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  1. Suicide is never the answer! You soul is here to learn a lesson and if that lesson is cut short (suicide) your doomed to come back and repeat it all over again until you get it right. I don't know what religion you believe in or if you believe at all but I was in the same situation some years ago and I found a lot of help in reading Sylvia Browne books! It might sound cheesy reading a book about spirituality but it helps A LOT! A good one for your situation is call "The other side and back." If your really looking for help go buy this book sit down and read it. It helped me out of some dark times and I know it will help you. Just keep an open mind and read what she has to say. If you don't believe in that stuff still read it. I didn't before I read it but now I do. It WILL help you. Hope you feel better!

  2. Oh I see. Well maybe I will buy all three. LOL But since you both agree on Wind Waker that will be the first one I buy.

    Oh I see. Well maybe I will buy all three. LOL But since you both agree on Wind Waker that will be the first one I buy.

  3. Ok well Wind Waker seems like the pick. What was Oracle of Seasons like? I heard the Oracle of Ages was pretty much the same as Oracle of Seasons.

  4. I have the originals for Nintendo and Twilight Princess, but I want to get a new one I have all the differant systems Zelda was on. So which one should I buy?

  5. It is the only one on TV I like and believe. The other ones seem to look for every excuse to prove the haunting where T.A.P.S. tries to disprove it and what is left over is real evidence. There are some episodes that are not that good but that just shows that they are real.

  6. OMG I totally agree The black mass was an awesome find! That one is my favorite. And The light house where they had a apparition peak over the railing!

  7. That was a good one. Some people just don't believe, but thats ok. Not everyone can believe everything, right?

  8. You must have seen a bad one. Sometimes they dont get much. Other times they get A LOT you should look up the best of on youtube or just search it in general. As a skeptic no one can make you believe but the good ones are interesting.

  9. Any other Ghost Hunters or Ghost Hunters International fans here? I love these shows. I like how they go into a haunting to disprove it and anything left over is proof. They make it so what they find is true not made up. I haven't missed an episode yet!

  10. I am a New-age Gnostic Christian. AKA Mystical Christian. Have any of you heard of it? Are there any other Gnostics out there?

  11. There will probably be alot of happy people, but even more sad ones! He was a great artist and yes he had scandals but a lot of people that have been in the spot light and as weird as he is do. I cant say I will miss him because he really hasn't done anything lately but the world just lost The King of Pop!

  12. Same here I am done with this topic everyone just takes what they think you are saying and turn it around on you. All I have to say is research other religions and see what they are about before you pass your judgment. I have and thats why I can REALLY understand my own religion. Unless you know about all religions you can't possibly understand your own. So goodby to this topic and good luck finding your way!

  13. some sig sizes are ridiculous, but Twilight Oni's Link's isn't too bad. But it's worth noting that the large sig sizes anoys some people, even if it's only half a page, unlike when it's a whole page and people start getting warnings to reduce them from mods...

    Unless you can think of a good thread, stick to just posting in other peoples topics. If you do make a new thread, try to not make it personnal, unless you want to discuss something serious, like in the rants or relationships forum.

    and why the heck should you hate someone for not having a sig? that doesn't bother anyone unlike having a huge one, be nice to the newbies, at least keep your accusations reasonable.

    I never said I hated him I was just making a point that sigs souldn't sway your decition to hate or not.