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      By Knuckle · Posted
      I have my good and bad days. The meds are terrible, they make me tired and lethargic. The disease itself makes it hard to enjoy things.
    • Breath of the Wild
      By Young Link Addict · Posted
      I won't say too much, but I love this game. I got the Switch and this game the day it came out. I was expecting to not like it because of the open world aspect. It's why I refuse to play Skyrim, it's why I never finished Fallout 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles X. I don't know if it's just because it's Zelda or not, but I am loving this game. Though, there are times when I get lost and want to quit and give up. To me, I have to make my own personal goals or the game becomes overwhelming.
    • Talk
      By Knuckle · Posted
      Now that you mention it, I never heard of Wesley programs in high school either. And there definitely wasn't one at my undergrad college. Strange.   At any rate, good luck at you Wesley Foundation!
    • Talk
      By Shadowknight · Posted
      A little late to respond, but oh well. I didn't know you were a Methodist too! I love Wesley Foundations in general, even though I'm having a hard time at this one in particular. I find them to be an extremely underutilized part of the Methodist Church, especially in the sense that basically nobody talks about them. I don't think I ever heard about one in my many years of youth group, which is kind of crazy! But once I did get involved in college, it really did change my life.
    • Breath of the Wild
      By Shadowknight · Posted
      Breath of the Wild came out several days ago, yet there's no thread about it yet! How sad. But fear not, I'll start the discussion! I didn't preorder a Switch, but I called around on release night and found a GameStop that had a handful of unclaimed systems left. I drove there as quickly as possible and stood in line for seven hours to claim the last one in stock, then drove home and immediately turned on Breath of the Wild with my wife. I let her play first, because I try to be a good husband. My wife is not a gamer at all. She does enjoy the Sims, and she likes Mario Kart, but she's never been into these large, single-player games with hours of content and combat. But my wife absolutely loves Breath of the Wild. Though I'm sad to admit it, she's played a few hours more than I have, and I'm one of those die-hard, lifelong Zelda fans (go figure, right?) who has been looking forward to this game for years. I remember the first time I rented Majora's Mask, my first Zelda game, and the first time I beat Ocarina of Time. I remember borrowing a Gameboy from my friend to link my copies of the Oracle games. I remember the hype for the Nintendo Revolution and the excitement when the first then-unnamed Twilight Princess trailer released.  I feel as though Breath of the Wild is the most satisfying one yet. I was unhappy with Skyward Sword for a lot of reasons, so I restrained myself from getting too excited about this one. Honestly, I didn't have any intention of buying it or a Switch until Christmas, but I'm so glad I did. The game is amazing in every aspect, and I honestly have been riding a new-Zelda high since it released that I can't really describe. It's so different, yet so definitely Zelda nonetheless.  What are y'all thinking so far? Love it? Hate it? Don't yet have it? Let's hear your thoughts!
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