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(That's confusing, but it's ok)


When I woke up I'm greeted with a ray of sunshine falling trough the window. It's still early, but since there aren't clouds here in the sky, the sun quickly comes trough. I roll over and see Karane, still sleeping. I sigh. I thought we would have found Zelda and Link by now. I miss them. Especially Link. If he gets hurt by Ghirahim... I sigh again. When I took a short bath yesterday evening, I noticed several bruises and cuts. I'm happy no one got any major injures. I hope that will stay like that for a while. I stand up and put on my knight uniform that's fresh again, thanks to Kina. I poke Karane.

"What?" She mumbers, annoyed.

"I think it's time for you to get up." I say, smiling at her.

"Fine." She sighes.

I walk into the restaurant and, because it's still closed, only Callia, Emzy and Pipit are sitting at the large table.

"Good morning!" Emzy says to me, smiling.

"Morning!" I reply.

Kina gives me some bread and some soup.

"Thanks." I say.

She replies to me with a friendly and warm smile. I continue eating and notice that Callia is packing a backpack, one which I have never seen before.

"What's that?" I nod at the backpack.

"Oh, Kina gave it to me. It's usefull. She already gave us a large bottle of pumpkin soup, three heart potions and deku nuts for our slingshot!" Callia says.

"Wow! Thanks!" I yell at Kina, who smiles back.

"They also had a bow and arrows, but I'm not good with it..." Pipit says. I remember that I was pretty good with a bow, just as most of us. Except Pipit and Fledge.

"I am! I think... And what about you, Emzy?" I say.

"Nah, I like the sword better." She shrugs. "But thanks for asking."

"What about me? I know I'm horrible with the sword..." Callia says.

"That's fine by me!" I say, smiling at her.

"Then it's for you two!" Pipit says, handing Callia the bow.

When we are all awake, Pipt stands up. "Ok guys, we have to go before customers come here."

"Where do we go?" Karane asks.

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"I don't know... back to the old lady at the Sealed Temple?" Fledge asks "She seemed pretty clued up last time..."

"That sounds like a plan to me!" I reply, giving him a bright smile. We all have to wait around for a little while as Karane gets up and has her breakfast of soup and bread. It's a hearty start to the day. Eventually we all meet by the back door. We're all dressed in clean uniforms, we've had plenty of rest and food to eat. We all have our equipment ready thanks to Kina. She gives us all hugs and wishes us luck in finding Link and Zelda. And once we're ready, we step out the door.

"So," Emzy says, looking around at us all "back to the sealed temple?"

"I don't think so!" Bryarly laughs.

"What? Why?" Pipit queries.

"Look!" Bryarly exclaims, pointing far across the sky. To the north of the vast cloud barrier, my eyes suddenly fall on a tall red column of light. It's just like the one we saw before that lead to Faron woods...

"Wow!" Karane breathes.

"Well..." I say "That must be where Link has gone... right?"

"Exactly!" Emzy laughs "So what are we waiting for? Come on! There's obviously more on the surface that we haven't explored yet!"

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We drop off the Lumpy Pumpkin Island and whistle for our loftwings. Callia takes the lead and we fly to the column of light. I'm wondering what we will find there... We arrive and drop off our loftwings. I take my sailcloth out and land softly on the ground. But this area is even more uncommon then the woods were. Everywere I look around me I see rocks and red.

"What is this place?" Karane says, looking around.

"I have no idea..." Pipit mumbers, walking forward.

Emzy walks towards the large sea of red, and reaches her hand out.

"I wouldn't do that!" I yell.

Emzy quickly pulls her hand back. "What? Why not?"

"Well, we don't know what's in it!" Callia yells.

"Think about what we have learned... A red substance..." I say.

"It's lava! Or magma, whatever. Isn't it like really hot?" Callia says.

I do recall something called like that... We learned about it in school.

"So the place where we are must be a volcano!" Pipit says.

I nod. We learned about it, though only briefly, since no one ever thought we would ever actually need it.

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Posted (edited)

"Ok..." Karane says "I think we're all agreed that we're going nowhere near that stuff unless we want to burn to a crisp! Anyway, enough about that, let's just move on and find Link!"

"Which way would he have gone?" I ask, looking around.

"I don't know," Emzy replies "But lets just follow the path and see where it takes us, there's bound to be a clue somewhere!"

So that's exactly what they do. Karane, Pipit, and Emzy walk ahead of the group, swords at the ready just in case anything attacks us. It takes us a little while to follow the path, but eventually we reach a more open area. There's a large stony mound in the middle with air gusts leading up towards it.

"What's that?" Bryarly asks, nodding towards it.

"I don't know..." Pipit replies "But come on! Let's go check it out!"

We all grin at each other, breaking out into a run as we head along the path. I think if I'm honest with you, we're all really starting enjoy this adventuring malarky... turns out these quests have their perks too! We're close to reaching the area we want to investigate, when suddenly two creatures pop up from the ground in front of us.

Pipit lets out a suppressed yelp and points his sword at the creature as Emzy takes a step forward, one eyebrow raised.

"Enough of ya' creeps movin' in on our turf!" one creature yells.

"EXCUSE ME!?" Emzy screeches.

"You 'eard us!" His companion replies "first the red ones, then two of you guys... and all of yus... we was 'ere first! Scram!"

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(Sorry i haven't been online in ages!)


"Wait, did Link and Zelda come down here?" Pipit asks.

"Link and Zelda? Never 'eard of em, scram!" The thing replied.

"Why you rude, creatures!" I spat, "Our friends are in trouble and you just tells us to go away when it seems like you know something!"

"Fine, fine." The other one said,"If we tell ya kids who we saw then will ya beat it?"

We nod, waiting for information.

"We did see a few of your kind down here, one was wearing a green tunic and one was a blond girl."

"That must be Link and Zelda!" Karene says.

"Were they together? Has Link alreddy found Zelda?" Bryarly asks.

"Look, I donno wat y'want this info for but if y'must know, No, they came a few hours apart." one of them replies.

"Ok, thanks, we'll continue on our adventure now." Callia says.

"good. and don't come back because we don't want a bunch a kids runin to us for help!" and with that they buryied themselfs into the ground.

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Posted (edited)

"Well aren't they frickin' charming," Karane mumbles sarcastically as she replaces her sword in it's scabbard.

I laugh a little, shrugging "all right, just ignore them Karane. They're probably just afraid they'll loose their 'turf' as they put it! Don't think about it, let's just press on!"

"So how are we meant to press on?" Bryarly asks, frowning.

"Hmm..." Fledge says, looking around "There's only really one path to take! So come on!"

We all nod, heading off along the stone pathway. We make our way into a small cave area, where we have to negotiate the timing of rising and falling levels of lava. It's scary and I won't lie, my heart is thudding by the time we finally reach the other side. The flaming bats that attack us are no help either.

But eventually we pass the lava area, and find ourself in another cave room. This one is full of little round blue flowers... they look kind of dangerous... another one of the creatures we met before sits in the centre of the room looking rather bored.

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"Huh? Other ones?" the creature says, "you guys a friend of the green and blonde one?"

"Yes!" Karane says.

"Her to pich bomb flowers too?" he asks.

We look at each other, confused.

"Bomb flowers?" Pipit asks.

The creature sighes. "Yup. They're for blowing up stuff. You can trow them, or roll them. Pretty usefull."

"So we can keep them if we pick them up?" Fledge asks.

"What? No! Unless you want to blow up. You'll need a bomb bag for that," he laughs.

"Anyway, do you know where the 'green and blonde ones' went to?" Callia asks.

"The green guy went that way," he points at a tunnel.

"Let's go then." I say, moving forward.

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We press on together, following the path. Eventually, we reach a more open clearing. The pathway then stems in two different directions, the way leading left heads to nothing but a dead end. The way leading right, however, drops down to a whole new area.

"I take it we're heading left?" Emzy asks, looking at the path.

"Hold on," Pipit says, cutting her off "I want to know what's in that weird rock!"

I turn to look at the central area where a large domed boulder stands. There's a small opening cut in the southern facing edge of the rock, with a metal grate just below. I presume it's an entrance to some sort of place. Large gusts blow up from the path below, allowing people to enter.

"Oh," I frown "That looks strange."

"Yeah..." Bryarly mumbles "So which way do we go?"

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(I don't really understand where we are (cuz I'm stupid) but I'll just write some stuff cuz It's my turn. lol)

"I think we should keep looking for Link and Zelda and come back later" I say, eager to move on.

"But what if we can pick up some clues as to where they are?" Asks Pipit. He seems like he wants to investigate everything, maybe because he likes this place?

"I really don't mind," Fledge says, "I'll go whichever way."

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(There's a weird mound that you can enter. you do a sky-dive type thing from there and the guy inside gives you your mogma mits for killing the bokoblins? That's where we are!)

"Lets go into that mound! Please!" Pipit begs.

I sigh "I guess there's no harm in it. For all we know, that could be where Link is, or Zelda!"

"Fine," Bryarly says "Let's go!"

One by one, we all jump down to the lower path. It takes us a few moments to ready our sail cloths and proceed further. One by one, we use the up gusts and our sailclothes to propel us towards the entrance of the strange rock mound. I peer over the edge of metal grate, judging the view below.

"Sheesh..." Emzy mumbles "It looks like a steep drop..."

"We're here now!" Karane says, "let's go!"

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I can't help it but scream as we drop down. It might sound weird from a person who dives from great heights all the time, but the solid ground on the surface makes me scared.

"Where to?" Pipit yells.

"Just drop down!" Karane yells back.

We reach the ground and walk into something that looks like a mine shaft.

"Look! Another one!" Callia says, pointing at another creature that lookes like the previous ones.

"Whaa!" the creature yelps in surprise.

"Sorry! Hi, have you seen our friends? A blonde girl and a boy dressed in green?" Emzy asks.

"Yeah! I saw the green one! He went up there," he says, pointing towards a ledge.

"Thanks!" I say, smiling to the thing.

"No problemo! I wish I could give you kids some mitts too, but I only had one pair!" he shrugs.

"Mitts?" Fledge asks.

"Never mind. They're used for digging you see. The green one has got them, so he probably cleared your way already!" he says.

"Ok then. Thanks for helping!" Callia says.

"Good luck!" he yells while we walk to the edge which had a gust bellow we could use to go up.

"Let's go on," I say.

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"Well? What are we waiting for?" Leala asks, pulling her sailcloth from her adventure pouch.

One by one, we all use our sailcloths to travel using the upgusts. We're transported to a new level with a pathway that forks off in multiple directions.

I sigh "Darn... it's like the 'which path to take' conundrum all over again!"

"Well, I've got a simpler solution this time," Pipit says.

"What's that?" Karane asks.

"Eenie, meenie, mini, mo" he says, before settling one arm pointed down a pathway. "Lets go!"

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Fledge asks, looking a little concerned "shouldn't  we think it over?"

"Nope, we're off!" Pipit replies, straightening his belt and heading down the pathway.

We find ourselves in a room full of lots of stone boulders. Little squealing animals hide underneath the rocks and breathe fire as we attempt to cross certain pathways, but they're quickly dealt with by rolling a bomb. Once we've crossed this crowded room, we find ourselves stood in front of large, strong upgust.

"Wow..." I breathe "That's massive! Where do you think it goes?"

"Only one way to find out," Leala replies

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"I'll go first," Leala says. She dashes forward and jumpes into the massive upgust. She quickly flies to the top and everything stays quiet.

"Leala?" Emzy calls.

"I'm fine!" she replies, "What are you guys waiting for?"

One by one everyone flies up, me being last. Above, we find another part of the vulcano.

"Whoa! Now there's other ones?" another creature says.

"You saw our friends?" Karane asks.

"Yup! If you mean the green and black one." it continues.

"Black?" I repeat, looking confused at the others, who give me the same look.

"Yup! It talked to the green one. Said something about a Zelda, being ahead," it says.

"Zelda! And Link! That's great! Where are they now?" Pipit asks.

"Went over the there," it says, pointing towards a bridge.

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Across the bridge is another area. "It all looks the same around here!" I say, looking around. There is a bird satue near too. "Do we need anything from Skyloft?" Karane asks.

"I think we're ok for now..." Callia says.

We walk on through a kind of tunnel that leads to more lava. Luckily, there is a rock in the middle so it's not to hard to jump across. The problem though is how to get up the massive sand slope ahead of us!

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"Oh my goddess..." I mumble, watching all the bokoblins screeching at us from platforms half way up. I swallow hard, trying to suss out the situation.

"What are meant to do?" Bryarly asks, looking between us.

"We could always run it," Leala suggests.

Fledge frowns "yeah, but then what if the bokoblins come after us?"

"Then we fight them off!" Pipit replies.

We all nod to each other, lining ourselves up along the foot of the slope. With a countdown from Karane, we all begin to run. We split left and right so we can move around the platform and get up on top of it. By the time we reach the platform, I'm running dangerously low on stamina. My heart is thudding hard against my chest and I'm short for breath, but we're here. Leala quickly tackles the bokoblin and sends him flying down the sandy slope, before something rolls past me.

I frown, turning to look further up the slope to where a bokoblin stands, a large boulder in his hands. He throws it downhill, aiming at Bryarly who jumps out the way in the last second.

"What do we do about that guy?" she yelps.

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