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  1. This is something I've never thought of before. Lettuce is added to foods like tacos, hamburgers, salads, etc. I don't know anyone who eats lettuce with nothing else. Lettuce is too bland to eat alone, but still heathful.

  2. I remember reading somewhere-I think it was the description for a trophy for Melee-about a Like Like. It said something about a mistranslation which is why the people of Hyrule call them Like Likes; that's all I remember.

  3. I almost forgot that the anniversary is coming long has it been...95 years...

    It truly was a tragic night when it sunk.

  4. dude that is hot. i cant draw boys for my life besides link. I envy u. but still this is amazing

    Same thing with me. I'm terrible at drawing guys. All the guys I've attempted to draw look more like girls than boys.

  5. It just feels weird.

    We have over 4,000 registered members, and only a small percentage of them are active. I visit some members profiles, and a lot of them are never on or haven't been on for a while, or barely even post. It would be so nice if had a lot more active members-think of all the posts we'd have, all the topics, and such. I hope we can continue to make this site even better so more members will be active.

  6. me? i didnt make his avatar. i could make u one nyway... :D

    You didn't? I thought you said you did.

    Could you make me a Midna avatar? I'm not looking for anything specific. Do you want any rupees for it?

  7. That's cool that you made an avatar for Prince of Twilight.

    If I'm not asking too much, do you think you could make an avatar for me as well?

  8. I had a weird dream last night that had something to do with rare black and yellow star fish... of all of the things, why did I have to dream about that? :wacko:

  9. Don't even get me started. I have a lot of stupid dreams that do not make sense sometimes, and I have them at least twice a week, but one time I had them every night for a whole week.

  10. If you look at one thing, Midna can't return to Hyrule, but not all of the Zelda games have taken place in Hyrule. It would be pretty cool if they could make a future Zelda game that took place in the Twilight Realm. Maybe the Link for that game could be Dark Link, or a Twili that looks a lot like Link with the same name?

  11. I just unlocked Toon Link today. I like him because he's a lot faster. He looks a little differant than what he looked like in WW and PH- probably because they used Brawl's graphics on him?

    I'm starting to see why some don't like the Pirate Ship stage. One of my characters had taken a lot of damage, and something on the ship-maybe the cannon or something- came up and knocked me off screen.

  12. I think it would be nice if she made a spin-off sereis with Harry's, Ron's and Hermione's kids at Hogwarts, but I don't think she'll do that any time or at all. Didn't she say she didn't want to do any spin-off series for Harry Potter?

  13. As some of you may know, I am not a fan of April Fools' Day. All day today, a lot of my friends were making lame jokes that aren't even funny in my opinion. Why can't they think up of jokes that are more believable?

  14. How do you show your Link. I can't copy the image, or the webpage with my link. :cry:

    Did you try to save it?