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  1. pheonix561

    so my friedn started telling me about anna karenina which sounded like a good book but I looked it up and it's 864 pages long so uh
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    2. pheonix561

      the other day I was talking with my friend on facebook and he asked me something so I googled it and didn't find an answer, and I told him google wasn't showing anything up and he was like "Yeah how about you actually think about something first before you google it" and I wanted to tear the world asunder

    3. Fierce Muffin

      See, I would be okay with that. At least you tried, that's what counts. Some things are a didlo to search for.

    4. Sayubie

      I'm really curious what you were talking about with your friend now...

  2. pheonix561

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    2. Sahaqiel

      one day, I will read berserk

      but nah

    3. Necropolis

      Its great, but once you do... You have to wait

    4. Sayubie

      I am so tired of Griffith and his face now, though. Let's go back to Gats

  3. pheonix561

    I used to think homestuck was great but now all I can see is TRASH
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    2. Cascade

      wasn't really directed at you but ok

    3. Sahaqiel

      Anyone here... has the same right...

    4. pheonix561

      I officially regret making this status update

  4. pheonix561

    I try to live every day like I'm worthy of the joestar family name
    1. Teto


    2. Fierce Muffin

      Man, you're a pretty big disappointment then.

    3. Teto

      pheo is just the generation they don't bother writing a part for.

  5. pheonix561

    Guys help me keep track of what I need to be watching/reading over the summer so I don't forget. Elysium, Ghost in the Shell, Firefly, probably district 9. It's okay if they're fantastic or terrible (I hear elysium sucks), I just want to watch some good space scifi stuff right now and I need a summer reading/watching list. I know there are others that I'm forgetting.
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    2. Necropolis


    3. Necropolis

      The movie is good in a camp way, and some people who can't get into the books because of all of the future politics still rather enjoy the Movie. But at least the first book is definitely worth reading.

    4. PrimaGaga

      I heard there is a Dune Encyclopedia thats huge and when you read the articles in it, it'll refer you to fiction books that only exist in the world of Dune. So yeah, it sounds intense.

  6. pheonix561

    Red vs Blue season 12 premieres tomorrow, in case I'm not the only person on the forums who cares about that
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    2. SilverAlchemic

      ...says the nerd.

    3. Necropolis

      Been a while since I followed it religously. How is it?

    4. pheonix561

      After they used mocap and monty oum to make a bunch of great fight scenes in seasons 8-10, season 11 is back to them being idiots in a canyon together, but there's a story again. Still plenty enjoyable, I just don't think there's going to be any over the top fight scenes again any time soon since their fights guy started making RWBY instead.

  7. pheonix561

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    2. Necropolis

      Okay. Okay. Okay. Is it weekly or biweekly

    3. pheonix561

      Might actually just be monthly I'm not sure

    4. pheonix561

      yup, even less than that actually. Next chapter is slated for may 23rd

  8. pheonix561

    If you guys aren't actively following cucumber quest you aren't welcome here
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    2. Sayubie

      are you saying that I like adorable things?


      I like Cucumber Quest...

    4. PrimaGaga

      Im with Sayuri. I tried to get into it but i just couldnt care.

  9. pheonix561

    So whats the gameplay for Dota2 like? I know the art and I think it's puppying gorgeous, but I know nothing about how good it is.
    1. PrimaGaga

      i think its a MOBA, like Smite of the ever popular League of Legends. I think.

    2. ElwayGuy7

      I play Dota 2 regularly, and it is hands down, one of the best MOBAs out there. It has a very steep learning curve and the community is a bit harsh on new players, so be sure to play some CPU matches before you play with other people. Here are some good intro videos:

  10. pheonix561

    playing runescape from my laptop in bed cause I'm hungover as puppy
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    2. Vio Milanor

      wow pheo, runescape, really? runescape is SO 1976.

    3. pheonix561

      oh no I definitely make sure to drink lots of water when I'm drinking, I've made that mistake before. The mistake I made here was entirely forgetting to eat dinner.

    4. PrimaGaga

      The Legend of Pheo: The Boy Who Sucks at Drinking.

    1. SilverAlchemic

      Thoroughly enjoyed! The ghost track was weird but probably still my favorite. I'll probably still cling to Go with the Flow and No One Knows for semi-nostalgic reasons, but I definitely liked the whole album.

    2. pheonix561

      Those are perfectly reasonable songs to cling to anyways, being as they're the album's two singles. Let me know when you're ready for another QOTSA album, there's plenty more gold where that came from.

  11. pheonix561
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    2. emsomniac

      this is the worst thing thats ever happened to me

    3. PrimaGaga

      do i have cancer now?

    4. なべ

      I like it.

  12. pheonix561

    So the lego movie is getting ludicrously high reviews and that makes me really happy and now I definitely want to see it
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    2. Necropolis

      Noooo. No problem. Sometimes you see the opportunity for a good insult and you have to take it.

    3. pheonix561


    4. pheonix561

      Necro I think we have a problem

  13. pheonix561

    School's closed till wednesday because the high today is -8
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    2. Chimetals


    3. Chimetals

      and the most they did was send out an email about what frostbite and hypothermia look like.

    4. Sayubie

      :/ your excuses fall on deaf ears. DEAF. EARS. BECAUSE THEY ALREADY FROZE OFF gdi i hate train platforms.

  14. pheonix561

  15. pheonix561

    Voynich Hotel more like Voybitch O-Smell HEH
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    2. PrimaGaga

      Berserk is pretty awful.

    3. Cascade


    4. pheonix561

      puppy all of you

  16. pheonix561

    After Royally murdering the first three pokemon I came across, I finally have a second pokemon for my hardmode run: Cassandra the Poochyena!
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    2. LLmao ?✊?

      Smash the penisocracy

    3. pheonix561

      okay cassandra died so. Instead of there being one more option for a boy there are now two more chances.

    4. Cirt

      I am the best female starter

  17. pheonix561

    my next illustration assignment involves wizards with guns
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    2. fire_flamesX

      knuckle you gun-loving murderer

    3. Otis McNutt

      Now That's something I'd like to see. Do Merlin (the BBC tv series one) with an FN p90. I would literally pay for that!

    4. Teto

      "You'll pay for that!" RIP Tyrion

  18. Sayubie » pheonix561

    One of the new members is actually me.
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    2. Knuckle

    3. emsomniac


    4. Cascade


  19. pheonix561

    Remember how Hnet used to descend into Chaos every now and then? It's been a few years since that actually happened right? I think that's pretty cool.
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    2. LLmao ?✊?

      I like drama every now and then

    3. LLmao ?✊?

      I had the hardest dick for Stylin' Scarecrow, oh my gawl

    4. SilverAlchemic

      i'm dying u guys

  20. pheonix561

    So the government shut down because we can't agree on a budget and if they can't come to a real agreement by the 17th then anarchy reigns
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    2. pheonix561


    3. pheonix561

    4. Ammonsa

      Obamacare won't work because your supreme court inplemented a stupid clause which means states can just opt out of medicaid, meaning people below the poverty line in those states need to pay for healthcare at full price of get fined.

  21. pheonix561

    So I was talking to my friend last night, and he told me about how he paid for the pieces and built his desktop computer himself for cheaper than what a macbook costs, and it runs way better. So I'm thinking I'd like to save up my money and build one.
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    2. pheonix561

      Yup, it's beginning to look more and more like I'm gonna build a desktop instead of just buy another laptop.

    3. Chimetals

      you can basically fix a desktop by yourself, too, as opposed to a laptop that requires you remove the keyboard, hard disk, and monitor to get at the fan.

    4. pheonix561

      Not to mention if you try to do anything to your mac on your own, apple automatically waves your warranty. You're supposed to leave it's upkeep entirely in their hands.

  22. pheonix561

    Hey LL I meant to send this to you for your consideration but I think the Personal Messenger System is down?
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    2. PrimaGaga

      Akira is pretty great. It's not a fav of mine but I deff own it to share with my friends. I recognize it as a classic.

    3. LLmao ?✊?

      Oh you wanted me to pick from these?

    4. pheonix561

      Not sure. You could if you wanted to? I mean I just like the idea of us watching a movie we haven't seen together