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  1. wow. what a nice topic to say hey in, hey. hey relean. ( i faintly remember u :P )

    but yer, onto the topic.

    cant remember what year, cant be bothered looking up ~ but the year OOT came out... well the day infact, my dad bought me it, including a Nintendo64, and it was my very first game+console i ever played. a great day in my life.

  2. that has happened to me b4! was quite cool. i tried doing the story line with the glitch... but u cant get past the piano guy... u die straight after o.^ well... i did anyways...

    but i just took out the game, cleaned it, deleted my game file. and it was fixed :)

  3. wow... my avatar must be popular here o.^

    and hey zoe, i remember u aswell! :D and yes ive been good.... busy with sckool though :S year 11 -.-

  4. yeah, I definately remember you. Has it definately been more than a year though? Wow, I must be getting old...

    yay some1 i remember!!! hey ginger!

  5. Mikel? I do not think we have met. I like your Avatar. And welcome back.

    no, most ppl will not know me... i joined like 3 years ago... and left a bit after the wii give away... or was it the master sword giveaway... i cant remeber... but like 4000 ppl joined for the comp -.- GRATZ TO THE MEMBER WHO WASNT A RANDOM MEMBER WHO WON THE COMP! i 4got who though -.- and also cus there was nothing to talk about.

    but yer, i am an old member! a "veteran" if u wld like to call it...

    but for those ppl who r still @ hyrule.net who wer here when i was here.... ild like to say a big HELLO!

  6. wow.... its been ages since ive been here.... probly atleast a year i think...

    the site has really changed since the last time i was on here.... great job Dustin! and also any1 else who... helped, i guess :)

    but yer, ZuZu talked to me last night on MSN... which reminded me bout hyrule.net! so i just came on to say hello.... and.... yer :)

  7. acualy... when i come to think of it... i think the archery 1 was more annoying then them all... o.0 cant miss 1 target, or hit the girl... other wise u lose... stupid...

  8. so yer... who here has finished all 3 challenges at maze island? took me like a week to do em... i cld hardly finish the 1st 1... i finished expert with like... 1ms left :|

  9. While I like the game, it definitely isn't the greatest. There were a few drawbacks that really annoyed me:

    One being the Temple of the Ocean King; I mean, not only did they include a time limit, but you even have to repeat it several times. If there wasn't a halfway point it would have been (to quote myself) downright sadistic.

    Another thing which annoyed me was the salvage crane. It sucked having to actually control it, but if you break it, you have to shell out 100 rupees to fix it.

    That leads me to another problem; the ridiculous amount of rupees that you have to spend.

    Other than that, this was actually a very good game.

    ok 1st. there is a checkpoint... if u can find it ;) or even bother checking out every bit...

    2nd... rupees are easy as hell to get... having the game for like... a week... ive bought all but 2 peices of golden ship parts... which come to a total of about... 42,000r

  10. ive almost got all sets... cept one or 2 spaces left in each 1... i got 5 pieces of gold :| they cost so much! 7000r for the hand rails... 5000r for the ancher. got the prow from chest... and the wheels were.... 6000r. and i also the the bridge form a chest....

  11. last 1... as in bottem right? is a "regal ring" u get it at the very end of the game... well i did...

  12. make an appeal? talk to her? the princible? i mean... wtf? maybe she was having.... that time of the month... :|