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  1. I actually got my first job a few weeks ago. I'm a bag boy. It's easy, but my feet hurt a lot when I work lol.



  2. Well, one of my dogs passed away. I'm going to be in agony for awhile. :(

  3. So I got the position at this summer program called Breadloaf. I write with little kids pretty much. I'm a writing leader, so I lead them. And I'm super excited!

    I also get paid for the three weeks the program goes on. :)

  4. bagboy/cashier duty?

    Yes. And sorry, I forgot to come back here.

  5. So tonight I like

    Cut my arm. And then my parents freaked out and reprimanded me. And now I'm going to be strength training with my dad every day.


    Weird day.

  6. heyoo you're right about at my height

    I am in the southeast for reference. I'm actually about a 5 hour drive from kaffles (we're in GA, though I'm closer to Atlanta and she is on the coast down southeast)

    other guys in the SE: knuckle is usually in NC, pretty sure double is as well, Ganny is in Florida

    I thought we had someone in SC but I could be wrong

    Northeast people, or whatever: Muffin is in Massachusetts, Kimmy in Connecticut, brodongo in Boston (though from NY maybe? can't remember), jareddude is also in Massachusetts

    might as well do everyone else I know of, including IRC people if you don't recognize them:

    south US: LL in Texas, chase in Arkansas, fortissimo is also in arkansas. ugh I know I'm missing some here

    midwest, oh boy: Pheonix is in Illinois, and t1g, and Sahaqiel (close to STL), and chimetals, and I'm assuming emso, and sayuri. kaffles is from Missouri (STL), skyler is from Ohio, why do I feel like I'm missing people

    west coast: only tappy (California) and Rika (Washington), joshizzle in California if you want to count him

    I actually have no idea where EDA is from (therefore, nor treemo), nor silver moon. I am assuming east coast or Midwest

    non US people: cascade (Scotland), Teto (Scotland), cello (Uruguay), nabeshin (Canada), Ahmet (Canada), Adr990 (Netherlands lol)

    if I didn't include you then I really have no clue, these are just people I have noted in the past 5 years

    But LL lived in the same city as me at one point. :>

  7. typically, yeah. most schools have an "extra essay for whatever you need to have filled out", id recommend using it to explain the grade change, if youre that worried about it, though its also good that your grades went up as time went on, not the other way around. ive heard so many horror stories of kids that blew off their senior year because they were already accepted, and then had their acceptance letters revoked.


    haaa....i came on here like "jared? i havent seen jared in a while!" and then saw that super-happy life update post and just...gotta say, man, im happy for you. i still remember of all those times you had some drama going on, messing with your life and such. so seeing that post made me all giddy that your life is going well.


    you should probably apply for some other schools, too, though, not just community college. like i said about the grades, them going up is good, if they went down, then you really would have had to do community college. idk what they told you, but when i was applying for college, the advice was to go for at least three schools. one as your dream school, one as one you can probably get into and are ok with, and one youre almost guaranteed entry, as your fallback. and hey, the worst they can do is say "no", right? (my dream school was Washington University in STL, im going to U of I, if you get my meaning ;3) besides, if youre planning on going to a community college, then even if the other place goes "ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh no" itll just be like "welp, back to the plan! :3"

    I'm sorry, but you'll have to excuse me. With the name change, who are you? :P


    And thank you for your kind words! I'm only applying to community college due to my grades, but I've already made my decision to apply to better school in two years. So, you don't need to worry. Thank you for the encouragement, though! And it feels great to know that you were happy to hear from me. That makes me feel great!

  8. oh no hes hot




    Handsome as usual. Just...strange pictures. Not bad though. You know that. :P


    jared has the rosiest wittle cheeks * ^_^*

    Heh, thanks Cirt. I can't help it. It's just how I am. :X



    Oh look it's a dumbass ugly dude

    Yeah that's a Mathcounts logo on my shirt what of it

    Not like that's an accomplishment that no one said anything about or anything

    (I'm kidding)

    I love your hair and eyes. <3