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    • Boss Keys: A Youtube Series by Mark Brown
      By Arachne · Posted
      I've just been watching this series recently. It's very analytical  and I love it.
      By Arachne · Posted
      Been away from Hnet for awhile. It's good to see some familiar faces. I'm mostly doing pretty well, except I'm still not good at socializing or making plans with friends. Combined with my unusual work schedule (work Friday to Tuesday) it's a little isolating. I've been working a lot, selling insurance. I got back into playing the oboe a few years ago. Mostly in the local community band, which plays a lot of popular music, but other project pop up as well. I'll be playing parts from Vivaldi's Gloria in a couple weeks, which is pretty scary for me but also exciting. I've also been playing a lot of Breath of the Wild and various games on my 3DS.  
    • Breath of the Wild
      By Cassandra · Posted
      I really wish I could get my hands on it, and I'm so glad to see people raving about it. If this keeps up, Zelda will continue to have a promising future.
    • Breath of the Wild
      By Teto · Posted
      Also I don't know about anybody else, but this game feels full of Laputa: Castle in the Sky vibes, and making the association I can sometimes feel it in the music. I love that this game just like, a culmination of a lot of lore of the land coming together. Rito Village spoilers
    • Breath of the Wild
      By Teto · Posted
      I'm going to have some mild spoilers in my breakdown, but more in the surface level: like game mechanics and features, rather than plot. I do love that they took a world and lore that I love so much and expanded the scope to make a land as rich as mysterious as it deserves to be. It's not as densely detailed as Skyrim, but I think this game proves that it doesn't need to be. There are a lot of options for player expression that make the game a lot of fun to play and discuss with people. I particularly like time-stopping boulders, building up their momentum, and then climbing aboard to shoot myself into the sky, and usually to my death. Only real gripe is that you can't stack buffs. I feel like if I was used to using stat buffs in other games, I'd be used to the fact that you overwrite one as soon as you add another, but having to stick to heat or cold resistance when I also want to up my attack bothers me a lot. That and for a good while before I realised this would be a problem, I cooked everything to include stat bonuses, and so if I need to heal, I run the risk of overwriting necessary stat buffs. I'm 20 shrines down and I've been playing it for so long. Snuck a peek at Calamity Ganon about halfway through the main 4 things just to satisfy my curiosity. By the time I'd rounded the castle on the map, I really felt the need to just swim in, climb up the back of the castle, and get a look. I'm currently just getting into the Akalla region. Interviews leading up to this talked about wanting to recapture the sense of discovery from wandering around the countryside and finding interesting areas to play around in. It undoubtedly succeeds in this. Nothing beats climbing a ridge and looking down on some new valley or natural phenomena and then immediately scouting for the highest point to drop down onto it and start puppying around. For the record, I play it on Wii U, and apart from some dips in framerate and the occasional stop, the game runs fine. Like, if this was the only version it's easily playable, but not what people would consider a finished or totally acceptable state. Elder Scrolls games get away with worse though; at least Breath of the Wild has never fully frozen on me (I've only had to wait maybe 2 seconds, less than a handful of times, over lets say 30+ hours, give or take). It's okay for a game which is the inferior port, but if anyone's wondering, it's good.
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