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"Ok" Bryalry says, trying to wring the worst of the water from her clothes "The gemstone I hit was above, now we need to find the one that's below!"

"Well..." Emzy says "The other room is probably flooded now too, if we head back, we might be able to find something!"

"Let's go for it!" Pipit says. 

We all run along the small platform, heading back towards the main room. As Emzy predicted, the water level has now risen dramatically.

Callia frowns "What? How could there possibly be one below when the whole room is flooded?"

"Unless..." Karane mumbles, looking thoughtful.

"What?" Emzy asks.

"Maybe it couldn't be reached until the water level rose..." she says, then almost instantaneously  she begins to run. She dives straight off the platform and into the deep water. Her friends watch with open mouthsas she begins swimming underneath all the arches.

"What are you doing?" Fledge asks, nervously laughing.

"Looking for the one below of course!" Karane says. Her friends all exchange bemused glances with one another as Callia leans over the edge of the platform, looking for Karane.

"I hate to say this..." she says "But I really doubt there's going to be-"

"FOUND IT!" Karane shouts. There's small rippling noise as she clambers out of the water, a quick clang of metal, and then suddenly the bars slide up on a door across the room.

Emzy grins "Nice work Karane!"

And with that, the troop of trainee knights take off, running towards the door.

"Wait for me!" Karane shouts, clambering up from the water.

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(hey everyone! I'm back!)

The group run through the door into the next room.

two massive spiders hang from webs above them.

"How do we get rid of these ones?" Pipit asked.

"I'm not sure," Said Karane, "It looks like we can't get past those webs and it's weak spot is behind it."

Emzy wondered around, looking for a short cut.

"Maybe we could swing along these vines?" She suggested.

"And then we could attack the spiders from where they can't see us!" Said Callia.

"Why?" Fledge asks, "They haven't done anything to us."

"Awww, Fledge, your too nice sometimes." Emzy laughed, swinging across.

"Sorry." He mumbled.

soon everyone was safely across.

"So, what's next?" Bryarly asks.

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Emxy takes her slingshot, aiming a deku seed into one of the vines. We all watch in stunned silence as the vine slowly uncurls. Emzy quickly fires another shot into the vine just behind and then proceeds to jump onto the vine, using it to swing onto the next one and launching herself onto the other platform. She turns back wuicly, gesturing to us all to follow her over.

One by one we jump onto the vines and swing over, it makes my stomach churn as I feel my body being propelled through the air. Pipit had followed directly behind Emzy, so he's already tackling the first spider. With one quick stab with his sword he plunges the silver blade into the stomach of the beast. There's a slow clicking noise as the spider disintegrates in a purple puff of smoke.

"Nice work, Pipit!" Karane compliments him.

"Ok... Bryarly says, where are we meant to go from here?"

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"Look!" Callia yells. "More gemstones!"

Emzy hits them with her slingshot and hits it.

We are quite amazed when even more water flushes trough a gap, rising the water level even more.

"Stupid water." Karane sighes.

We go up the stairs in the back of the room and open the next door. We are back in the main room, only higher.

"A treasure chest!" Bryarly yells, walking up to it.

"It's already opened!" Fledge sighes. "What now?"

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"I don't get it..." I whisper "We've been in every single room and found no keys! How can that door still be locked?" I point at the door at the head of the room.

"Well..." Emzy replies "We still couldn't get to the other side of that room with the one spider! Where we found the first gemstone... maybe that's where we can find our answer?"

"LOOK!" Pipit says, jumping down from the tree trunk where we all stand "The water level has taken this log up! We can climb up those vines, they'll take us through to the other side of that room! Maybe the key will be there?"

One by one we all jump down from the tree branch, following Pipit's instructions to use the log to climb up the vines, pausing only so Karane can kill a spider with her slingshot. And sure enough, just as he predicted, there's a large stone door on the upper level.

Leala presses on, stooping down to pull up the door. We all step through, finding ourselves back in that same room, only on the other side. A large spider hands grom the ceiling, looking menacing, but Karane quickly tackles it with a few stabs from her sword.

"Great!" We all grin. I turn around, looking at the treasure chest... but it's blocked by metal bars. I sigh "Now what are we supposed to do about that?"

Karane steps a little closer, her sword still in hands. Suddenly, eyes snap open on either side of the grill. It's a little unnerving, they just stare silently at the tip of Karane's blade.

"What the..." Bryarly begins.

"Hold on..." whispers Karane "I think I've got an idea..."

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Slowly, Karane waves her sword around in a circle motion. Then once she has their attention, she waves it faster, making them dizzy and the bars open.

"that was epic!" Says Emzy, running to open the chest. The others follow and they all take one end of the lid and open it, revealing a key.

"This must be what opens the door at the end of the big room!" Says pipit, "Let's see if it fits."

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We race back across the temple to the main room. I can't believe how crazy this is all is... we're dungeon crawling! It's something I've only ever read about in fantasy books, I never thought I'd be doing it in real life...

As we enter back into the main room I can clearly see the locked and chained door on the other side of the water... but there's already a path across. The raised water level means that we can reach the other side by running over a large wooden log floating on the surface of the water.

Emzy and Pipit run on ahead, eager to find Link and proceed further in the temple. We all jump over the log, the water splashing around us as the log sinks just an inch or two. Pipit rummages through his pocket, pulling out a large silver key and slipping it into the lock.

I watch in silence at the pad locks splits open and the chains fall down from the floor. Pipit turns to us all, a wide grin on his face as he stoops down, gripping the bottom of the stone door. Bryarly eager squeezes my hand and we make our way through the now open doorway.

As we enter the next room, I'm taken aback by it's massive scope. It's a large room, with hints of golden sunlight falling through the tiniest cracks in the ceiling. Large spiders hang from their silky strings as they watch click their antennae together.

"Wow..." Emzy breathes.

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"This is beautiful." Bryarly mumbers.

"And huge..." Pipit sighes.

"Where do we go?" Fledge asks.

"Let's check that room out." Callia says, pointing at the center of the room. We walk trough the door and find nothing but an empty chest.

"Link has been here." Emzy says. We walk back out and sit down on the ground.

"What do we do?" Karane sighes.

"I don't know." Pipit shrugges.

"There is one good thing we discovered..." Bryarly says.

We look at her in confusion. She looks at us and sighes.

"It might sound wrong, but now we know that the biggest creatures and puzzels were already taken care of by Link."

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Posted (edited)

"I guess you're right..." I murmur, drawing shapes on the ground with the tip of my finger.

"Hey, that's an advantage!" Pipit says, jumping up to his feet as he dusts of his now slightly dirtied yellow tunic "If Link's come through here, he would have already found a way onwards!"

"Pipit's right!" Emzy announces, jumping up too "Ok! Everybody get on your feet! We're looking for an open door! Come on! Get moving!"

We all roll our eyes, climbing up and setting to work looking around the room. I'm still surprised by exactly how huge it is. We're attacked by a number of creatures, including bats and the large spiders, and a couple more of the troll monsters... but eventually, we hear a strange clanking noise, it sounds metallic...

"What was that?" Bryarly asks, whizzing around.

"It's coming from over here!" Fledge calls. He stands on the opposite side of the room from where we entered. He's right next to a doorway, it's clear that it once had a metal grate blocking it, but it's now been moved. We all crowd around him, readying ourselves to push forward into the next room.

Bryarly is first to reach the doorway, but as she runs on, she quickly collides into something. As she clambers up to her feet in a dazed confusion, my eyes fall on a large red and brown diamond print barrier.

"What?" Pipit yelps.

"My my, you are persistent little brats, aren't you?" Comes a soft, threatening voice.

We all turn suddenly, gasping in shock as we see him. I narrow my eyes, lips pressed together in frustration. I'd recognise him anywhere... the long red cape, pale white hair... the diamonds...

"Ghirahim!" Karane yells, drawing her sword.

She dives at him, flailing her blade. But as she tip of the sword nears Ghirahim, he reaches out, pulling it towards him with a strange red power that emanates from his finger tips... we all gasp in surprise as the blade is pulled from Karane's hand.

Ghirahim smirks "What a pathetic excuse for a weapon. At least your little friend brought along a somewhat decent blade,"

"Link..." Bryarly breathes "Where is he! What have you done with him?"

We all watch as Ghirahim cackles with laughter "What an adorable little sky child. Fear not, for I have not encountered the boy yet... well oh look, talk of the devil..."

He points one long thin finger over the diamond barrier. We all turn, looking through the diamond shapes into the next room. There Link stands... he's dressed not in his usual Skyloft clothes, but instead in a uniform much like Pipit's, only green... In his hands he holds a strange golden object, which he twists and turns as he tries to push it into the lock on the large golden door before him.

"LINK!" I yell "LINK!"

Ghirahim smirks again "Don't bother trying, skychild, the boy can't hear you. This barrier here is soundproof... though that's not really why I put it here. I have a matter to settle with the boy... and I can't be having you petulant children toddling in my way..."


Wow! Sorry that's so long... I got completely carried away!

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With that, Ghirahim snaps his fingers and diserpears in a shower of diamonds.

"What the Loftwing was that?" I ask.

"The more important question is, What's he going to do to Link?" Pipit says.

We try to push against the barrier but it glows in an odd way and throws us back.

"It's no use..." Fledge sighs.

"Do you think Link can take on that guy on his own?" Bryaly asks, worried.

"Maybe. Ghirahim said something about Link having a better sword then us."Callia remembered.

"Well if this "Ghirahim" guy even hurts Link then we'll make him die the kind of death that even all the demons in the world don't deserve!" I say.

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"And how do you propose we do that when we can't even get through this stupid barrier!" Karane says, clearly frustrated by the situation.

"Hey, now," Pipit says, gently stroking her arm to try and calm her down "There's no need to get mad about this. We just need to find a solution."

I rub my temples as I try to get my point across "Don't you get it? There is no solution! He's locked us out!"

Emzy gives me her worst look as she crosses her arms. "Fine then, let's just sit and wait, Link has to come out of there at some point!"

So that's exactly what we did. We sat on the floor and waited. We talk about how crazy this adventure is, how we still don't know where Zelda is. We worried about Link and whether or not he was ok. And eventually, the diamond barrier vanished.

"Look!" Fledge says, tapping my arm "Ghirahim must have gone!"

"Come on then!" Bryarly says. We all jumped to our feet and ran through the doorway. One by one we all made our way across a string tightrope to the other side of the vast drop in the floor. Standing right in front of us is the vast golden door that Link passed through. Pipit runs into the room, eagerly looking around him for Link.

"It's empty..." he says, his voice said "Link's gone."

"So now what?" I ask, feeling my heart sink.

"Back to Skyloft I guess," Bryarly says.

"Yeah," Emzy agrees "There's got to be a clue there!"

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When we walk outside of the temple I realise something. "Guys... If we go back, wont our parents lock us up and keep us there? They will be furious!"

"Shoot. Haven't thought about that." Pipit sighes.

"We have another problem..." Callia sighs.

"What is it?" Emzy asks.

"How in the name of the goddess will we ever get back to Skyloft?" Callia says.

I sigh. She made a point. We dropped down from our loftwings to come here, but how do we get back up?

"The bird statues..." I mumber.

"What about them?" Fledge asks curious.

"Gorko said that Link had done something to them. That they activated..." I say.

Callia jumpes up. "Yes! I know were you're going!"

"I don't! Can someone explain it to me?" Karane asks.

"I'll show you..." I smile.

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Posted (edited)

"Hold on," Pipit says, "before we do that, let's sort out what will happen with our parents! Headmaster Geapora warned us not to go near the column of light and that's exactly what we did! We'll be in trouble, Bryarly is right!

"Well how about this..." Fledge mumbles "we could stay at the lumpy pumpkin? Just for one night? It'll restore our health and keep us away from our parents, then in the morning we'll set out looking for clues as to where Link has gone!"

I give him a warm smile "you're smarter than you let on, Fledge!"

His cheeks flush a little as he looks down, embarrassed. He's not such a bad little guy...

"Perfect!" Emzy says, rubbing her hands together "So Bryarly, what's your plan for the bird statues?"

"Ok," she says, making her way over to the one stood just outside the temple "Everyone get your sailcloth's out."

We do as she asks and we all begin to crowd around the bird statue. Bryarly is stood directly in fron of it, sailcloth grasped in her hands. She mutters something under her breath... presumably a prayer... and then suddenly an almighty gust of wind spirals from underneath us. We all yelp in surprise as we're thrown up, off our feet, propelled towards the sky.

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(One question, is it Leala or Emzy? I'm sorry if I'm being stupid)


I whistle for my loftwing to come, and to admit, I'm glad to be back into the sky. It feels as great and free as always.

"You're brilliant Bryarly!" Callia yells.

I laugh. "Thanks!"

We fly to the Lumpy Pumpkin and land right in front of the door. Luckily for us, me didn't see any knights patrolling in the sky.

"I'll go ask Kina. You guys stay here." Pipit says. He walks to the door and goes in.

I sit down on the grass. Emzy sits next to me.

"I'm exhausted." She sighs.

"Me too." I agree.

"What do we do?" Fledge mumbers.

"Well, we got to restore our health and energy. And maybe we should get some equipment. But I don't see how we will be getting that." Callia sighs.

"Me neither." I sigh as well.

We all look up when Pipit comes out of the door.

"And?" Karane asks.

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(It's Leala for the fanfic and Emzy for here!)


"It's all good!" Pipit exclaims "Kina says everything's fine! We can stay here overnight. She says she understands what we're doing" We can have a good dinner of pumpkin soup, get a good nights sleep, then head out to find Link in the morning!"

"Yes!" Emzy celebrates by pumping the air with her fist.

We al laugh and giggle as we make our way into the lumpy pumpkin through the back door. The air in here is warm and the whole places smells of the sweet spicy scent of pumpkin. Kina greets us with a warm smile, taking us all around the back of the restaurant to try and avoid the customers... we don't really want to get seen unless we absolutely have to.

"Here's where you'll be staying, girls!" Kina says, showing us into a little room with two beds. "And there's two more identical rooms next door for the rest of you!" She squeals "Enjoy your stay! I'll bring you your dinner in about half an hour! Feel free to use the bathroom to freshen up or anything... if you leave your dirty uniforms in the tub I'll clean them overnight!"

"Thanks Kina!" I exclaim, that really means a lot to me.


*Later that night*


I'm tucked up in the warmth of my own comforting bed. The restaurant is now remarkably quieter, though I can still hear the odd drunken customer in the next room. I sigh, rolling over in my bed. Emzy and I are sharing a room, just like we do back at the Knight Acadamny. It's only been one day... but it feels so much longer.

"Hey Emzy?" I whisper "Are you awake?"

"Yuh-huh," she mumbles sleepily.

I sigh "Are we doing the right thing? Trying to follow Link?"

"Of course we," she whispers "we're knights, this is what we do..."

"I guess..." I mumble "Night Emzy."

"Night," she replies.

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