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  1. This is scary-10 people have already said that they like the Pandas.

    If this is a joke, they're sure doing a very good job of convincing everyone that it's not.

  2. If they got rid of the site altogether, how would they recruit the members?

    I don't know why they said they're gonna get rid of the site in the first place if doing so will make them unable to recruit members.

  3. When is this going to end? I'm getting really, REALLY sick of the Pandas :rawr:

    Oh, and the countdown till the site "self-destructs" is at zero, so why hasn't it happened yet?

  4. I really don't like it when they pull off jokes like this when it's almost April Fool's Day. It's quite obvious that this "Panda Project" isn't real.

    I wonder if they started this to try to bring us closer to 200,000 posts? :unsure:

  5. I have a lot of favorites

    I like all of the dungeons in OoT. I didn't like any of them in MM particularly because of what happens when you save the game.

    My favorites from TP are Arbiter's Grounds, and Snowpeak Ruins.

  6. I saw this video a long time ago.

    How they're moving, or dancing is weird :wacko:

  7. Well our other names that we are voting on are

    - The people who like to say blarg publicly

    - The people who say blarg

    - The people who have never really said blarg before

    - SAG

    (Streight "A" Games)

    - LJHS Games

    (short for our schools name but also stands for Lazy Junior High Student Games)

    I like SAG out of all of them

  8. Oh, yeah Now I remember. I was adult Link in

    OoT Master Quest, and I was exploring the Desert Colossus when I came across one outside the Spirit Temple. I didn't really care about it too much, but I did know that I'd never seen one in the original.

  9. It's been a while since I've played OoT, but I don't remember coming across anything like that :unsure:

    Were you playing the original or Master Quest of OoT?

    I could've sworn I came across something like what you mentioned in the Master Quest

  10. It all happened when I was feeding the chickens. 4am. I was just minding my own business, and then the chickens started acting all wierd. So, I tried to find what was the matter. Then, I saw it. I was just stareing at it. it was about the same size as me, and 4 feet away too. I was looking at something I have ever seen before. I was trembling with fear, I was looking at a ghostly figure. It was looking at me, and it bent towards me, and roostered its head. Then Dissapeared. I was trembling all night. Why do you thing this happened?

    Maybe you were just half-asleep? :unsure:

    There have been times when I have woken up in the middle of the night, and I thought I saw something, only to figure out that it was only a piece of furniture in my room.

  11. Hmm...I haven't been having that problem. Do you think it might have something to do with your computer? That's all I can think of.

  12. Why does everyone say that? Is it impossible for a huge unstoppable disaster to happen now. Why do people think that thousands or millions of years so much more likely? I don't understand that.

    Today in school, I told some of my classmates about Nibiru, and they just gave me a weird look, and laughed.

    They said it was highly unlikely that something like that would happen now or real soon.

    When I told my parents, they just rolled their eyes, so I could tell they didn't believe it either.

    I guess some people would think that thousands or millions of years are more likely because our solar system is so vast it would take a long time for celestial objects to get to where we are. Then again, maybe it might take a shorter amont of time since Haley's (Don't Know If That's Spelled Right) Comet flies by every 70 or 75 years.

  13. Well, I don't completely believe in this whole Nibiru thing- I had never even heard of or read about the planet until now.

    If it were to come between us and the sun, and bring about natural disasters, it probably wouldn't happen for thousands or millions of years.

  14. I'm not a fanatic, and I don't even completely believe in it. I'm just simply not letting this slip by.I hope it isn't real,I'll give you that.

    This has turned into a planet x conversation, this is really about how the world sucks,and FOR THE LAST TIME,IT IS NOT CRASHING INTO US. IT WILL COME BETWEEN US AND THE SUN AND THE GRAVITATIONAL PULL WILL CAUSE NATURAL DISASTERS [earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.] THAT WILL KILL US OFF.

    I'll acknowledge the fact that people are talking about this, but I'm not going to get all hysterical about it and act like nothing I do matters because we're all going to die in four years. I, too, don't completely believe in this. Hopefully, this WON'T happen.

    If this were to occur, how would the other 2% survive? :unsure: