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The Ultimate RP: The End

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Whew... You saved me with your epic win and candy. Thank you. I thought I was gonna be in a tough spot there...

Velna simply nodded.

"Come on Validus..." She vanished in a flash of green light, Validus following close after.

They appeared on the wall again, finding it in a very bad shape indeed. They were surrounded by bulbins, each and every one aiming an arrow at them.

"One... two... thr-"

"Well, well, well!" A familiar voice shouted out. Both of them leaned over to the wall and peered down. Kira stood at the open gate, grinning up at them.

"Where've you been all this time? Half you're army's been destroyed."

Validus glared with the most hatred he could muster.

"Validus!" Velna shouted in his ear, causing him to start. They both vanished in another blast of green light, and they were inside Hyrule Castle.

"WHERE WERE YOU?!" Sigilant roared, pushing past people to get to them.

"Taking care of a problem much bigger thank Kira! What the hell happened?" Velna retorted.

"Alastor happened..." They heard Arcaniss mutter from somewhere nearby. "He wiped out almost every last one of the new heroes... At the same time. We were powerless to stop the ladders. We had to retreat. Then they got the gate open. We've been under siege since then, which was about an hour ago."

"What now?" Ness asked, limping over to where they stood.

"I have a plan..." Validus said, a shadow of a smile flickering across his face.

Validus pulled the heroes off into a map room, where the King waited for them. They formed a circle around the table while Validus laid out the plan step by step.

"Ness and Lucas take fifteen soldiers around this path here,"-He pointed his knife to a rocky path by the west tower-"And circle around behind them this way. Then thirty soldiers ride in from around the other side on horseback, armed with spears. While you surprise them from behind, we'll lay out a full assalt on them in the courtyard and outside the walls," He looked at Sigilant. "Can you use your... wind stuff to take the arrows that far?" he asked. Sigilant nodded.

"OK, good. The archers will rain fire arrows on them from the roof, while we charge in on the ground. If all goes well, we should have full control of the castle again. Now lets go!"

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Also, I'm dancing around stretching the S's on the word as because...well, figure it out yourself. :P


"...Are the mortalss out of earsshot?"

"Yes, brother. They've gone back to the surface, most likely to continue their defense."

"Good. The pressssenssse of that Hylian was sssstarting to make me ssssick."

"That'ss hardly our biggesst problem, brother. We are now free to move about as we choosse, but there iss even as we sspeak a war raging above uss."

"A human war, may we be reminded, that we have no plasssse in."

"So sure, brother? Different species' wars can affect our world dramatically. And it's already clear from what the Hylian said that the mastermind is much like our old enemy. Can we risk someone like that winning?"

"Asssk yourssself thissss, ssssisssster: can we trusssst the word of a Hylian? Can we be assssured that the massstermind really issss only in it for gain?"

"...Sstop for a ssecond. Lissten."

"...Brother? What is it?"

"Ssss! He sssaid to ssshut up, sssisssster, and for good reasssson! The battle criessss of above...Bulbinssss!"

"Bulbins? But they could never organize such a well-executed assault!"

"That'ssss the point, you idiot! Their sssspesssiessss hasss been manipulated!"

"Well, brother, that sseemss to prove the word of the Hylian, yess? We have sseen what can happen when one can manipulate otherss. Ssuch a persson workss only for gain and sshould be killed before they can gain a foothold...or thingss like USS come out of it..."


"Well, brother? Do you agree with me or will you continue to dissplay your foolissh arrogansse and sstubbornesss...?"

"...I hate the idea of sssiding with...Hylianssss...but...very well..."

"Perhaps we should go pay the enemies a visit, then, brothers."

"Perhapss we sshould."


"E-Excuse me! Heroes!"

Everyone looked up from the battle plan at the guard that came running down the hallway, his face pale and his legs shaking. He nearly dropped his spear as he skidded to a stop.

"I-I-In the h-hole in the was...a-a-a dragon...three heads! Th-Th-The attacked the Bulbins! Th-They're being beaten back but they looked ready to r-retaliate! Wh-What should we do?!"

Everyone at the table went into dead silence, completely confused and not sure what to make of it. Only Velna grinned.

"Give XYZ our regards. Everyone, carry on with the usual battle plan, and treat the dragon as an ally! We're going to drive Kira back and keep her away from the castle!"

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So the plan was put in action. The sudden attack of XYZ caused a great distraction, and they were easily able to get around the bulbin forces. Ness and Lucas began setting bulbins on fire on after the other, and the flames quickly spread. The bad part is, they then had to hold them off with PK Thunder so they didn't set their soldiers on fire. Luckily some of them still wore bows from their previous wall positions, so they wasted those on the bulbins that weren't on fire.

The remaining soldiers lined up on the roof of Hyrule Castle, Sigilant in the center of their two ranks. One row after the other they fired. The first row would fire, duck down, and reload while the back row would fire while the others were crouched. It was a brilliant plan, and soon most of the courtyard was cleansed, thanks to XYZ, who had moved on to the main forces outside the wall.

"Okay... lets give this a try." Sigilant muttered, taking a deep breath. The first row fired their arrows on Sigilant's command. Using all his will, he managed to somehow push the arrows on with the wind. They just barely cleared the wall and took out a good deal of bulbins. Then the second row fired. The same happened, the arrows barely cleared the wall and struck down several bulbins.

The other heroes ran out into the courtyard and finished off the few bulbins who were trying to flee. Easily slaughtering them as they threw down their clubs and covered their heads with their arms.

"We've taken back the courtyard!" Validus called up to Sigilant.

A few soldiers ran over and began to close the gate, quickly turning the wheel. It was almost closed when several bulbins squeezed in, two armed with bows. They shot down the soldiers at the wheel and reloaded. Validus lunged, slashing down the few with clubs easily. The two with bows backed slowly away, aiming their bows at him. He held his sword like a samurai in front of him, waiting.

He heard somebody call out a warning, then the bulbins fired at once.

He easily deflected the first, but the other followed right after it, slipping around his blade and sinking in his stomach with a thud. Shocked into stillness, he stared down at the shaft of the arrow, protruding from his armor. Velna ran by him, crying out. She cut down the two bulbins and then whirled.

Validus sunk to the ground, his sword clattering on the stone by his side. Velna ran forwards, catching him as he fell backwards.

"VALIDUS!" She screamed, causing Ness and Lucas, who were just rushing in, to scream too. Then Kilik appeared, dashing out from the castle and skidding to a halt by Velna.

He crouched down and removed his gloves, pressing his fingers into Validus's neck.

"He's still alive..." He sighed.

Velna stood, leaving Validus to Kilik. She walked past the stunned Ness and Lucas and out into the field. It was littered with dead bulbins, and near the wall there were the bodies of soldiers that had fallen when struck by arrows. The soldiers tha had gone with Ness and Lucas were passing her, hurrying to get into the safety of the castle.

No bulbins remained, and XYZ were gone. Only Kira remained, standing next to Alastor and a strange red figure. Something tugged on Velna's arm, she looked back to see Kei, holding her back. He shook his head once, staring into her eyes. She knew he was telling her to stop, but she wasn't going to listen. She tugged her arm away from him and continued on. He sighed, drawing his sword and following after her.

Then Sigilant came running up, standing to her left.

"Did you think you were going to take them alone?" He said, smiling slightly.

Then Arcaniss came running up, Ness and Lucas following her. Velna sighed.

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"If I was, I'm not going to, huh?" Velna said, looking over her shoulders at the others.

"Not a chance," Sigilant said, facing toward Kira.

Velna's eyes glazed over for a moment before she blinked and shook her head. "It, uh... wouldn't have ended well anyway."

"Be glad we stopped you, then," Ness muttered, getting his baseball bat ready.

Velna faced forward with everyone else, glaring with pure hatred at Kira as the group of them walked a bit closer. She paid almost no attention to Alastor and the red, floating being. It could very well be a huge mistake. She was focusing her "vision" on Kira, so she'd be able to predict her battle moves.

"If we go down, we go down fighting." Arcaniss shot a glare at Sigilant. She still felt like she had no business here, and being reminded that she could very well die was only making her think that high-tailing it would be the best option.

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OOC: My computer's got internet back, so sorry I've been off for awhile.


"Ha!" the red being cried. "That's the vampire?" She pointed mockingly at Sigilant with his green eyes as if she were about to burst out laughing.

"I can still hack it like any other vampire,b****," Sigilant said tauntingly, pulling out his claws and letting the wind whirl around him. "I'm not here to kill you, though." He nodded at Kira. The sister of the man who killed his friends. Sigilant's body was a cold one, as if testifying to the saying "revenge is a dish best served cold."

Kira only smiled as if to tell him to bring it on.

"Velna..." Sigilant said.


"Get those heroes that her brother killed back...I don't care what they say or what they do. It's their job, and they're coming back."

He left for her to decide on that.

Lilly appeared at Sigilant's side, ready to fight. Kilik appeared at Sigil's right.

A line of people suddenly appeared in between the heroes. Their red eyes all glared at Sigilant and Lilly.

"Scratch that," Sigil said confidently. "Lilly, Kilik, let's kick some ass."

"I see you found that cure," the head vampire, the one who turned Sigil, noted. "Doesn't that make you less of a threat?"

"Depends on how you look at it," Sigil remarked. "I didn't drink the whole thing."

"Smart kid," the vamp remarked, pulling out a sword. Linl stepped to his side and smirked at Lilly.

"That kid's mine," Lilly growled.

"I got the leader," Sigilant said, nodding at the head vamp.

"And I've got...Well, everything else," Kilik chuckled, looking over the other two vampires.

The head vamp turned around to look at Kira.

"Sorry," he told her. "We didn't mean to interrupt...Well, we did, actually, but we'll get rid of these three for you."

"No problem," Kira snickered.

"Old time's sake, Kilik?" Sigilant asked.

"You know it."

Sigilant and Kilik both zig-zagged away from each other and Sigil grabbed Kilik in mid-air, spinning him. Sigil launched Kilik into a vampire. Kilik, staff pointed as if it were a spear, missed the vamp by a millimeter. He hit the ground and twirled the staff, smacking the kid in the face and sending him back.

Lilly took advantage of the opening to lunge at Linl, punching him in the face and knocking him backwards.

Sigilant and the head vamp separated from the main fight, branching off into their own duel.

And so it was on.

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Lawlz. Took ya long enough.

Velna knew Sigilant was right, they needed the other heroes. She stepped away from the brawl and muttered the spell, she vanished in a silent explosion.

Her calculations were perfect, she landed directly in the same room as the fallen heroes. They all looked up at her, startled.

"I don't care what you say! Im bringing you back, now. There's a new Kira, and we need your help!"

Anna was the first to stand, Link after her, then Zelda.

"We knew you'd be back." Anna sighed. She knew it was futile to argue with Velna, so the three approached her. "Let's just get this over with." Anna smiled. Velna returned the gesture and stepped forwards embracing her cousin, and all four vanished in a green flash.

They reappeared on a dark field littered with bulbin bodies, in the only clear space stood four people, a fifth was hunched over a sixth, shouting "No!". Anna recognized the voice as Sigilant. They ran over and stood with them.

"You doggiepoo!" Sigilant barked, causing Link to jump. A red person-like creature laughed.

"The old fool deserved it!" She shouted back.

A red tentacle lashed out, it would have impaled Sigilant's head had Link not expertly severed it with the Master Sword.

"Thanks." Sigilant croaked. That's when Anna recognized the sixth as a lifeless Kilik.

Sorry for lameness, I had to post on the Wii.

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"Good to have you back" Sigilant said with a grin.

"Good to be back," Link replied.

Sigilant holstered his claws. This was personal. He would avenge Kilik and Lilly. How much revenge was he going to dish out tonight? Whatever.

Another tentacle shot at Sigilant and his wind pushed it to the side. He grabbed it and used it to swing her around like a wrecking ball. He jumped and slammed her into the ground. She floated back up and tentacles lashed at Sigil. He jumped and dodged, working his way to her face. He was going to get a hook on that face. Right in the side of the jaw. He ducked under a tentacle and jumped over another. He kicked her abs in the air and chained that with a hook to the side of the jaw.

A tentacle grabbed hold of him. Another tentacle came to impale him, but his wind pushed it away. He would have preferred that the others stay out of it, but Link cut the tentacle that had a hold of him. Sigil fell to the ground and doubled back.

"Sigil, you crazy ol' chap, use your claws!" It was Anna. Of course she'd get a good yell at someone.

"Don't charge this time, Anna," Sigilant remarked. He knew she wouldn't like that one bit, but he didn't want her dieing again.

She looked him in the eye for a moment, and hers widened with shock. She couldn't let his change distract her, though, and returned to the fight with Kira and Alastor. Still, she remembered how evil and sinister his red eyes looked when she first saw him. She would've taken him for an enemy back then. The new green color caught her off-guard.

Sigilant wanted to rip his enemy apart with his hands, but he knew it was crazy. He didn't care. He wanted to find out where a mostly-vampire hero would end up after he died, anyway.

He ran at the creature.

"Sigilant! You just told ME not to charge!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!"

A tentacle came at him. He let it impale his right hand. He took it in his other hand and ripped it in half. He threw it on the ground and spat at the creature.

"If I'm going to Hell, I'm bringing you with me."

He was on her neck in a second. His teeth bit into her, and his hands worked to pull her head off. He worked his way through her neck, trying to find the spine. Tentacles waved around him wildly as they tried to get through the strong whirlwind that was around him. He let the whirlwind drop, and one came right at him. He jumped off just in time, using that vamparic speed to his advantage. The tentacle impaled the creature's head. He jumped back onto her, sucking blood and still working to pull the head off.

There was a loud and sickening snap. The head hit the ground and splattered with Sigil landing right on top of it.


I hope I didn't ruin anything, Ryu.

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'Twas perfect, actually.

To Sigilant's horror, the body started to regenerate. The head dissovled into blood under Sigilant's feet, and oozed away. Meeting back up with the body, it started to reform itself. When it was finally finished, she was grinning at him.

"Foolish vampire. I cannot die by beheading or any other means of seperation." She laughed, lunging. The tentacle was inches away from Sigilant's forehead when her face started to change from a grin into pain. She moaned, and started to turn black. She was on fire. He body started to vqanish, slowly dissolving.

"Noo!" She gargled, disappearing all together. Arcaniss stood where Adriana had been, smirking.

"But you can die by fire." She nodded at Sigilant and summoned Zag'gak, he lunged, going straight for Alastor.

Mainly all of the Heroes were going against Alastor, leaving Velna to fght Kira. She wasn't doing half bad actally, she scored a hit to Kira's left arm, rendering it usless. Her other was covered in blood that was seeping from a shoulder wound, and she had a cut on her right cheek.

Velna ducked under a savage sword slash by Kira, and, seeing her opening, lunged. Kira was too fast however, she deflected the thrust and parried with a kick. The heel of her boot caught Velna in the stomach, she stumbled backwards, gasping for breath. Kira grinned down at her, then dropped to one knee, using all her strength to push her sword down. Velna had the flat of her blade against the edge of Kira's, keeping it a few inches from her face. She struggled to keep it away, being pinned and airless, it was quite a difficult task.

Her break came when a cry of triumph split the air, her an Kira both looked over to see Zag'gak holding Alastor's helmet, which purple smoke was billowing out of. His body slowly turned black before disappearing completely, the helmet turned black, but did not disappear. A glowing orb fell out of it, the orb shattered, sending bits of color flying everywhere. Screams rang in their ears. The five minutes the spirits poured out of the orb felt like a lifetime as the hidious screaming continued. It finally stopped, leaving everybody in a considerable amount of pain.

Velna found her chance, she brought her knee up and knocked Kira on the chin, her head snapped back, and the pressure from her sword lessened. Velna tossed it aside easily, and stood. She swung her sword as hard as possible, grunting when her blade hit the bone. Kir'as head landed next to her lifeless and bloodied body. The shock still clear on her face.

Kira was dead.


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"You doggiepoo!" Sigilant barked



Edit: Okay, I'll post now.

Really? REALLY? No regenerating body parts? No sadistic, revenge/bloodthirsty ghost coming back to kill us all or convince them to fight amongst themselves or commit suicide?


Wow, I'm messed up.


Velna couldn't even focus her sixth sense to see if all of this was real. She couldn't even look up at the rest of the heroes' faces; she was too disbelieving. "Kira's... dead..." Velna muttered to herself, "and... I killed her. She's gone."

Sigilant broke into a grin. Revenge was sweet. The past heroes, however, were still skeptical. They weren't ready to break into celebration. They had faced too many reincarnations of Sundim to believe that Kira was truly gone. For now, though, it seemed that they had won.

"The first battle is always the easiest, it seems." Anna smiled as she wiped the blood off of her face. Link nodded in agreement, still eying Kira's lifeless body.

"Link, it's over and done with. For now, we should enjoy the peace. I would very much like to see my people again," Zelda said this, placing a hand lightly on Link's shoulder before looking back toward the silhouette of Hyrule Castle.

Anna had walked up to Velna and placed a hand on her shoulder, tearing her away from the bloodied body of Kira. "It feels weird, huh?"

Velna nodded, wiping the blood bleeding from her lip. "It feels like... we haven't seen the last of her. Or something else... I don't know."

... It's so weird, but cool at the same time. XD Anna's TWENTY.

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OOC: Damn, I'd post, but my stepdad wants to get on the computer. Will edit laterz.

Oh, and Ryu, I just sent you the most messed-up character EVER for that new RP. :3 I'm so proud of myself.

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"I find it hard to believe that it's really over," Sigilant agreed. "The last Kira was much more difficult than this, plus, he died with some weird portal coming out of him. The new one, for all of her crafty tricks and alliances, was actually pretty easy. The last one managed to kill all but three heroes. Look how many of us are left. The only heroes that died were the new ones."

"By the way, what happened to you?" Anna finally asked.

"Ah. Long story short, my father made a cure for vamparism and I drank a bit of it."

"Your... Father?"

"He's dead. He made the cure while he was alive, and Kilik gave it to me."


"By the way, thanks for the save, Arcaniss. I owe you big time."

Arcaniss made sure to remember those words and nodded.

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OOC: Damn, I'd post, but my stepdad wants to get on the computer. Will edit laterz.

Oh, and Ryu, I just sent you the most messed-up character EVER for that new RP. :3 I'm so proud of myself.



Velna stood, still gasping for breath. Then she looked to Kilik's lifless body, and how she left him with Validus. She turned and dashed off back to the castle, followed by incredibly confused, yet slightly more cheerful heroes. Sigilant had Kilik over his shoulder, he didn't want to leave him there, not someone so important to the heroes' success, as well as many others'.

Velna ducked under the partially opened gate while still running, the courtyard had been cleaned out, and Validus was no longer there. Panicked, she burst back into the castle. She made her way to the throne room, which had been cleared out of tables and was no a sort of infirmary. Injured soldiers lay on cloth beds on the ground, being attended to by the Sheikah and magical healers.

The others finally caught up, Zelda and Anna took one quick look and hurried to help. A pair of Sheikah came and lifted Kilik's body off of Sigilant and carried him away. Velna scanned the room for Validus but couldn't find him anywhere. There were hundreds of soldiers on the ground, any one of them could be Validus.

"Zelda!" A voice boomed, The King had noticed his daughter, and charged, in utter disbelief, to her side. Velna couldn't help but smile, but it faded quickly as her mind drifted off to Validus again. Her eyes glazed over, and she stood still for several moments.

"We need to find Validus." She snapped.

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"Velna, I'm pretty sure you know where Kilik is now," Sigilant pointed out. "If you don't mind, could you get him? I know it must be stressful and all, but can you get the other heroes that perished 5 years ago, as well? If you can't get all of them, at least get Niel and Vir."

A woman came rushing to Sigilant and bandaged his hand.

"Thanks, lady."

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"No, it's not like that. You have absolutely no idea how much we've screwed up already." Anna snapped. "We can't just revive people every time they die, it doesn't work like that. It messes up the entire universe. Kira's portal did more damage than us, more than you can imagine." She sighed.

Sigilant nodded, feeling slightly depressed.

And I am braindead.... So that's it.

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"Did NO ONE hear me?" Velna decided against wasting anymore time repeating herself, and took off up the large staircase, weaving through the halls until she got to the bedchambers. She thought she heard footsteps behind her, but didn't have the patience to look behind herself to see who followed her. She opened the door to Validus's room to find him on his bed, the gash from the arrow still quite evident. Whoever tried to treat it hadn't treated it properly. Yet, this wasn't what had caught her attention. It was Validus's sword that caught her attention. It had a faint glow to it, not nearly as strong as in her vision, but it was like her vision nonetheless. So... they are brother and sister. I'll tell them once Validus is awake... For now, I should treat his wound.

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