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    2. Teto

      I think everybody benefits from afro bulls, not just Natu.

    3. Chimetals

      if im reading it right, the bull's second attack is "Afro Break" im just. japan. tell me that name got brought over.

    4. Sahaqiel

      Yes, it's Afro Break. You're late to FIVE YEARS AGO.

      Don't know if it was ported though.

  1. Teto

    I can't wait for Dark_Two. The first is so good.
  2. Teto

    There aren't many similarities between GoT and Final Fantasy, but they both have Onion Knights.
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    2. Fierce Muffin

      I'm pretty sure I made a joke about this in chat while Nabe and I were watching one of the new episodes. Let me go get that.

    3. Fierce Muffin

      Ah, seems it was episode 4: Me: Onion Knight :( if only this were the remake of Final Fantasy III, though, then he'd be the most powerful class instead of the least.

      Nabe: Ahaha

    4. Fierce Muffin

      Sorry for three comments in a row, but going through these chat logs seeing all of the hilarious things Nob and I say while watching are great. Me: I thought he said "I was in the bottle"

      Nabe: Poor Davos :( locked in a bottle so long ||| Like, it's completely out of context, but that is comedy gold, okay?

  3. Teto

    Eka you have Animal Crossing, and so you don't need my well wishing ass to tell you how to have a Happy Birthday. You have animal villagers to do that, and they're just as real as any internet friend, so I'm afraid my wishes will be a drop of rain in the sea. But Happy Birthday anyway.
    1. Eka

      X'D AC people throw a pretty wild party. But ilu, thanks Teto :'D~

    1. pheonix561

      calvin and hobbes is one of my favorites ever

    2. SilverAlchemic


  4. Teto

    Teto Retweeted: "anime is like heroin, i don't plan on trying either because i've seen people who have and what it has done to their lives"
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    3. Teto

      I never understood the appeal of badly done videos of internet comics. But I do like the original comic there.

    4. Teto

      Webcomics. That was the word I was looking for.

  5. Teto

    Teto Retweeted: "♪ She's up all night in the Somme / I'm up all night in the Somme / Can't sleep cause there's German bombs / It's World War I and we're dying ♫"
    1. Sahaqiel

      It's World War I and we're dying

      It's World War I and we're dying

      It's World War I and we're dying

      (crazy funky gunfire and explosions)

  6. Teto

    Don't you sometimes just hate Gay People?
    1. Sahaqiel

      ... O_o

    1. Sahaqiel

      Knocked down from 40 dollars to 10. Appropriate, lol.

  7. Teto

    Fun fact of the day: George R. R. Martin is from the USA, but he doesn't use the word "fall" in the books, but "autumn". Go puppy yoursels, you bunch of fannies.
    1. Brodongo

      he also doesn't say the words "breakfast" or "birthday". I think he might be a huge weirdo or something

    2. Cascade

      'fall' for the season is such a stupid term srsly

    3. Teto

      Though actually at the start of book 3 someone did call it fall. Mostly they talk about autumn though.

  8. Teto

    Mama, just killed a man. Put a gun against his head, pulled the trigger now he's Sahaqiel! The undead friend of the universe.
    1. Sahaqiel

      *rubs belly*

  9. Teto

    It has been a fortnight since I made an ambiguous post about something "awakening inside of me". I can now confirm that it was not a family of spiders.
    1. Ammonsa

      Was it a sense of compassion for fellow man?

    2. Teto

      Not that either. Human flesh is still too good.

    3. Sahaqiel

      Well I hope it was a good thing. :)

  10. Teto

    I will return to Elder Scrolls RP eventually. I've not been very computer lately.
    1. SilverAlchemic

      i wonder what these things you say would sound like if you said them

    2. SilverAlchemic

      using your voice i mean

  11. Teto

    Eventually I'll update Elder Scrolls RP.
  12. Teto

    Just had Game of Thrones spoiled for me. Currently more pissed at a spoiler than I ever have been. Actually just going to cut off tumblr completely until I've read past the TV series.
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    2. Ammonsa

      I'm sick of hearing about it, I'm sick of seeing everyone talking about it, I feel like if I started reading it I'd get barraged with a ton of spoilers that I've otherwise overlooked (And I've already been spoiled a fair amount)

    3. Teto

      Yeah, the spoilers bother me. But it is a good read, and you should give it a go if you want to, TV or book. Hardest part would be starting. Just don't look it up, and get tumblr savior to block "GoT" and "Game of Thrones".

    4. Brodongo

      You should be pissed, but lets face it, the odds were against you with this spoiler. I nearly spoiled the same part for myself (I was reading an article that made a reference to the event), and I read the books two years earlier.

  13. Teto

    LL I have a drawing request: Draw Exeggcute in little suits and ties, and caption it "Exeggcutives".
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    2. Teto


    3. Teto

      Love the "EVOLVE" poster

    4. LLmao ?✊?

      thanks :3

  14. Teto

    Ordered 999 for DS. I'll get back to you with my opinions in a year when I've played through at least once. If ever.
  15. Teto

    Something has awakened inside of me. I may be entering a new phase. If and when I make it out the other side I will inform you.
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    2. Fierce Muffin

      He'll be half-dog, half-daemon, and half-angel by the end of it, I bet.

    3. Sayubie

      three halves oh man

    4. Necropolis

  16. Teto

    Okay is it just me or is most text on the forum suddenly bolded.
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    2. Sahaqiel

      It even bolded the Hnet forum buttons, like "Quote", "Multiquote", and everyone's signatures.

    3. Sayubie

      Shit. Sorry 'bout that.

    4. Sayubie

      I drama'd too hard.

  17. Teto

    Much to her dismay, Cascade knows from me, a seasoned BOOK-READER that the Game of Thrones TV adaptation "ain't as good as the book". So let it be known that I, a true scholar, do not wholly approve. You better be taking notes on how to be a good person, because I'm teaching the class as I speak.
    1. Cascade

      should've just lent me the book gosh

    2. SilverAlchemic

      you're worse than the percy jackson fans

  18. Teto

    That is the end of Filler Werewolf. Nobody won a moral or literal victory.
    1. Sahaqiel


    2. LLmao ?✊?

      I lost

    3. Ammonsa

      We all lost something precious inside

  19. Teto

    Filler Werewolf Day 2
  20. Teto

    "Firefly did a movie to wrap things up, Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued on as a comic book, Heroes gradually lowered the quality season by season until we were grateful it ended."
    1. Necropolis

      Season 1


  21. Teto

    a man walks into a bar. the bar is an abyss. the abyss walks into him, the man walks out of the bar. the abyss never leaves him
  22. Teto

    Okay so I thought I was waiting for 2 actions, but it's just 1. I forgot that LL died.
    1. LLmao ?✊?

      I didnt

    2. LLmao ?✊?

      I hope I'm a wolf in Glee