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  1. Aethix added a post in a topic New Smashbros Discussion Thread   

    I think that's half true. In the West it's to build hype for the upcoming game, while in Japan it's to capitalize on the success of the game that came out not too long ago. So Nintendo gets to have it both ways.
  2. Aethix added a post in a topic Things no one gives a God Damn about   

    Hardly surprising. The first one was good, but then each entry in the series after that got successively worse and worse. It's a frickin' case study in sequelitis.
    Hell, this is the first I'm even hearing of this. Is this the 5th one or has the 5th one already come and gone without me noticing at all?
  3. Aethix added a post in a topic What is your most recent purchase?   

    I bought a Japanese Nintendo 3DS the other day. Because I'm sick and tired of games getting censored in localization, and I'm not going to deal with it when I have an alternative.
  4. Aethix added a post in a topic Talk   

    Have you tried contacting Nintendo customer support?
  5. Aethix added a post in a topic Discuss Anime and Mang   

    Ace Attorney anime announced for Spring 2016.
  6. Aethix added a post in a topic Dangan Ronpa   

    Yeah, it's next to impossible to find everything on your first playthrough. Especially the hidden kids, because those are incredibly easy to miss.
  7. Aethix added a post in a topic General Gaming Discussion   

    If there are any fans of Bullet Hell shooters here besides me, Cave recently announced that they're planning on bringing some of their titles to Steam this winter.
  8. Aethix added a post in a topic Talk   

    I don't know if this is necessarily something that will apply to your field, but this is a piece of advice my current boss gave me for interviews (I work at a tech industry staffing company, so we staff have to do job interviews with prospective clients to show them we actually know what we're doing). He said that when they ask a question to test your knowledge, you should try to give the most succinct yet complete answer you can within the first three seconds, then use the remaining time to elaborate and add further details until the interviewer stops you and moves on to the next question. Sort of like a spiral, starting from the center and working your way outward. 
  9. Aethix added a post in a topic SPLATOON   

    I became a Hot Dog Queen. Somehow, that sounds really wrong.
  10. Aethix added a post in a topic SPLATOON   

    I sent friend requests to everyone on the Nintendo Network ID thread.
  11. Aethix added a post in a topic Nintendo Network ID   

    Since I have a Wii U now: my NNID is "Aethix".