sigil as if from no where.Her palm was open,and in it were the very knives that the man was reaching for.Sigilant chuckled.

"Think you're tough,do you?" Sigilant mused.

"You're a fool," the man accused.

"And you are a petty thief.You and your Twilin.Just a band of petty thieves.You are also pathetic.Just weak and defenseless."

Sigilant punched the man in the ribs,and a loud crack sounded from them.

"Let's go have a nice little chat,man to man."

Sigilant took the man outside,where he proceeded to beat the man.He beat the man to the point of becoming crippled,and just left him there in the alley,waving goodbye and telling the man to send Twilin his regards.

Sigilant took his seat at the bar with a grin."That'll get em' stirred up."

"I don't know if I agree with you bullying them like that," Lilly said.Some heroes nodded in agreement.

"Did you not see the example that he made of that man with the knife in his throat?Tell me who the bully is if he couldn't really fend for himself.Besides,this is all part of the plan.We could just walk right into Twilin's hangout right now and tear him and all of his bandit friends to pieces if we wanted to.We just need to know where it is.That's why I get people sent after me.People like these can tell us where this hideout is,and I have ways of traumatizing them into telling me.Bully the petty band of thieves to keep the innocent residents of Hyrule from being bullied.Sounds like a fair deal to me."

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Of course, the very abrupt entrance of the three heroes shocked Arcaniss as well. When the smoke cleared, she was up against a wall, glaring furiously, while Zag'gak had taken up a protective stance in front of her. There appeared to be a floorboard through his arm, one that would've pierced Arcaniss's chest had he not reacted so quickly.

"...Mistress...are you harmed...?"

Arcaniss paid no heed and instead was glaring at all three of them with a look of definite annoyance. But she bit back the string of curse words fighting to get out and instead turned away. She gave Zag'gak a strange look as the demon tried to rip the board out of his arm, then just shook her head and listened to Sigilant in silence.


Arcaniss had, in Sigilant's absence, ordered herself a strong drink and was currently sipping it. She hadn't said anything in quite a while, save a muttered curse when Sigilant dragged the thief outside. Now, however, her irritation at Sigilant's justification was showing through, and once he had finished explaining, she set her drink down and stared at him.

"That was still idiotic."

All the heroes turned and stared at Arcaniss; it was the first time she'd spoken in quite a while.

"What? Idiotic?" Sigilant glared at the warlock, annoyance written all over his face. "What do you mean?"

"It was idiotic because now we have a giant spotlight on us. Certainly the townspeople will appreciate it, but we've also attracted the swords of an obviously powerful and influential gang."

"That was the point!" Sigilant growled, now sounding angry and confused. "We're supposed to get Hyrule's attention so they'll know the heroes are here. Besides, do you want them to run free?"

"You seem to have missed the key phrase: 'powerful and influential gang'."

No hero dared interrupt their argument.

"So? We're heroes, we can take them ou --"

"I'm not a hero!" Arcaniss yelled suddenly, startling everyone. She stood up, looking furious. "I'm an out-of-work enchanter who became a lousy wand-for-hire to scrape by in life. The fact that I stumbled on that portal? Random chance. I was HIRED for a few silver to go see why there was a huge influx of magic there. I went with you all because I wanted help getting back to my home, but now I'm caught up in some idiotic group of self-righteous heroes who want to risk their necks -- and mine! I'm not as strong as any of you, I don't have any ridiculous 'chosen powers', and I'm not going to get myself killed!"

A dead silence fell over the entire bar. Arcaniss silently cursed herself for causing a scene, but she was glad she'd said it.

Zag'gak stayed silent, but he seemed to tense up somewhat, and he eyed the heroes coldly as though daring them to try and lay a hand on his Mistress.

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"You don't know what you're capable of yet," Sigilant told her,standing up."Maybe there's a deeper reason that you ended up here.Maybe there's more power in you than you think." The wind blew heavily through the open window as he spoke.

"Look at me.I'm just a vampire,right?What's so special?There are other vampires,aren't there?Maybe there's more to it.I've been having dreams...I've been seeing a man who looked similar to me.I see a great house.I see so many things...Things that will let me know who I am.If you're not a hero,then you can make yourself one by assisting them."

"What if I don't want to assist you?" Arcaniss disputed."What if I just want to go home?"

"You'll just have to find that way home in due time," Sigilant answered."Trust me,you're more likely to find it with us around.Now,onto the big and powerful gang and the spotlight that I'm flashing onto us...That gang is nothing compared to us.Believe me,we've fought an army before.Petty thieves in comparison to trained soldiers?I don't think so.Now,petty thieves in comparison to powerful heroes?They don't stand a snowball's chance in hell.One of us could take down all of them.Besides,we need to let them know that we're back."

Sigilant left the tavern and some followed.

"I agree that this is stupid," Lilly told Arcaniss."but he's right.He probably could take them all."

"Whatever," Arcaniss growled.

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OOC: I wanted an excuse for Arcaniss to kick ass. Go sue.


Arcaniss didn't follow him. Instead, she took her seat at the bar again, sipping at the rum and using Zag'gak as a wall to bounce her frustrations off of.

"Stupid Fel-brain, feeding me all the answers that help his case! Like I'm some sort of child! 'Maybe there's a deeper reason'? What the hell kind of fairy tales has he been reading?"

"Yes, Mistress. Utterly whimsical thinking..."

"And now even if I do turn out to be average, he expects me to trail behind these...these 'heroes' like a helpless puppy dog, hoping they'll remember to stop by a portal back to Azeroth somewhere on their grand quest!"

"Yes, Mistress. Completely absurd..."

"Does he not realize the entire reason behind my not wanting to be here was the risk of death? What does 'being a hero by helping the heroes' do to remedy that?!"

"Nothing, Mistress."

"Exactly!" Arcaniss finally paused her furious ranting to take another sip at her drink. "...Hmph. The drinks here aren't nearly strong enough. I'm looking for another tavern."

And before anyone still sitting at the bar could say something, she stormed out, her demon trailing behind her.

Sigilant and the heroes that had followed him -- Arcaniss had registered Ness as being one of them, but she knew there had been others -- were nowhere in sight. The elf stormed on down the street, despite the fact it was getting dark, despite the fact that this part of the town was utterly deserted, perhaps deserted for a reason...

Needless to say, it was by far the stupidest thing she could've done. Walking past an alley, she was suddenly grabbed by a pair of rough, dirty hands and dragged into the tight grasp of an older man. She was too shocked to cry out before one of the hands clamped itself over her mouth, and she nearly gagged on the pungent odor of cigarettes and cheap booze.

"Hey there, girlie," her captor jeered, staring from around her shoulder with wide, taunting eyes. "Boys say they saw you 'round that vampire kid. Did one of Twilin's members a real bad number. You know where he went off to? Tell me and I'm sure we can have some real fun later..."

Arcaniss was about to pull off an immolation spell to defend herself. Her savior was faster.


The man looked up out of reflex and saw Zag'gak, standing at the end of the alley with a cloud of furiously swirling black smoke around him. He cried out in surprise and dropped Arcaniss. In one movement, the demon had practically flown down the alleyway, grabbed the man in his claws, and thrown him against the brick wall. He stared at the man with glowing, furious eyes, his face only an inch from the attacker's.

"YOU... DO... NOT... TOUCH... HER... EVER!" This was not the raspy monotone of the normal Zag'gak. This was a searingly powerful voice, filled with hatred and rage that would send even the most valiant knight cowering. This voice was the voice of a true demon, a demon from the deepest, most chaotic pits of Hell.

Zag'gak pulled the man from the wall and threw him down the alley as if he were no more than a rag doll. His skull cracked and crunched sickeningly on the ground; there was no mistake he was dead. As Arcaniss picked herself off the ground, Zag'gak's gaze locked on the two men on the other end of the alley. They seemed to not know whether to stare in horror at their friend's broken body or at the raging shadow creature standing above it.

"Accomplices..." Zag'gak growled, still with a seething hatred to his voice, but it didn't rival the feral rage he'd had just a few seconds before. He launched himself at one of them, clawing and punching and breaking more bones than the man probably knew were in his body. But the other one ran past, making a mad dash for Arcaniss. Clumsily he grabbed at her robes and fumbled for a knife. It was obvious he was trying to use her as a hostage.

But just as he seemed to get a firm grip on her, Arcaniss's green eyes flared up and glowed intensely. At the same time, he burst into flames.

"GRAAAH!" he screamed, flailing around as the fire raged on his body. "I-IT'S NOT FIRE! IT HURTS! ST-STOP IT! MAKE IT STOP!"

The elven warlock only watched as he burned to ashes.

OOC: ...God, I just know every time she kills something I'm going to need a disturbing description to go along with it. Yay warlocks. Come to think of it, I wonder what the other heroes would think of her having to kill things slowly and painfully. ._.;

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OOC: ...God, I just know every time she kills something I'm going to need a disturbing description to go along with it. Yay warlocks. Come to think of it, I wonder what the other heroes would think of her having to kill things slowly and painfully. ._.;

OOC: Probably nothing of it as far as Sigilant goes.Lucas,on the other hand,might be a little grossed out.


"Fairy tales..." the vampire's voice crept from the alleyway.Sigilant was leaning against a wall.He looked up to stare at Arcaniss.His eyes were a deep crimson that glowed in the dark.

"Yes," Arcaniss replied furiously."It's completely-"

"Irrational," Sigilant finished."Yes..." Sigilant unbuttoned the top button of his shirt to reveal the mutilated scar of the vampire bite that turned him."Fairy tales always have happy endings."

Arcaniss looked at the bloodied scar,hardly impressed.

"My little 'fairy tale'...I'm bitten by a vampire,forever running my blood cold and imprisoning me with this thirst for blood.My best friend is decapitated right before my eyes after I was beaten trying to save her.My master was murdered,I was used as a subject of a sick man's vampire studies,and I ultimately failed to avenge my master.To top it all off,I failed to bring my friends back.This is no damned fairy tale!This is not irrational!This is our job.This is my duty...And this is my vendetta.I know you don't care,but I don't care if you don't care.If you want to leave us,fine.Good luck finding a way back without us."

Sigilant started walking away."I'll be at the house."

"Hey!YOU!" another thief yelled,charging Sigilant.The thief's neck snapped the very second that he got close.It was like Sigilant hadn't even moved in the man's direction.He kept his pace easily.

Arcaniss pouted and followed.Sigilant stopped walking.


"What?" Arcaniss asked irritably.

"I want you to kill me when this is all over."

Sigilant walked away with that.

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"What do you mean, kill you?" Arcaniss snapped in an annoyed tone, having to half-run to keep up with Sigilant. "What the Fel are you talking about? I'm not going to kill you." She kept going before SIgilant could respond.

"Look, I'm sorry." She paused for a second. "No, not for what I said, because what I said is the flat-out truth. Take a look at this." Arcaniss gestured to the still-healing wound in Zag'gak's arm; thick smoke appeared to be seeping from it rather than blood. "When you and Lily and Validus came crashing back into the room, you sent a floorboard hurtling towards me. Were my minion not so loyal as to jump in front of me, it would've gone right through my chest. I almost died because of something as ridiculous as a floorboard. Why? Because I chose to travel with all of you." She paused again to take a breath. "What I'm sorry for is what happened to you. That's no damn fairy tale. But don't you ever think that you have power over me just because of it."

Zag'gak was still silent and refused to look at either of him. The expression on his face almost seemed...ashamed.

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"I'm not saying that I do," Sigilant replied."I'm just starting to think that the less vampires there are,the better.I'm positive that no one else will do it,but I might change my mind.You see,Lilly's not my girlfriend as Ness might obviously think.She's the one who showed me that vampires can be civilized...I'm just not exactly acting civilized right now."

"Well,that doesn't mean that you need to ask to be killed," Arcaniss replied.

"I'm going back to the house..."

Sigilant disappeared.

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