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  1. Brodongo added a post in a topic LL Wolf Sign-ups   

    Also, Knuckle was one the more active players last game. Maybe worth asking him if he has any interest in the last spot?
  2. Brodongo added a post in a topic LL Wolf Sign-ups   

    Also just thought that its worth mentioning, 9 player games don't take very long. The game I hosted a few months ago was 9 players, had good activity, and lasted a little under a month.
    This game features 6 of the same players from that last game, and really started to pick up during the last few day phases. I hope that you aren't discouraged that you weren't able to get one last player (I was worried that my game would die when I had to settle for about 4 less players than I wanted so I know the feeling), but I want to point out that short games are easier to finish and once roles start getting assigned people will become engaged, so at least give it some thought first before you cancel the game.
    Personally, I was really looking forward to this.
  3. Brodongo added a post in a topic LL Wolf Sign-ups   

    The Werewolf renaissance is officially in full swing.
    I'm in dog.
  4. Brodongo added a post in a topic Memorable #Zelda moments/quotes   

    From a few days ago: Viper Script Ganny scares away gordon
    [23:57] * goron (Zelda@hidden-uu3.6t9.131.189.IP) has joined #zelda
    [23:57] <brodongo> a gordon
    [23:57] <goron> hi
    [23:57] <brodongo> hey
    [23:57] <goron> brodongo hi
    [23:57] <goron> where are ypou from?
    [23:58] <brodongo> Jamaica, Queens
    [23:58] <brodongo> you?
    [23:58] <goron> mexico
    [23:58] <brodongo> nice
    [23:58] <goron> You are alone here?
    [23:58] <brodongo> yeah
    [23:59] <brodongo> well Ganny is here too
    [23:59] <brodongo> !vipers
    [23:59] <+Ganny> I don't care.
    [23:59] <brodongo> jeez
    [23:59] <brodongo> so rude
    [00:00] <brodongo> dont mind him
    [00:00] <brodongo> !vipers
    [00:00] <+Ganny> But the ones who He's wasted time on are people exactly like YOU.
    [00:00] <brodongo> wow
    [00:00] <+Ganny> wow
    [00:00] <brodongo> come on Ganny we have a new member here
    [00:00] <brodongo> be nice
    [00:00] <brodongo> !vipers
    [00:00] <+Ganny> It's plain, stupid, common sense.
    [00:00] <brodongo> no, it's not!
    [00:00] <goron>
    [00:00] <goron> I want a friend
    [00:00] <goron>
    [00:01] <@Whorey> =)
    [00:01] <brodongo> :>
    [00:01] <brodongo> !vipers
    [00:01] <+Ganny> I studied Spanish for 2 years and I enjoy the language.
    [00:01] <@Whorey>
    [00:01] <brodongo> you are among friends, gordon
    [00:02] <goron> I'm goron!
    [00:02] <brodongo> Ganny is a tough love kind of guy, that's why he sounds course
    [00:02] <goron> like the Zelda, goron!
    [00:02] <brodongo> course like sand
    [00:02] <brodongo> yeah like the Gordons from Zelda
    [00:02] <brodongo> I get it
    [00:02] <goron> without D, only goron!
    [00:02] <brodongo> live in mountain
    [00:02] <brodongo> eat rocks
    [00:03] <brodongo> im p. sure its Gordon
    [00:03] <brodongo> Goron would be a weird name
    [00:03] <brodongo> I used to have neighbors named the Gordons so I think that is more likely the name
    [00:03] <goron> but i love the gorons
    [00:03] <goron> I fell in love with a goron
    [00:03] <brodongo> which one?
    [00:03] <brodongo> !vipers
    [00:03] <+Ganny> So you think you're open-minded, do you?
    [00:04] <goron> Hi ganny, what's your name? and age?
    [00:04] <brodongo> !vipers
    [00:04] <+Ganny> In reality, you get used to recognizing certain structures as things you can use a particular item on.
    [00:04] <brodongo> thats a funny name
    [00:04] <goron> Ganny? tellme about you
    [00:05] <brodongo> !vipers
    [00:05] <+Ganny> The illegal immigrants in this country are NOT our culture.
    [00:05] <goron> and?
    [00:05] <brodongo> !vipers
    [00:05] <+Ganny> It's a matter of letting people be perverted and do sick, digusting acts.
    [00:06] <brodongo> his English isnt very good
    [00:06] <brodongo> sometimes he reads a question wrong and responds in a weird way
    [00:07] <brodongo> !vipers
    [00:07] <+Ganny> Gays are people, people should be respected.
    [00:09] <brodongo> what does that have to do with anything
    [00:09] * goron (Zelda@hidden-uu3.6t9.131.189.IP) Quit (Connection closed)
    [00:09] <brodongo> :<
    [00:09] <+Ganny> :<
    [00:10] <+Ganny> was it... something I said?
  5. Brodongo added a post in a topic battle over hyrule   

    This is a victory not only for Ganny and myself, but for the legal justice system as a whole.
    Thank you Tappy.
    Maybe now our promised hero Zippity will return to us. battle over hyrule 2: Rise of Dork Link cannot be written without its true author.
  6. Brodongo added a post in a topic battle over hyrule   

  7. Brodongo added a post in a topic Hats are dumb and I don't like them   

    Pheo why
  8. Brodongo added a post in a topic Talk   

    Coming from someone that has conducted interviews for applicants before:
    Interviewing can be a pain in the ass, but you gotta play the game:
    This might be the only chance you have demonstrate in person that you are qualified for the job, so make sure you try to demonstrate the qualities that would be in useful in the job role you are applying for in the interview. Off the top of my head, a customer service rep would need to be patient, friendly, social, helpful.
    -Make sure you do some research on the company that is interviewing you. It's not uncommon for them to ask you what you know about the company or why you applied for the job.
    -Come prepared with a list of questions you have for the interviewer, about the job / company - to show that you interested in the job, and are ready and willing to start learning immediately.
    Have answers ready at least for the following very generic questions. Practice answering them beforehand.
    1. Why do you want the job? Sounds kind of basic, but this is actually one of the most common ways that  I see people getting crossed off the list of applicants. It's pretty important and having an answer ready that sounds genuine makes a big difference.
    2. Why are you cut out for the job, and what qualities do you possess that would make you succeed?
    3. What past experience do you have, if any, that would help you in your role should you accept the job? If you don't have any prior experience, just be honest, or try to draw an anecdote from your past that you can use to make a connection to the job.
    4. How soon would you be able to start?
    5. What are your expectations for your role?
    Also probably just do some general googling of interviewing techniques that I might have forgotten, smile, make eye contact etc.
    Good Luck!
  9. Brodongo added a post in a topic Should gays be accepted by America?   

    What LL is really trying to ask here is what is god's purpose for queefing
  10. Brodongo added a post in a topic Should gays be accepted by America?   

    Nabe has his very own 'Wheel of Orifices' that he gives a spin every time he can't decide where he wants to put it in. We never know if the wheel is weighted, or if it is actually God's will, but it always seems to land on 'ear'.
    Personally though, I do not condone this behavior. If I stumbled in my walk with Christ today, then Nabe has made a full on face plant. But give the man a break, you try walking more than five feet with a 12 inch kraken riding shotgun and not getting tangled up every once in a while.
  11. Brodongo added a post in a topic Should gays be accepted by America?   

    Well, I, for one, am as hard as a rock right now.
  12. Brodongo added a post in a topic Should gays be accepted by America?   

    "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean."
    -Matthew 23:27