The debut episode of Pols Voice is here, a new podcast, for the week of January 29th! And what an episode it is, as the theme this week is Skyward Sword. We cover pretty much everything to do with the game, as well as some things that have nothing to do with anything at all.


Show Notes:

  • Five rugged, manly hosts: it’s a barbershop quartet plus one
  • Extensive discussion of Skyward Sword with full spoilers
  • The news you need to know in the world of Zelda
  • Naughty language and other flights of fancy
  • Saha gets a package in the mail
  • The hosts have intense arguments about pronunciation
  • Saha drops some powerful new theories of his about Skyward Sword
  • Nothing secret is said in Pheo’s absence at all

Episode Hosts:

  • Nabeshin
  • Pheonix561
  • Sahaqiel
  • Ganondorf333
  • Fierce Muffin

Credits and Everything Else:


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