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    God, that's helpful. I'm saving it to my desktop. I just go into interviews with a little bit of research and as good an attitude as I can muster, and it hasn't got me anywhere yet, except when I almost got a job with a company I'm pretty sure was desperate for employees (an aggressive marketing company which accosts strangers on the street). It seemed like a demoralising job, so I backed out before it went too far. It was a good experience I guess, but after the mood boost wore off I was left feeling a bit manipulated and used. Oh well. Hopefully I'll get a job working in a shop sometime this year.
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    Yeah, I suppose I see it through a fandom-eye-view. Almost as disorienting as being drunk.
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    Don't start this again, Knuckle. I thought we'd moved on from this? Is it so hard to just let me wear my *Trilby in peace?
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    I started watching SU at Onion Friend, on the recommendation of Skyler. Makes me a little smug, honestly.
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    That's one thing which makes games like Uncharted and Half Life really cool. Uncharted has a lot of dialogue and setup while you're playing, with relatively less cutscene. Then again, you play the cutscene, and so gameplay is scripted. Still works better than a cutscene though. It feels like it's just the animators showing off when it does that; like, "put down the controller, I'm gonna show you something cool", and you begrudgingly consent to it, having the experience taken out of your hands for a moment while the animators wave their dicks around. 
    Half Life and Portal don't have any cutscenes while the main character is active and able to move. I appreciate that.
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    The shitstream? I've never found the fanbase to be very obnoxious, but then I did start watching the show back when it was an unassuming story about some kid and his alien friends. I expected nothing, and started it out of blind interest without expecting much.
    I'll speak a little from personal experience here.
    I think the most important thing is to keep an open mind. It's an easy thing to say, and a hard thing to take to heart. Like, give up on your ego. The fans' enthusiasm is so unashamed that it can be embarrassing to look at; like someone openly and honestly admitting their fragile feelings. Instinctively you look away, because so much raw emotion is hard to stomach. And imagining yourself like that, preemptively makes you feel uncomfortable. Like, you don't want to be like them. In a way you can't even imagine being like them. Like, you're seeing the show as a chance to connect with a lot of enthusiastic people, but you can already feel the rejection, because you know you could never be so unashamedly enthusiastic. You could try and be a part of this, but you can't. Not really. You're not like them. For me, looking at fanbases just bring up all my alienation and fear of rejection.
    And then there's an element of self-image. We grow up criticising and shaping ourselves with the voices of our parents and friends. Whenever I laugh in a stupid way, I feel my sister rolling her eyes. Whenever I'm quiet I feel my mother nudging me to engage with other people. You carry those voices around with you, and they continue to influence you. You spend a lot of time allowing those people to shape and restrain who you are, and all those mixed up feelings limit who you allow yourself to be. I don't dance, because I can still feel the pestering and ridicule I faced in PE. Telling jokes makes me panic, because I remember how fluently my dad tells them. But in your alone time, you can let that mask slip a little. You can edge closer and closer toward enjoying a sentimental song, or opening your heart to a childish cartoon. You can give up on the idea that you're too old for something, or too mature for something, or too cool for something. You can take away all the restraints of your oppressive self image of 'who you want to be' or 'who you should be', and just let yourself enjoy something.
    That's what can ruin creating art as well; the desire for achievement. I so often don't draw because I hate what I make, and it's more comfortable to just not try at all and not have my self image challenged. I need to get over that. It's a self acceptance thing.
    I also feel like these are things 16 year olds talk about figuring out, but I'll just have to get over that won't I? I figured it out when I was almost 22, and that's my deal.
    This turned into more than a thing about Steven Universe. I don't know where I was going with it. Like, don't let your ego get in the way of enjoying something? Watch the show without judging yourself for it? Don't feel like you're doing it in order to connect with other people; it doesn't work like that. The result can't be the goal, or else you wont enjoy the journey, and you wont achieve what you set out to achieve. If you watch it, it's got to be about the show, and not the fanbase you're buying into.
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    Persona 3 feels like an angsty teenage phase, whereas I get a more mature impression from Persona 4; of someone who's gotten over the angst and is getting on with their life. They're still figuring themselves out, but less broody.
    Like, the atmosphere of P3 gives me that feeling, though I never really analysed it much when I played it. The main character and the evoker and the midnight hour though, just gave that feeling.
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    The game seems overall less edgy. I didn't enjoy P3, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have a go at P4, or P5 when it comes out.
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    In Persona 3 at least, the story and characters weren't engaging enough to keep me going through the whole thing. I just didn't ever see myself caring about the outcome. Persona 4 seems like a better time.
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    Forget I said anything. I was hating. I watched Coonskin and didn't get it. But I'll research it a little so I can understand it in the context of the year it was made.
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    It surprises me that a lot of members who are relatively new have been here like 5 years. Nothing is new anymore.
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    Been watching Rick and Morty. Good show imo.
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    Still drawing

    Not drawing as consistently well as these, but it's going well enough. Start my next course of study on Tuesday.
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    My favourite Werewolf memory was during one of Sahaqiel's games. When we voted to lynch him, he wrote a piece where the universe broke down and rebuilt itself. It was a joy.
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    What we need is a good vanilla game. I might do one. Just a seer, a healer, a couple wolves, and a bunch of powerless townies. Or maybe even drop the healer and seer.
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    Everybody loses! Except me and Cirt!
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    My biggest point of luck in this game, besides everybody being unwilling to agree to lynch me, was that Pheo targetted Linox on Night 4. On that night I straight up blocked Pheo, and then the next day I unwittingly said "Uhhh, I guarded Linox last night", forgetting that would make Pheo's blocking seem inconsistent. But by sheer dumb luck, Pheo happened to target Linox anyway. Who knew. 
    Also the fact that I was jailed on the one night where no kill happened, because I was trying to kill Pheo that night. And when day phase rolled around I said stuff like "nobody died, and therefore I didn't kill anyone, because if I did kill someone, someone would be dead". Like that's surely just talking in circles. I said nothing, and somehow it flew? Knuckle must have been scandalous that nobody raised an eye to that behaviour. How did I get away with that? I threw caution to the wind because I figured I was going to die anyway. But nobody made the call to lynch me proper.
    And yeah, I was a straight up role blocker. I figured guarding would make sense, and I was never really specific about how that role worked. Like "I guard people", what does that even mean? I made it up as I went along. Brodongo gave me an achievement for telling a bare-faced lie at the beginning. I should have had a lot of those if they stacked. 
    I didn't lie about not knowing who had claimed what though. That was honest. As well as my mind numbing fatigue, although I did ham it up a little for sympathy.
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    So did you have an unlockable ability related to killing Lannisters or something? Or were you just faithful to your role?
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    How the heck did you guys not kill me like 2 days ago? Wild. I thoroughly enjoyed that.
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    Okay then, well I guess that's incentive enough for me to cast my vote, for reasons I think I've well ironed out.
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    Alright then, so if I vote for Linox, I get put down by 20%? Because I'm about ready to make a decision, if that's the case.