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  1. I dunno what to say. I can empathise with the anger a little - I get that way if I'm stuck in the house with no human contact for more than 2 days. Desperate and trapped. I'm just trapped by my own weakness to overcome difficulty though, and by the temptation to do nothing and be comfortable.


    There was a day once when I hadn't been out of the house for a whole weekend and I hadn't seen or talked to anybody. I was planning to go into town but missed the bus, so decided that despite my getting ready, I would have to wait 5 hours for the next one and went back to my computer. Before I even sat down, the frustration rose up and out of me, like gears grinding in my stomach and chest, resulting in a strangled scream. I went outside, and walked the 12 miles into the town, and felt a lot better for it.

    Another time under similar circumstances of isolation I was just walking the dogs in the rain, and when I got home, I just stared at the warm suffocating comfort of the lights inside, and turned away and walked them up the road through the rain and through the same forest again. I was still apprehensive going back inside, for fear of that comfortable isolation. I felt much better exposed to the outside.


    So it's not the same trap you're in. I've got very few obligations, but it's just my comfort and laziness that keeps me from making myself get what I need. I've got better at it this year, and it'll keep getting better probably, so long as I keep trying to get out more.


    But anyway that's my vent in reply to yours. I hope you get your Associate's Degree, as another tool for your belt. It's not long now. Hopefully venting like this here will help you make it to the end without getting yourself too out of hand. Oh well, I dunno. Keep doing what you think you should, but again don't let your desire for freedom distract you too much. I'm a bit tired and won't read the comments here.


    Anyway that's that. Keep being alive.

  2. I think the original idea was that they would have new heroes every season, but the popularity of the first season's characters had it that they continued with them. I gave up on Heroes in season 3, but I loved the first season, and I'd definitely be willing to watch it again if they started fresh.