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Moira ran on blindly, hearing the angry shouts of the men behind her and the Twili girl. She didn't know where she was running; she couldn't think ahead, and she could barely think of why she was there.

She felt trapped. She felt fear, confusion....and anger. Anger that had been building in her ever since she had awoken in this alien form. The magic felt like a poison inside her, clouding her judgment.

Damn the fortunes that brought me to this this some sick joke the Goddesses are playing on me?! Is that why every other person in the world is expecting me to die just so they can have one less errand to do themselves?! I am sick of it, I'm sick of it all!

Then something flew past her; it was that scrawny wolf pup she had seen before.

He was fast; he vanished into the darkness ahead before Moira could blink.

And who does he think he is...? What business does he have telling me what sort of person I am?! He knows nothing. NOTHING!

She let out a low growl as she ran. The Twili girl didn't seem to notice; she kept running. But, a Twili....with red hair...

Moira suddenly remembered.

The stone!

She skidded to a halt, her paws slipping on the stones. She looked back down the passageway. The men were still coming. She couldn't stay here, they would find her, and she doubted they would simply recapture her. But if that stone was truly powerful magic, as that Dark Hylian had believed.....

She looked back in the direction the Twili had run; the girl was long gone. She had probably run to safety.

Moira realized that she could care less who she was supposed to give the stone to. But she knew she couldn't leave it here for the Dark One to use. And if it truly was magic, she could use it to regain her original form.

The Hylians were a mere thirty feet from her now; and her decision was made.

I will be no one's one's one's victim. Not anymore.

She faced them and began to run.

If we Hylians are truly killers.....let me be a Hylian now! Let my mother's blood give me strength!

She opened her mouth in a snarl as she lunged.


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This room. It was small, square, and lit by a dim light by an oil lamp in the corner of the room. The floor was carpeted with dark red velvet and the furniture was mahogany, the seats were cushioned with red velvet also. The walls were red and faded to black at the ceiling. The ceiling itself was jet black and barely visible in the poorly lit room. There was a fireplace on the further wall from Rio, there were ashes and smoldering embers in it. The exit to the passageway itself was under a small table, which Rio didn't notice until he had walked away.

He heard voices coming from the hallway outside. Rio scampered to the door. The door was tall and dark brown in colour. It was closed with no visible gaps. He was sniffing around the edges when he noticed that someone had been walking up the stairs, their footsteps echoed up the stairs. Rio could tell by the sound that there was stairs. Rio ran for cover under a small table, not unlike the one he arrived under. The door swung open and crashed into the wall so violently that splinters of wood fell from the wall. Rio watched as a tall man, dressed in black stormed into the room, he walked up to a class table, drew his sword and threw it downwards in fury, shattering the glass surface effortlessly. 'How the hell could you let her escape?!' Rio listened to this and nothing more, he couldn't understand a word. It wasn't worth his time. Rio took this opportunity to slip out the door as a second man entered, apologizing to the man clothed in black. Rio didn't waste time in fleeing his hiding place, running around the door and straight into the leg of a second man who was entering the room.

Rio fell backwards, stunned. Maybe the man had not noticed? Rio quickly got to his feet and once again made for the door only to be snatched up by the man in black. 'What's this then?', the man asked, to himself, grinning. 'This seems to be one of the prisoners of the set of cells that girl escaped by. Interesting'.

Rio was scared stiff, paralyzed with sheer terror. He stared into the man's blood red eyes.

'What shall we do with it sir?' asked one of the men.

'Leave him with me. I'll take care of this.' answered Dark Link, staring into Rio's petrified eyes. He seemed to be looking into his mind. It's past. 'Now leave.'.

The men looked at each other, confused. They bowed to Dark Link before the left.

'Now. What to do with you. Where are you from?' Dark Link asked. Setting Rio down on the floor. Rio understood him this time.

Rio stood in silence as Dark Link walked to the oil lamp at the other side of the room. He raised a hand to the flame of the lamp. The flame burned out and he hand glowed bright. He pointed the palm of his hand at the ashes, which, somehow, reverted back into logs, and once again caught fire. The air in the room felt tight and the atmosphere seemed to bend as he did this.

'I-' Rio started hesitantly, 'Who are you?'

'That matters not. What matters, is that I need your assistance. And you need mine.' Dark Link answered coolly.

'You need me? Why?' Rio asked.

'The Army of Hyrule is planning an attack. They want us all dead.' Dark Link said, 'You and I have similar goals. So I do not wish to kill you. When I held you, I saw your past, your hardships and your greatest desire. The deaths of those who killed your parents.'

'Yes.' Rio answered bluntly.

'Then you are one of us.' Dark Link said. 'Follow me.', Dark Link walked to the door and swung it open with a flick of his wrist.

They followed the cold, stone steps as they spiraled downwards. Dark Link stopped. 'What do you think of becoming my partner? I've always wanted a pet.'

'O-O.k...' Rio was surprised by the sudden proposal, but cheered up at the same time.

'Good. Come on. Let's get you some food. You begin training tomorrow.' Dark Link snapped his fingers. A man ran quickly from a nearby room to Dark Link's side. Before the man could speak, Dark Link ordered, 'Bring this wolf some meat. He's my new pet and I don't want him to ever go hungry again.'

The man obediently agreed. He retreated to the room once more.

Dark Link turned around and started up the stairs. Closely followed by Rio. Dark Link's new partner.

Alignment: Evil

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Posted (edited)

Ayame finanly got out of the tunnel and found herself standing in the middle of Hyrule Field."Where did that wolf go?" Ayame thought as she turned on the spot but no one but herself was standing there,alone. "Well no point in dwaldling or I'll get caught again. As Ayame set out for Arbiter's Ground's she thought" Well,one of them was a light dweller and the other...he seemed like he was a Twilight Wolf." She really didn't know where else to go it seemed as though she had just been stumbling aroud for these past days.What a fool she had been! She didn't have to listen to that man in the bar but she had,then she had nearly got herself killed and know this."I should have stayed and fought." Ayame thought bitterly. She reached the Mirror Chamber,sat down and thought.

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Ooc: Just to clear up any confusion, Moira was transformed into a wolf, but she won't stay that way for long. The object she had taken from Kakariko was the same curse that Zant used on Link. But Link was chosen by the Gods, and Moira was not, so the magic is affecting her differently, and she's starting to come unhinged.


Moira limped towards the light at the end of the passageway. Dawn was breaking in the outside world. She bled from several cuts in her flank, but most of the blood on her belonged to Hylians. Dead Hylians.

In her muzzle she gripped a pouch containing the yellow stone. She had no clue what now to do with it. No matter how she touched it, nothing would happen. It had angered her at first but now...she felt numb, emotionless. She had run out of anger, and with it, her strength.

She was hit with a blast of cool, night air as she emerged into Hyrule field. She couldn't tell where exactly she was, and she didn't care. She walked the last several yards to the edge of what she thought was a river. Exhausted, she collapsed.

Where......a...river? So tired.....have to get up....have to...get to....get to.....

She didn't know. Why was she here? Where was she going?

.....who was she?

She couldn't think. Her heart was pounding in her ears. Which is why she didn't hear Dark Link materialize behind her, until he spoke.

"And you thought you could get away. What a pitiful sight you are."

Moira's heart jumped to her throat. She tried to stand, to run, but she only staggered and fell. She gazed up at the face of evil. This was Him. The Dark One. Cruel, arrogant, and power-hungry; he was everything that would destroy Hyrule.

He reached a hand out. "I believe you have what I seek." Immediately, the Twilight power within Moira began to flee from her and into Dark Link's outstretched hand. She cried out has the magic was pulled from her body and began to reform its shape as an object.

After what seemed like an eternity to Moira, the Dark Hylain before her held the object in his palm. "At last..." she heard him say to himself. "I now have it. The one thing he had.....that I did not......"

Moira opened her eyes, her head spinning. She lay on the ground still, but she felt different. She tried to flex her paws, but they were not paws anymore. They were hands. Her hands. She had regained her human shape, but she still couldn't move.

Dark Link looked at her coldly. "Now that I no longer need you...." He pressed his foot against her side, and pushed her into the river.

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Ayame was pretty sure that she was alone but once or twice she could have sworn she saw something moving but when she blinked it was gone.Ayame knew that she was pretty useless if she was just sitting there but she didn't care. After a couple of hours she decided that she needed to take action to fight against those people who destroyed her homeland.Almost as though this thought was giving her energy she stood up and ran towards that black speck in the distance that she knew was Hyrule Castle Town.She would kill Dark Link if it was the last thing she did.

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Rio prowled around the room. Checking ever nook and cranny for more food. He had already eaten, but that still, was not enough to satisfy his great hunger.

Dark Link materialized beside the fireplace. He looked at Rio, looking thoroughly pleased with himself, he held something in his hand. It was silvery black. 'Here my boy. Take this. It is the magic that pathetic wolf possessed. Not all of it. Just the strength of it. I will take the true power. You shall have the physical strength that will make you worthy of fighting at my side against the Army of Hyrule. That is your desire isn't it?'

Rio nodded and looked up at Dark Link, who stretched his arm out and Rio felt his strength rising. He felt faint and he collapsed on the velvet carpet.

Rio awoke beside the fire. It crackled and made him feel at home. Why did people think Dark Link was so horrible. He was caring.

Dark Link walked into the room and saw Rio, finally awake. He walked up to Rio and set a plate of meat next to his head, Rio began to eat it without even standing up. Rio was still very tired and his body felt numb, though he could still move, though with great difficulty.

The servant walked in 'Sir. The guards have reported sightings of a red haired imp girl in the castle grounds. We have sent out some guards to investigate.'

Rio rose his head in disbelief, he looked at the servant. Rio could understand his words. 'Very good. I would like all the guards to search the grounds. They can leave their posts. We must capture the girl at any cost.'

'Yes master.', the servant bowed and exited the room. Dark Link closed the door with another flick of his wrist.

'How... Did you do this to me?' Rio asked astonished.

'Yes. Looks different doesn't it?' Dark Link asked, grinning.

'L-Looks? I meant... I could understand your servant. A red haired imp girl. I saw her in the cells. She was the one who set me free. Along with the wolf.' Rio spluttered, failing to stand when he tried to do so. 'Why? What have you done to me?'

'Isn't it obvious? Look at your body.', Rio did so, but there was still one thing Dark Link didn't understand. 'You got here from the cells?'

Rio was astonished, he had heard Dark Link's question, but he had been rendered speechless. After a matter of seconds, Rio lifted his head and answered, 'Through that hole in the floor. Under that table.' Rio gestured to the passageway entrance.

Dark Link hastily ran to the passage entrance. 'A passage in the cells. Damn Hylians. This is definitely a security flaw.' Dark Link materialized and was gone.

Rio looked at the space where he had disappeared. He had gotten used to Dark Link's mysterious magic, and he had the good sense not to question it.

He struggled to get to his feet, and when he did, he found it difficult to stay up. But his strength slowly returned to him. He walked around the room from this new perspective everything seemed new. He attempted to open the door. In his previous, weak form, he struggled to even move the door an inch. He applied the same strength this time, but found it all to easy and fell on his side when he pushed it open. He tumbled to the floor and quickly jumped to his feet. Opening the door had regained his strength, and he felt better than ever.

He ran down the stairs. He found this new burst of strength exhilarating. He sprinted down the stairs. he felt the power through his body. He reached the entrance hall. There were many guards facing the door. Some were reporting to others. The all seemed to notice Rio as Dark Link's partner and paid him no attention. Most were rushing around, he saw Dark Link in the midst of the chaos. Rio didn't understand what all the panic was about. It was just an imp girl. How much trouble could she be?

Dark Link turned around, intending to give orders to another guard. He saw Rio, and called, 'Come on Rio. I need your help.'

Rio had seen the power Dark Link had over the people of this realm. And the fact Dark Link needed his help made him feel of great importance to the realm. Rio sprinted up to Dark Link, and sat at his side. Dark Link set a had on Rio's head and continued to order his men.

'It is not only the imp girl. I know that she is roaming the grounds, but the Army of Hyrule is advancing. They will be here soon. So quit all of this time wasting and get into formation!' Dark Link yelled, Rio felt a little electricity in the air. His fur seemed to wave around by it's own free will. The hall went quiet. The soldiers were silent with fear. Stunned with terror. They soon began to organize themselves in front of Dark link. Rio felt it was a privilege to fight at his side.

Rio expected a long, moving speech. But all Dark Link did, was turn on his heel and march out of the door. The soldiers followed, as did Rio.

They marched into battle. The grounds were silent. The sun hung in the sky in the east. The sight of the Army of Hyrule could be seen on the horizon in front. The soldiers marched behind him in silence and a red haired imp stared at him from behind a hedge. Rio caught her eye, stopped and moved his head to look at her. She was gone. 'Rio!' Dark Link shouted impatiently. A wave of confusion rippled through the crowd behind him. Rio shook his head and ran, once again, to Dark Links side. And into what could possibly be his fate.

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As Nyfer finally left Snowpeak and looking for an able body group of people to help him fight

dark link. So many corpses on hyrule field, all of which tried to do the same of which Nyfer

was trying to do. Of all the ways of getting into the twilight realm there was only one, the mirror

chamber in Arbiter's grounds a place of which he did not want to set foot in. "The only way" he thought

"but how is there only one way" so on to gerudo desert the only way he could think of.

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Ayame had to be very careful she knew this was a chance she couldn't miss. As she removed her sword from it's hilt she realized that there were people marching towards the castle.The Army of Hyrule! "Great really great now I have to find Dark Link,not get killed by him or the Hyrulians!" Ayame saw that many of the Dark Hylians were roaming about..more than usual. She was able to dodge around a few of them and then they saw her."There she is!"one of them yelled.Ayame ran about in the maze of grass for a while.When the sounds of running feet had died away she stopped.When she turned around she saw one of the Dark One's guards.Then he gave her a disturbingly triumphant smile and then she passed out.

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Rio had been told to chase the imp. He had followed her to the maze and no further. He waited. He knew that if he entered, he would surely get lost.

He waited for a few minutes and heard the sound of foot steps. And, sure enough, one of Dark Link's guards emerged with the imp girl. Rio followed the guard, he carried the girl over his shoulder. She was unconscious. He followed him to Dark, who immediately told him, 'Take her to the dungeon, and be quick about it. The Army approaches and we need every man we can. Rio. You guard the imp girl.' Rio was surprised to have this responsibility. He nodded and the guard took her to the closest dungeon to the surface, as he was eager to return to the battlefield.

Rio watched the man exit hurriedly, and close the heavy wooden door behind him. Rio turned to the imp. She lay on the other side of the bars. Rio sat down, giving the imp his undying attention. That was, until he began to tire. He soon lay down. And then sleep quickly took over him.

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All was misty, white, and silent. Moira stood on an empty, snow-covered plain, with the Hyrule Castle

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When Ayame regained consiousness she found out that she was back in Hyrule Castle."Great! Just great!"Ayame thought and looking closer around the cell she recognized a wolf.At first she couldn't remember why he was farmiliar to her but then she remembered him she had met him here when they had escaped.But then why was he here? Did he work for Dark Link? That was a stupid idea,Dark link had destroyed the Twilight Realm,he must hate Him and much as she did,he should anyway.But then why wansn't he imprisoned?She opened her mouth to speak but then remembered he didn't understand humans and he was asleep.Ayame felt so tierd but she didn't know why so she layed down again on the cold floor and let sleep take her.

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Ryoo sat at the river end, by the temple of the spirit Lanayru. He sat and watched the parent and child, and the Ordonian regaining conciousness. The look of his face was half pleased, half ashamed. He trusted her to deliver the stone. She can't even work it. But at least she was alive.

She awoke. "Where am I?"

"Lake Hylia" informed the father.

"But," started Ryoo, walking over to her, "you got here by accident, and therefore, you have failed my test. It's still nice to see your still alive. And clean up, you got some blood in your hair."

She started to speak, and then remembered the stone. "Here you go. I risked my life for it, and it doesn't work."

Ryoo was offended. "It does too work! You have to ask it a question to get a response! Isn't that right Geit?"

Upon those words, the small yellow stone spawned a small yellow ghost like creature. It's head had a noticeably large crack in it, following the shape of the stone. "Yes it is" answered the creature.

"Um, Geit, was it? Who did I just see? He gave me this mark-"

"You met his shadow form, and now you met him. It was Link. Or at least his former form. Now he rests in you, ready to be passed on to the next one."

Ryoo helped her onto her feet as Geit, knowing his work was done, returned to the stone.

"We still need to gather help, but now I'll join you. Even if anyone solves the riddle, it's pitiful timing. Our location is his previous residence, as well as your previous residence. Can you handle that?"

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Rio prowled around outside the bars. He wished she would say something. She just sat there. Glaring at him. He longed to test his new skills. And he knew the legend of Link. He was aided by an imp of this sort. It was odd. They were tho only creatures capable of instinctively understanding animals. He could talk to her.

I'll give it a shot, he thought. 'Your name. Tell me your name.'

'What's the point? You can't even understand me? Can you puppy?', she said irritatedly. She got to her feet and began to float. She hovered around the cell as Rio's eyes followed her every move. Was she up to something?

'I can hear you. It's a little gift I was given from the master. I hope you aren't thinking of escaping. Do, and I will stop you.' Rio warned, his eyes narrowing.

She turned her head to look at Rio. So he was working with Dark Link. 'So you can understand me? Good doggy. Don't think I'm going to escape anyway. It would be silly to attempt that with you standing right there.'

Then Rio said something he wished he hadn't, 'I'm a dog. Do you think I could work this door?', he laughed, but suddenly stopped as the reality of what he just said came crashing down around him, 'No. I-'

'Ha! Thank you for reminding me! You're a dog aren't you! Dark Link made the wrong choice with you! Ha!', Ayame was ecstatic, she began checking the wall for another passage.

Rio panicked, he bashed himself furiously against the bars. When that didn't work, he threw himself against the prison door. But he suddenly remembered, they were going into battle. If there was a passage in that cell, Ayame would escape.

'Aha!' Rio heard Ayame yell, as she pulled away a stone in the wall. Rio continued to panic as she continued to remove more stones. He ran into the next cell and desperately threw himself at Ayame's side of the wall. Something came loose and stones fell on the floor of Ayame's cell. He jumped through the hole, tripped on the rubble of wall and noticed that Ayame had already jumped into the passage, Rio struggled into the passage, his new body had made it difficult for him to get through. He had lost sight of Ayame, but he was yet to find a crossroad in the passage. So he followed with caution.

He soon arrived at the exit to the passage. Ayame was nowhere to be seen. He would not let the master down. He had to find Ayame.

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The mage continued up the winding path leading from Lake Hylia. The trek seemed effortless to him, but Moira was getting tired. She still had not recovered her usual strength. Messengers were trained to endure long journeys, but most journeys did not include magic and near-death experiences.

While they walked, she asked, "What is your name?"

Without stopping, the warlock answered, "It is Ryoo."

"Ryoo......where are you from?"

"That is none of your concern. Keep walking, Ordonian."

"Fine. But...where are we going? You said my previous residence. I've never lived anywhere but Ordon. But you also said...his previous residence. I'm going to guess you meant that warrior, Link. The one that Dark Link is the opposite of?"


Moira thought about this for a moment.

"My grandfather....grandfather Colin. He once told us about a farm-boy by that name; someone who lived in our villiage long ago. But, he can't be the same person, can he....?"

Ryoo stopped walking and turned his head to look at her. "He is...and, at the same time, he is not."


"Keep walking."

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can i make a new character?



Gender:Um.... its hard to tell.... lets say male

Race:Skull Kid

Weapons:Puppet controlling flute, "Borrowed" Poe lamp

History:Like a normal skull kid, lives in forest while tricking people.

Fought a poe and sto- i mean "Borrowed" his lamp, now he can

turn invisible and curse people like a poe.

Good-Evil:Neither..... YET!

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